Another Special Day That I Really Should Tells About :D

Annyeong! today is another exam day. i have sit for English Paper today and i think it wasn't so bad. i guess i can get good marks for English. But i'm still not really sure about that because my essays seem to be a little out of topics. ahahaha ;D well, at least i've tried my very best, right? hmmm... today, Prudence come to school and i was like overly talkative today. ehehe :D but still feeling a little bit lonely back then as Valerie didn't come to school today. i wonder why. i wish my phone have credits so that i can message her and ask her why she didn't come and sit for exam today? i just worry about her grades that all because, you see.. between four of us, i'm the eldest so i feel that i have responsibility towards them. Honestly, i pretend to be childish and act like i was the youngest in front of them but still, i'm trying to be a very good sister to them ^^. And for real, i only can act and being myself in front of them. maybe thats what people call as BESTFRIEND. well, i can talk about almost everything with them and they seems to be very understanding me well. i really hope we can be bestfriends and sisters forever!

        Talking about sister. HWA! i can believe it! my dearest sister Ina will get marriage tomorrow morning!! kyahhh~ i'm so happy for her and hopefully tomorrow, nothing bad happen~ ehehehe XD well, i can't attend the special ceremony as i need to go to school and sit for my Moral exams ( i wish tomorrow isn't exam ) well, i wish her every happiness and joy. hopefully she can get the life she have been dreaming of with her love one and i also wish that she can stay healthy and become healthier from day to day. i also hope that we won't and never will lost contact with each other. even when we are apart, hopefully we can be together and closed to each other like before, now and then. far to see but always there in the heart. I just can't believe it, finally another family members of mine got married. i'm so happy for them. and after this, i wonder, who will be the next to get marriage. ( maybe me. LOL :D )
          Feel like i'm in dreamland when i heard that she getting married. hahahaha :D right now, my feeling are mixed. happy, nervous, want to cry also got and more la.. i don't know what i'm suppose to feel right now. hahahaha :D but for sure, i'm feeling sooooo excited for her and her spouse to be. hahahaha :D today may be the last day we spent our single-mingle night together. ( bachelor night ) hahahaha :D. gonna miss this very moment a lot. 

Yezza! long time didn't post Minzy's photo. hahaha :D i found that my hair has the same length as hers. ehehe :D we totally twins sister. Wohoo ( just that i'm older 9 days ) Well, they have debut their very first album which they call as To Anyone. Like their mini album, all their song are incredibly good to hear and in this album minji was dress by their dresser to look more mature than her actual age. she seems to look like older than me. hmm.. i guess because of the heavy make up. ahh~ why don't they make minzy look cuter? that personality suit her best. Sexy? not really appropriate for her age because she's too young to be sexy. hahahaha :D well, thats their manager who decide how they should be styled. that just my opinion la bah. next year, we both are going to be 17 and i'm going to sit for SPM next year. i wonder if Minzy ever go to school after she debuted with 2Ne1 because she seems really busy with her career. well, i guess she is a type of person who cares more about career than study. hahahaha :D me? i don't care about both. LOL XD all i care about is myself, family and friends. future? i don't guarentee i will have a good future ahead but for sure, i'm going to make my future as bright as the stars. ermm..what else? ah ya! later morning is the deadline for my moral assignment and i haven't done a single things. T^T. but for sure, today is the day i'm going to finish it up by hook or by crook, i will! even that mean i no need to sleep for the whole morning. never mind! i'm used to it. besides, its friday! i'm going home early bah today. i can sleep after school. hehehehe :D. Moral exam~ hopefully i can memorize every single Nilai Murni and manage to answer all the question. hope to get good marks for moral also!

i guess, thats all for now as the time is ticking. i'm really short of time as i NEED to finish my assignment. seriously, i really do need to finish it now! 

so, for this post, i let my own photo end it. hehehe XD its one of my favourite photo. so enjoy and ADIEU! :D

non-edited photo :D 

Annyeong and have a blast morning everyone :D 
wish me luck!

P/S : let your smile cover up your tears.