All About Logan Wade Lerman.

Hey! hey!
Annyeong and greetings  !
It's been a while I didn't posting without my pictures.Probably you guys have miss me a lot, hahaha . Just kidding ehehehei :)
Anyhow, that's <------- is my newest picture. I took it this very afternoon, after I finished writing review for prelude chapter. hehehei :) Because I got nothing to do bah, I was so freaking bored that time and my parent off somewhere ( Obviously without me ) without telling me where they headed to. Oh well, like I care where they want to go. hahahaha   Actually I've decided to bring them to go to Toys World today as I wanted to buy new novels. I need new vampire novel to feed my imagination. It's been a while though.Yeah, i got this one vampire novel entitled 'The Parliament of Blood' and I've tried so hard to like it but I just can't because I don't think the story is really my type even though it's vampire thing but it's just not in my favorite list. Sorry :) Anyhow, I'm going to finish reading it anyway as I'm half through it and yeah, that's why I need new books. Something more adventure, horror, friendships, loves, hehehe :) I'm in the mood of all that for the time being. Oh, what can I do? I'm a loving person  ahohohohoh :)

And just now, right after Jaba log off her MSN, i straight away looking for Logan's picture and at last, I found his fansite. hahahaha  Well, not just his fansite but also his Twitter, so apa lagi! I go followed him on twitter. hahahaha :) And I as well followed Jake Abel. But that's not the point. hahahahaha because I'm so freaking happy to finally found his Twitter. Last time, I was searching for it but I can't find it, so I'm quite depressed that time ( Yersehh, depressed bah ) Well, I found some short information about Logan Lerman and we kind of have some common between us as well. ahahahahahaha  I found that he was born on 19 January. got that, 19 JANUARY. hahahahaha :) Which makes him a Capricorn also. Ohoyeah, I'm a Capricorn too and yeah, one more thing, Our birth date both involving the lucky number 9. Oh well, what else can I say, we're obviously soul mates . ohohohohoho . but unfortunately, that's the only common things we have. hahahaha :) and oh, I also found out that he's a Jewish, and his full name is Logan Wade Lerman. Like seriously, I don't know what Jewish is but I know its a religion and of course I have nothing against it. Doesn't matter what religion he is, he always be my number one English men. hahahaha  and then, I found out that he's single. WOOOOOHOOOOOO  still got chance. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahaha Akaidai~ ( real-life laughing ) hahahahahahahahaha CRAZY. ekekekeke  Never mind, that's how people know me anyway, ehehei .

What I like about him? Um... not much actually as I barely know him so, it's hard to tell. But physically I'm definitely mesmerized by his cute smile. I never saw anyone with such cute smile. And his cute face, I can't take off my eyes over his face. Just to freaking cute! and and I mostly love his bluish eyes. Oh my... really makes my heart melts. hahahahahahaha :) I first knew him in the movie entitled Gamer where he's the main character lah. But that time, I don't know his name but his face always haunting my mind. hahahahaha like Kuntilanak. hahahahahahahahaha  I've been searching for his name for century (Metaphor) and finally I knew his name when he starred in Percy Jackson the movie, which he starred together with Jake Abel ( Jaba's husband ) hehehei :) I definitely falling for him for the second time :)) I can't resist his charm  Speaking of charms, I also did found out that he's a very sweet and charming kind of guy. And Oh, he has a very good sense of humor, a real catch! hahahaha :) Yeah, he have everything that I dream my future husband would have :) ( but too bad, we're from two different world ) Don't say to be his future wife, even seeing him personally also already seem to be impossible, what else can i expect? hahahahahaha :) Let just stick to this state. my new life rules is "Do Not Get To Attach To Someone You Know You Can Never Have," hahahahahahahaha :) or simply said, Don't get to obsess. huahahahaha  that's self reminder, yo!

Well, that's all I know about him though. hahahaha :) And whoever become his girl friend or his future wife is definitely the most lucky girl in the world. Of course, I'm going to be very envious of her but Oh well, just not my luck. hahahahahahaha So, I want to personally futuristically congratulating the girl who is going to marry him in the future. Just don't forget to invite me along, I want to eat free food. hahahahaha

And right now, I'm randomly wondered. what if, WHAT IF Logan Lerman found this post and read it?
ahahahaha  yeah, I'm more worried about my grammar than the content of this precious post. ekekeke XD
I don't really care if he really found this post because he don't even know me, anyway. ohohohohohohoho  and no harm for being his fan girl  as I'm not the only one. ehehehei :) just hope that he's going to love it though :) Peace!

So, that is all I want to tell about in this very post :)
I have to go to sleep now 
Tomorrow got another driving lesson
and I have 4 reviews to do left. 
And chapter 5 of my story haven't finished yet.
I have tons to do tomorrow.
Oh my God. 

Last but not least, I want to put some reminder as well :
Please turn away from sins,
Never forget to praise the Lord our God,
Always believe in Him
He always loves us no matter what.
Allowed Him to enter our heart.
Never forget to live this life to the fullest ( Jaba say )
And lastly
Always Ask for Forgiveness and Pray for Complete Protection from Him.
Remember, we are the army of God
God Bless You Abundantly 

So, for ending this precious post, here is one of my favorite pictures of Logan Lerman :) 
Enjoy his cuteness :))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)