Tadaima! (^___^)

Greetings, Humanoids~ Yeah, I'm pretty much have a feeling to update this blog today. huahuahua~ it's been a while no? Well, I'm quite busy watching my all-time-favorite anime, the Kyou Kara Maou. ekekeke :D
About this anime, I've first watching it around year 2007 if i'm not mistaken. hoyeah, that is the day I become an Otaku Freak. hahahahaha uh... Well, not really. hahahaha I was becoming a Manga collector since the first day I lay my eyes on Doraemon. ekekeke XD Yeah, my first comic book and forever will be the first in my heart 
anyhow, this anime has brought lots and lots of memories. I mean, Yuri and Wolfram has been my favorite couple since then. hahahaha just that, that time I didn't know what's Yaoi is until last few years back. huahuahua. All thanks to Sekai No Ichi =.=' my first Yaoi anime huahuahua~
First time I watched it I was like O.O maybe bigger. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha seriously. I wouldn't even touch the DVD if the hero guy isn't cute. huahuahua XD too bad he's gay =.=' *waves randomly* Nevermind, I'm out of topic already. huahuahua XD
Back to Yuuram ( Greta, the daughter made it for them ) mmm.. what I like about this couple is that, UHHHH OHMYGODDDD!!!!! I just could scream fangirlingly right now. hahahahahahaXD eventhough they didn't really showing it but I can feel that both party are in love with each other. Especially around season 2 and 3, Yuri wasa like OH MY GOD! especially the end of season 2, after wolfram annul their engagement and Yuri was like "What the hell is he thinking?" HAHAHAHAHA but honestly, if I'm wolfram, I would do the same as Yuri keep on denying him as his official fiancee. ( eventhough he accidentally propose to wolfram huahuahua ) Still, throughout the series, Gosh, I just waited for their part together. hahahaha XD
Well, in other word... let's say that I'm re-watching Kyou Kara Maou because I'm still loyally shipping YuuRam. I mean... I never stay shipping couple until few years like this. ekekeke XD Yeah, now I'm quite sure that I'm a yaoi fans since forever =.=' fudge me, right? hahahaha XDD
Like the other Yuuram shippers, I really hope that there would be Kyou Kara Maou season 4. hahaha but nah, I don't think so. As what I've been read in Wikipedia, they thought of stop making Kyou Kara Maou. ( something like that ) I'm soo freaking broken hearted when I read about it just now. HWAAA~~~ I'm Craving For YUURAAMMM Morrreeee~~ at least they make OVA, just special OVA about Yuuram. huahuahua. that would make me the happiest shipper forever. ekekekeke :P
But, since I've finished watching the whole 3 seasons, I'm back to my not-so-interesting--that-make-me-feeling-depress-life. hahahaha :D =.=' I hate my life really.

Alright, enough about that. hahahaha :D Umm... Oh yah, yesterday I was sending my mum to saloon and as we arrived there, she asked me whether I want to straighten my hair or not. Well, good chance cannot be wasted. hahahaha And taa-daa~ my new haircut and yeah, I straighten it as well. ekekeke XD <-----
at first I don't like it but then I learned to love it and yeah, I look younger than my real age now ( in the picture only ) and if you happen to see me in real life, you would freak out right away. I'm fugly. huahuahua. Just kidding, I'm still cute, just not as cute as in the picture. ekekeke XD
Well, last night also I'm being so freaking photogenic. ekeke XD yeah, seriously. When the mood strike me, nothing can stop me. huahuahua XD
and oh yah, I just finished reading Naruto Vol 1 until 6 and I find it rather interesting to read though. But I think I prefer to watch anime instead. ekekeke well, I'm gonna ask Jaba about the DVD. if she hadn't start watching it, then I wanna watched it first. ekekeke XD for I'm quite lazy to read tho. I mean, if watching anime, I could just lay down on my bed and let my eyes do all the work. hahaha and if compare to reading, I need my both arms to support the book and my hands to grab it on both side. Quite troubling, don't you think? hahahahahahahahaha =.=' ( I told you, I'm lazy ) but yeah, if Jaba already started watching it, then I'll just start watching Bleach instead. Oh YEAHH~~ XD I bought bleach as well and in  the future, if I had money I'm seriously gonna buy One- Uh, on the second thought, I'm not really fans of One Piece. ekekeke XD Ohh! I know what I'm going to buy, I'm gonna buy Beelzebub! OMG! hahaha DEFINITELY!

and what else? I don't know what to say- Ah, yes. Right now I'm doing new fanfiction of Kyou Kara Maou and my own characters ekeke :D Oh yeah. But I don't want to tell anyone about it yet because I'm not so sure about it besides, this few days something has been messing with my head. the one that I shall not be name. hahahaha besides, It just stupid stuff anyway. ekeke XD I'm just find it rather irritating me and really, this few days, i feel like I'm being the bad side of me. I mean, I'm pretty much become quieter than before and I prefer to be all by myself rather than being with the others. I feel bad towards my families but yeah, I just want to be alone and I don't why. but as I've read about Capricorn traits on twitter, it says that "Capricorn can be Anti-Social at time" hahaha well, I don't deny that. Maybe I'm just being AntiSocial for the time being. But I know for sure, I'll be okay again after few days.
Um.... Ah, speaking of Twitter, I don't find Twitter is interesting anymore. I mean, I'm bored. hahahahaha :D I don't know why, but yes. Honestly, twitter bored me. hahahahahaha :DDD that's all thank you. And now, I think I'm going back to my CyWorld and syok sendiri over there as there is no one I know ever registered themselves there. ekekeke and yeah, quite forever alone there. ekekekeke XDD nevermind, I just need to be all by myself anyway and Cyworld is the only place I can be alone and syoksendiri. ekekeke XD

I was just eating Chipsmore. It's been a while I didn't eat it so, yeah. I kinda miss the taste. hahahaha and I eat it along with Coke. ekeke XD Well, that's the only food in the house that I feel like eating. Speaking of eating, now I weight more than ever. I was like O.O T^T yeah, seriously. I can't bear with this weight. I know everybody keep saying that the weight is ideal with my height. But what they don't get it is that it's really hard for me to find trousers. hahahaha as my buttock is quite huge =.= everybody keeps telling me that. Well, big buttock is Sexy and no kidding but I don't like it. I hate it. seriously. And this few days, I was trying back all my jeans and some of it, I can't even fit in =.=' while everybody weight is lessen, mine is upgrading -.- I feel like I don't wanna eat until forever =.=' I mean, seriously. It just hurting me when people keep telling how big is my buttock and I was like "Pleaseeee tell me something I don't know =.="
 like last time, I remembered when someone says like "Your upper body is on the right size but your buttocks is really big! it's make you look sooo weird~" *snorted* yeah. I know that=.= I'm alien and should just be killed by MIB for like looooong time ago >.< it's not like I wish to have this kind of weird body. Oh god, I wanna cry. HAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding. I'm just feeling down a bit. OHHHHH! *snapped finger* I think I know why! maybe this is why I feel depress. HAHAHAHA nah, maybe this is one of the reason. ekekeke :D

and that's is my Anime DVD collection ekekeke on the right one is the one I've watched and the left one, I haven't or currently watching it. ekekeke XD Actually, I was decided to re-watch RAVE Master right after I finish watching KyouKaraMaou but then, as soon as I finish KKM, I was like "gosh, my life is over" hahahahahaha XD well, maybe I'll just watch it sooner before my three weeks holiday ends. and Oh, maybe I'm going to watch some of the Anime with sis Lalan since she's gonna spend her whole one week of holiday here with me. ekeke XD Oh yeah, I'm so looking forward for it. Watching in double is better than watching it all by myself eh? ekeke XDD
Speaking of Anime. last time, when I was going  shopping with Sis Jon and we went to popular. I was like OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYGEERDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! I SAW OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB AND VAMPIRE KNIGHT !!!  I was almost cry my eyes out hahahaha well, maybe a tear or two. ahahaha XD then, I noticed that one of the worker give me the what-the-hell-is-going-on-with-this-girl look. HAHAHAHHAHAHA XD I DON'T CARE!!!! I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS TWO ANIME SINCE LAST YEAR!! OMG!! OMG!! XDDDDD
But I haven't watch any of it yet. I was thinking to wait for sis Jaba but I don't know la. I don't want to promise anything now.
and and and and and yeah, I'm going to re-watch Kyou Kara Maou with Sis LALAN! OMGERRDDD~~~ I CAN'T WAIT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA fudge me, eh? hahahaha XDD
or maybe if not KKM, I'm going to invite her watching.... uhhh the other anime lah. hahhahahaha I feel like buying Maid-Sama CD right now. hahahahahaha XDD

so, as I was saying.... that I'm making another fanfiction. hahahaha and the above picture is the character that going to be in my fanfiction. But that one, I wrongly setting the character according to their place. ekekeke Well, honestly. It just some picture draft. and the hot guys picture before Yuri's face is taken from anime namely as Starry Sky. OMG! YESHHH.... I ALMOST FORGOTTEN!! I BOUGHT THIS ANIME TOOOOOOOO!!! *wiggling* I haven't watch it yet BUT I'MMMMM SOOOOO GOING TO WATCH IT SOONNNNNNNN!!!!! OMGOOODDDD!!!
and yeah, my favourite is the one I named as Kyohara. huahuahua ( his real name in anime is Yoh Tomoe ) yeaaah.. I make their name alright? hahaha since Starry Sky is love story and not killing and action and adventure and stuff like that, kind of story, so, yeah. hahaha if you know what I mean. ekeke XD
Well, briefly I would say that this fanfiction will about Shin Makoku is being attacked by an Infamous Vampire Clans who wish to control over the world and they need like demon's blood (since Shin Makoku is Demon Kingdom ) to help them achieving the world invasion goals. ekekeke I mean, for short, they wanted to have a demonic vampire breed. hehehei. But still, Shinou, the Real King of Shin Makoku had expecting this to happen as it's happen once like 3 to 4 thousands years back. and yeah, he also know the existence of Shin Makoku Secret Alliances, D'Lovac.
D' Lovac is form by one of his trusted companions, Eldric von Elvira. This man is Earth born and a pure human but his fighting skill is uncomparable with anyone on earth or any other places. Shinou wanted to announce publically about D'Lovac but Eldric says no and he prefer it to be unknown for the next Maou sake. it is better to be unknown so that the enemy will never ready when they attacked back. Let the enemy think they are weak. Shinou knows that every generation of Eldric Elvira, there will be 7 person to be chosen to keep the alliances alive. The youngest one will be the key to open the portal connecting earth to SM. but he/she know nothing about it ( about that she/he was chosen to be the key of course ) hahahahaha
SOOOO... then, I'm so poor in explaining. I bet my explanation is quite confusing. So, I shall stop here. HAHAHAHAHA =.=' Komenasai!

So, now... I'm started to feel backache for overdue sitting here facing lappy. I need to go now. hahahaha :D Since my mum need me to drive her somewhere right now. So, yeah. hahahaha :D well, after this.... umm.. maybe I'm going to continue my fanfic. ekekeke XD so, ADIEU.
Enjoy my Pics. even if you don't want to~~~ Please don't resist my cuteness. XDDDD

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Photo of The Month.

These are my favorite picture of myself for this month. ekeke :)
Well, I want to update blog today but suddenly I feel so lazy. huahuahua
I can't help it though for I'm born with LazyBone. ekeke
Anyhow, I'm going to update tomorrow it's a promise :)

pretty eh? I KNOW!
I, myself was like "OMG~ Is this really me?" Hahahahaha XD