I feel like G6 :)

Annyeonghaseyo! its 12 : 36 a.m and i'm still alive! hahaha :) well, today i'm going to start sleeping in my own bedroom :D. well, quite boring because i'm usually with sis Ina by this time :) still talking nonsense and stalking those abnormal people hahaha XD. anyway, i feel soo like G6 right now...G6 is a Gulfstream jet that costs $58.5 million and flys at speeds of Mach 0.90 or 572 mph... just in case you don't know. hahaha.. and in other words, G6 is rich people lah. hahaha :) well, i'm feeling so good right now. LOL XD because my dream comes true~

YES! i got iPhone from my dad! weehoo~ i never expect he would buy iPhone you know. LOL :D actually the phone is belong to him but i asked him whether he can give me and Taa-Daa~ he gave me. whoa! i really love him now. LOL XD anyway, having iPhone is always being what i really want, including the Canon DS camera. yeah! now i got iPhone, next hopefully mum and dad would considered about buying me my dream camera. LOL.. whoaa~ i feel so MATERIALISTIC right now. ekekeke :D my iPhone is from Thailand you know~ when my dad told me this, i was like "What The? Are you kidding me?" LOL XD well, no matter where it came from, as long i have the iPhone, that matter the most. LOL XD now, i really feel like HyukMin. LMFAO XD

And still, i'm so into HyukMin. ekeke :) i can't resist his cute face even just for a second. ehehe :) addicted ma~ anyway, i found few more fact about him. 
1. he had iPhone
2. he lives alone now
3. he's on ulzzangshidae season 4
4. he now be friend with Taejun :)
5. still cute as usual
6. but mostly his photo is looking mature + cute = matcute :DD
7. his hair is shorter now :) love it!

so, for now, that's all i know. hehehe :) i knew this through my observation de. ekeke :) yea.. crazy fans ma~ ahahaha :D anyway, as usual, i really hope i can meet him personally in the future :) i'd say to him, "anatawa kawaii des!" hahaha :D

took with iPhone :)
ermm.. what else? urmmm.. ha~ later i've got Moral test :) hopefully i can do well later :) hwaiting! hahaha :D last exam? well, not very good i think. i think even if i'm not failing, my marks should be in Nyawa-nyawa ikan later :) hahahaha :D so, i just hoping that i don't fail any subject :) so, i guess this all for now.. if i can online later-later, i will write again la. hehehe :) so, good morning! wish me luck!

so, here is my latest photo and hyukmin's later photo as well :) enjoy and adieu :)

P.S :) Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)