I Must Be Emo XD

Hello~ hello~~! I'm back again! today is another tiring day but well, since tomorrow is Friday, I just gotta keep it up! Yosh! hahaha :3 not much happen, it just the same old day and I've been reading Dramione fanfic. Aw yeah! I'm forever DraMione shipper, okay? ahahaha :)
Also today, I've spending my break time in the library for the first time in my whole college life and yeah, it's gonna be like that starting from now on I guess. hahaha :) *sighs* honestly, I'm pretty bored right now and I'm seriously wasn't sure what I should do so I thought of updating this blog. Yeah, I should be do some studying and do my tutorials but put that aside first. I think I'm going to do it later.
I've been waiting for sis Jaba and Aki-chan to online on skype but it seems like both of them isn't online today and Aki-chan, I know she's online because I saw her posting on tumblr and roleplaying. Guessing that she only online when sis Jaba is.

So, since I'm not very much needed, I've quit my skype and offline skype on phone. When I'm tired like this, negativity is definitely rushing over me like a tsunami hahaha so fast that I can't even control it anymore. Plus, the environment in this house is soooo freaking stressful that I definitely prefer to stay at school from morning until evening and then go home, I'll just take a bath and sleep. I can't stand this place actually. It's stressing me out. Suffocating. hahaha

*sighs* i'm sorry, I've promised that I would not talking about negativity anymore but here I am, dwelling in it. hahaha I can't help it. I'm a negative person after all. I'm thinking of getting away from skype until saturday though. I just... Ya know, I'm not stable right now. hahaha

I'm back to Wattpad actually. hahaha Well, not that I want to write stories but I just back to reading. hahahaha yeah, I miss the feeling of reading and stuff like that. Maybe I would write some story in the nearest future. hahaha I have lots of lame story plot. the typical american/asian love story of course and I'm still thinking if I wanna do it. hahaha I wanna write like really wanna write and finish a story. but yeah, I'll be fighting with my lousy grammar again. So, for now... I'll postpone the writing and do lots of reading first hehehe :)
I have few good books that I haven't read yet so I guess I'm going to read them all first and maybe I can have my grammar upgraded a bit and wrote a decent story. Um, I know that I don't have talent and stuff like that but hobby is a hobby hahahaha :)

And uh, I think I'm going to sleep now though. I'm very tired right now and probably gonna wake up early if I'm not lazy enough tomorrow morning. I need to study a bit for my IB since next week, I'm going to have my midterm exam. I want to score that one and plus, I need to work out with my assignment. Yeah, I should be doing that and start being serious with my studies.

and ah, disappointedly I announced that I've cut yesterday. Well, no reason. I cut for fun hahaha like seriously and even right now, I feel like cutting some more. I'm consumed with my tiredness. I can't blame anyone if they'll started to stay away from me and started to avoid me from now on, I'm a cutter anyway. Who would want to dwell themselves with some emo person like I am? hahaha Oh god, I need help. haahaha

Oh well, it's not that I'm suicidal. So, I guess that's okay. hahaha :)

So, I guess that's all. I'm so tired right now. So, bye bye  :)

Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears