Short Update :D

Greetings :)
Well, I'm actually ongoing to do my homework right now but I have the urge to write my blog. But right now, I'm might write it briefly though since I really need to get my homework done. hehehei :D Anyway, I've been feeling okay lately though but not completely but you know, I'm trying to feel better. I hate this kind of self-hate feeling that keep growing you know and the feeling that everyone is just pretending that they care and there are group of people who just hate you secretly by the way they eyeing you. it just, I don't know. Maybe I'm being paranoid and stuff but mostly what make me so angry and sad and every other negative feeling that existed is when people are being nosy about other people stuff, like why bother telling me? do I look like I care? then, after telling me and expect me not telling anyone else? What the fuck is wrong with this people? they don't even can keep the secret for themselves and expect me to do it? come on, now~ (=.=') but this kind of conversation really bringing me back what trigger me for the first time. you know, stuff... Well, speaking of which. I've decided to maybe sharing what have been trigger me to self-harm lately. Well, um.... maybe. I'm not sure yet but maybe. But then, I guess I'll just keep it to myself though and just tell anyone briefly about it.

And oh, sis Jaba noticed my scars though and I'm like "Shit. shit. shit. shit. shit." hahahaha I mean, she's the last person that I wish to know about it. Well, honestly. I want everyone to be the last to know. I don't want anyone to know about it and asking questions that I don't know if they really mean it or they just being nosy to know. Well, I know some people do, if they ever saw it. Well, she did ask me what's trigger me and well, I told her the reason but not everything. I'm sure she's gonna fled if I told her the whole thing. I just want to play safe you know. But if I told her about the rest, I guess the distance that we already have now will be more further. I know her very well to predict this kind of thing though. I mean, seriously. So, I'm considering to wear longer sleeves clothing from now. hahaha :D

So, I guess I'll be back later and tell what had happen to me lately. Well, the good stuff of course. If i can remember some of those. kekeke :3 so yeah, see you later :)