Just To Update Bloggy :)

Annyeong, everyone! its been a while. hahaha :) and my HyukMin's update his Cyworld again :) i didn't blogging because i've been blocked from online by my sisters. hahaha :D that because i haven't finish my homework yet and its only 5 more days left before school started. hmm..hmm.. well, i don't think i can do it tomorrow because i need to buy my school stuff and maybe i'll do it the day after tomorrow. HOPEFULLY :) today also i go shopping. i shop with my mum, phoebe, isaac and uncle spone :) i just bought school uniform and pair of shoes because i've promise my sisters to go shopping again tomorrow :)

 what else to say? oh ya! today i watched Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets but i didn't watched it till the end because my uncle is hurrying me. personally, i'm kind of disappointed but still i kept on smiling. hahaha :) eyhh, of course i don't want him to see me disappointed and showing that i blame him for not letting me finished the movies. hahaha :) i know, i'm a little bit mad that time. hahaha :) but i think as positive as i can,"ASTRO, they showed the same movies again and again until everybody sick and tired of it" hahaha :) that's the truth, Yaw! so.. urmm.. yea, i can feel that i'm not really are into the world of kpop any longer. i think i'm now back to japan-addict. ekeke :D not quite also. i don't know but i'm not so addicted to anything. yea yea.. except for HyukMin. hahaha :) why i'm not so into kpop? well, maybe because kpop-world produce to many rookie band and artist. i just don't know who to like anymore and i kinda outdated with it. even when sandara and heechul cuts their hair pun i just knew this past few days. i lost contact with kpop world :( so, i guess i'm gonna stick to HyukMin and gonna up-to-date with him and only him. hahaha :) call me Stalker DUH! i've told you, i'm addicted. hahaha :) 

i realize that i become more photogenic from day to day. haha :) i don't why.. maybe it is what Santa gave me for Christmas, 'being photogenic' hahaha :) i guess i'm natural cam-whore. ekeke :D i like it. just imagine, one day i found my lappy is full of my photo. hahaha :) i'm gonna freak out! LOL XD ahh~ actually i'm looking forward for tomorrow because i want to buy that backpack. i just really wanting it. hopefully no one will buy it before me as last time i saw it, there only got one left T^T. well, if others bought it first, then i have to pick another one. hwa! gonna be a very long day tomorrow T^T. today, sis Ina and sis Jon gone Cardio. i've told them that i won't come along and Phoebe didn't go also because we arrived home late :) and today Phoebe fighting with Isaac. hmm..hmmm.. siblings, of course. they fought each other. hahaha :) and my christmas day is nothing special. hahaha :) i got nothing for christmas, just that i got my family :) that is surely enough for me. but i still confuse, why am i doesn't feeling happy with it? having the one big family gathering is what i always wish for. but why? i just don't understand. i don't understand. nan molla. i'm not wakarimasta. aku nda nemu. saya tidak faham. for sure, i'm not fun this christmas. i do have fun with my cousins but i kept losing the fun. hahaha :) i'm depressed. maybe because i kept reminiscing about those bad things that happening to me in 2010. 

and, if i kept telling how bad i felt, my blog will be very boring. trust me, BORING! hahaha :) but still, i have not much good things happen in my life. so, its not my fault telling only about the bad things XD hopefully, next year i'm not going to live the same sad, dreadful life anymore. hehehe :) hope in 2011, everything will be better :) i don't want to be called as Emo, sudden cry without reason. hahaha :) crazy! actually, today i got nothing to tell just that i wanna update my blog. hahaha :) so, wish 2011 going to be my better year :) thats all. thanks for reading, bye-bye. so, here is YoungGi's photo to end this post, enjoy all!

p.s : let your smile cover you tears :)

Staying At Home For Christmas :)

    Annyeong, everyone! today is christmas day. hahaha and i'm just staying home. i didn't go anywhere today even to my aunt's next door. hahaha. i just love the privacy on this special day. Besides, i am so damn tired because i woke up at 9.00 a.m today :) hahaha. can you imagine, i slept at 4.00a.m and then awake at 9.00 a.m after a very long and tiring day. OMG! hahaha :) i really do need extra sleep. ekeke :) 

actually right now i'm so sleepy but i just want to update my blog first la. hehehe :) Blogging first, then sleep. i feel guilty if i don't update my blog for a day *liar* hahaha :) anyway, i feel so calm and very relax today because i just do my own things, my mum didn't get mad, nobody disturb me ( except for shawny ) and nothing. i just receive everything that i really need after a very tiring day :) hehehe. maybe that is my christmas present from Him. thanks to Lord :) i had a very good rest today. just that, i think i need more and i am going to rest after finish blogging ^^.

   today, a lot of people come to my aunt's next door house. hehehe :) and i'm sure she's tired right now. and hope she can have enough sleep as she's not really healthy :) my mum? she's rest well today because nobody comes to our house. ngahaha :) i like it! not that i hate people to come over, just that i want my mum to have enough rest de :D Oh ya! i heard that Phoebe is going home tomorrow. Weepie! miss her to death. hahaha :) hopefully its not just rumors. i'm craving to celebrate christmas with her. hehehe :) shhh... don't tell her :P

Today, again my brother hurt my mum feeling. he never stop. i guess that is his new hobby "hurting mum's feeling" because he was like, doing that EVERYDAY! i'm sick and tired of it. i'm so mad at him but i just can keep silent because he's older and i still have respect to elders. not like him >.< he slammed the door and throw things Gosh! i think he is the craziest brother that ever exist T^T.  i wish i could hate him but even though i'm so mad when i saw my mum cries, and for sure, i hate him. but then, i forget about it. maybe i'm just to easy to forgive but very hard to forget. to be honest, i can't stand his immature behaviour. if it not to late to ask, i'm asking that my brother to be more mature and become normal like others brother for christmas :)

So, i guess that is all i want to share for today because my eyes is getting heavier. besides, it is almost midnight. i just want to break my record and wake up early tomorrow. teehee :) for tomorrow, i think i'm gonna do my BM, if nobody disturb me la. hahaha :P hopefully no one will -.- urmm..registration day is around the corner, thats mean the school day is coming. Urgh! i'm not ready to go to school yet!  but i don't have choice. hahaha :) okay.. enough typing. hehehe :) see you people in my next post. byes!

i let this Chibi Neko-anime to end this post because i just can't decide who's photo to put. hahaha :) if can, i want to put all photo that i have :) ekeke. so, last from me, Merry Christmas !!

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)

Merry Christmas :)

(this post should be on 25th Dec, around 3a.m)
Feliz Navidad, everyone! hahaha :) finally the moment that everyone is craving for is here! but i'm a bit sad because Santa Claus didn't come to Asia T^T. anyway, i had quite fun today, especially with my sis Jaba :) hahaha. we go here and there together, and our other cousins call us lesbo*that's just a jokes* well, they just jealous looking at our closeness. ekekeke :) eventhough i didn't receive any Christmas present, i feel somewhat happy :) hehehe.

And yepp :) something happen that make me doesn't like this year christmas celebration. well, i think i don't want to talk about it because it just a person who is misunderstand with my friendliness with my cousins. we all kan just cousin. eventhough that person didn't say anything about what he/she think kan, i can tell through her expression and the way she treat me after that loving moment =.=; so poor minded de. i just can't stand hypocrites like that person. that person really know how to pretend to be nice. like i didn't know his/her true color. chehh~ go to hell. hahaha :)

and on the evening, we've been to church. and the moment everyone start to pray, i suddenly felt like crying. so i told my mum about it and she said, "just cry" so i cried and everyone watching me and i feel it just weird you know. crying the middle of praying. hmm..hmm.. maybe i'm just feeling glad to be back to His house :) i don't know. that time, i don't think about anything negative, i just suddenly feeling sad. maybe God just want me to let out all the tears that i've kept for all this time :) well, of course..i feel much better after cry :) thanks God ^^

and just now, i played Cluedo again with Jaba and sis Inut. hehehe and again, i become the murderer. just that i didn't 'kill' myself. hahahaha :) i 'kill' sis Inut ^^. but then, they have to go home as tomorrow we all going to pray at their house :) i think i'm going to their house tomorrow :P because its been a while i didn't go there. ah. just now, at the kitchen..Jaba suggest me that she wanted to be my personal tuition teacher for next year. hohoho :)) i like that ^^. well, no problemo because we both study science *eventho actually we both don't like it*. hahaha :) i want to tell mum about this. and if she said yes, then i don't have to waste my dad's money to pay for the tuition. 

so, i guess thats all for now because my eyes is getting heavier :) i think i'm gonna wake up at 12.00 p.m later. ekekeke :) so, see you in my next post. so, here is Young Gi's pretty face to end this post. 

merry christmas everyone :)

p.s : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)

Its All About Yu Ha Min :)

Annyeong~ right now i want to talk about Yu Ha Min :) why? well, i'll tell you in this very post why i wanna talk about him instead of HyukMin :) ekk ekk.. not that he's going to replace HyukMin. Hell No. LOL XD just that i wanna talk about him. about what i think about him. so, no bad intention is needed here because this is only what i think about him :) right! let me begin with where i found him. keyh. aaarr.. well, to be honest, i don't know him before i know Hyuk Min. so, thats mean, i know him from HyukMin. hahaha :)i saw both of them took a lot of pictures together and i think they are quite close to each other. DUH! obviously, they are both uljjang :) hehehe. not just him, other uljjang too, like Kim YeoBin, Yeon Ji Hee, and etc. i don't remember the other name :) a lot la uljjang that be friend with HyukMin. hehehe :) Taejun and HyungSeok? hmm...i don't know. i haven't seen their photo taken together with HyukMin. well, hopefully they will and don't forget Young Gi too :)

My main reason why i want to talk about Yu Ha Min is that he inspired me. if you're an otaku like me, you will notice what i see from his pictures ---------->
he does resembles anime right? the character that come from the dark side but fell in love with the heroin. but they have to fight each other because the dark side of him control him. then, the hero came and he have to go. hahaha :) you don't understand my point heh? hahaha XD well, like i said, you have to be otaku or have high imagination, then you know what i really mean. *hahah, i know, my english is bad* first time i saw his photo, he reminds me of dark anime and he does inspired me to draw again *but my bone say no* hahaha :) i'm too lazy to draw anything right now so i postponed that XD. back to anime, i mean ha nim.! wait!! i discover something shocking. hahaha : A NIME = HA NIM : LOL XD they sound the same! anime hanim! but only if his name is Yu Ha Nim. hahaha  :)

He so anime-like. hahaha :) make me go crazy! LOL XD OMG! someone slap me please! hahaha i'm going crazy XDDD i love anime and that what make me gonna love him too XD hahahahaa XD uh-oh! i forget about HyukMin. XD. i can't love him as he is HyukMin's friend. sooo... i'm gonna like him only, ekekeke XD Crazy! i'm just joking. well, i admit, i like him too as much as i like lee teuk.  different na? understand that. HyukMin more :) to much 'XD'. hmm..hmm.. anyway, i adore his look. i mean Yu Ha Min's look because again i said, he soo anime looking :) when i saw him, i thought anime cames alive. and if he is cosplaying Nekotic-anime, i believe. he's going to be chosen :)

what i love about Yu Ha Min? well, i love his eyes :) very nice looking and smexy! i wish i have his eyes. mine are to big >.< but my friend like my eyes. hahaha :)) his eyes, very tempting. hahaha :) his girlfriend is the luckiest because can always see his beautiful gorgeous eyes. haiya. i wish my future boyfriend have his eyes :) teehee :)) ermm.. what else? Ha! his mouth.. hehehe :) small and sexy :) ekekeke XD oh ya! FYI, he's smoking. yepp :) but its okay. not so important de. ekeke :)) they surely need to smoke to control their appetites. all model from all over the world are smoking DUH! hahaha :)

so, thats all i want to talk about Yu Ha Min :) be seeing you guys on my next post :) adieu.. so, i put one of my favourite photo of Ha Min to end this post. thanks for reading ^^

Something To Talk About :)

(this post should be 23rd of Dec) 
          Annyeong, everyone :) today i woke up at 11 a.m. hahaha :) then i took bath and finish at 12.00p.m wohoo :) thats a new record. ekeke :) well, i'm purposely wasting time actually because i had nothing to do =.=;. i know..i know.. i still have a tons of homework that i haven't done yet and 8 days left, then the school will re-open GAH! hopefully i can do it. but not now. hahaha :) today i want to waste my time on online, printing HyukMin's photo, take pictures and maybe sleep :) facebooking? no no no.. i won't facebooking today. facebook really make me sick and yeah, i'm facebooking this few days and see, i don't even update my blog T^T. i blaming facebook. LOL XD. and i've been thinking of deactive my other account on facebook. meaningless to have a lots of account, don't you agree? the more account you have, the more time w=you waste :) hehehe. so, i'm gonna tell Neko about this matter. i'm so sick and tired of facebook and next year, i'm going to go to the battle field =.=; so, i think this is the best preparation if i want to get good grades :)

and today, Phoebe is taking her PMR results, with her mum of course. and i heard that she get 1A and the other  6, i don't know because my mum just told me about the A's. hahaha :) anyway, i want to congratulate her :) CHUKAE! teehee ^^. i guess she won't celebrate this christmas together with all of us because her mum doesn't seem to let her go. and YES, to be honest, i hate her mother a lot. not just because she took Phoebe away from us, but everything that she did to my uncle, isaac and Phoebe. she's the real devil. i never talk to her, well maybe i have when i was a kid. i never tells anyone about this. so, lets just be among us. XD isaac will celebrating with us because he manage to ran away from the devil last few days. how i wish Phoebe have the guts to run like Isaac. but it just impossible to her because she's not the one who rebelled like Isaac do. hehehe :) anyway, i wish to see her again next year. i just miss her too much eventhough we always fight each other. hehehe.. now i really miss that sister fighting moments :D she is second person that can understand me quite well, after sis Jaba. Oh~ i heard that she's going to celebrate new year with us, hope thats true :) 

  ermm.. what else? oh ya, 2 more days then Christmas is here! Wohhoo! feeling excited~. well, i lied. i'm not excited at all. i can feel that this year Christmas seem to be bored. very bored. maybe because Phoebe wasn't around or maybe i'm just doesn't really like christmas. i don't know but deep inside me, telling that this christmas will be bored. hahaha :) call me Grinch, but HEY at least i'm appreciating my families that came from a far DUh! hahaha XD yepp :) the only things that make me excited for christmas this year is my families :) talking about families, i haven't bought Christmas present for any of them GOSH! what i'm suppose to do?! no cards, no presents T^T. make one right now? well, i don't like making things today. hahaha :) oh, or maybe i just need to bring my mum to the nearest store and bought something that they can keep 0.o like people said, the price doesn't matter, as long as we give the gift with all our heart, thats already enough. :) *i don't think the real saying is as long as mine =.=;* anyway, i wish everyone have a merry christmas and happy new year. may 2011 bring all of you Luck, Joy and Happiness :)

I haven't buy school stuff yet =.=;. mum seem to be very busy lately so i guess i just for the right time to buy them :) hehehe. and next year my themes is going to be 'Whatever' LOL XD i want to mix my stuff, cute, cool, freak,normal and etc.. hahaha :) next year is gonna be my last year study in high school de :) still i haven't decide in what field should i continue after SPM. i can't decide because what i really want is way to far from science. hahaha :) last few weeks, i've watch Discovery channel and i saw biologist worked on the animal DNA *something like that* and i find that biologist is quite cool~ hahaha :) then i watch History Channel and saw few archeologist is working on mummies. i change my mind to be biologist to archeologist. hahaha :) so, i'm a little confuse right now XD 

 last thing to tell for today is...ermmm..uh! my addiction :) hahahaha XD you know what i mean. yepp, no other than Kang Hyuk Min. ekeke :) this few years i put my mind straight and i realize that i've been wasting 1 month and 23 Days for hoping that he is mine. hmm..hmm.. yalorh, why must i hoping for something that won't become true no matter what i do?! hahaha :) pathetic. so pathetic. of course i know he won't have a glance on me.DUH. who would? LOL :) don't say uljjang, non-uljjang also won't look at me XD not being humble here, but thats the truth. ekeke :) but i rather be single and not mingle because i'm not good in being reject. hahaha :) and i'm afraid to fall in love. i don't know why but i am scared of being in love. i'm afraid that i will be someone i'm not when i'm coupling with somebody :) hehehe. i guess, i'm gonna crushing on people only and avoiding self from be in relationship until i think i'm ready. and just now, my mum ask me whether i'm going to follow her to the supermarket or not? i said no. like i've told you, i want to stay home and printing HyukMin's photo, take self-photo, online, singing and sleep :)

so, thats all for now :) be seeing you guys on my next post :) enjoy your life while you can :) my dearest HyukMin's will end this very post :) annyeong!

so cute. he cut his hair short. thats make him look double cute because his short hair show most part of his pretty face XD. Kyahh! Santa! Santa! please let him be my boyfriend! LMFAO 

to Kang Hyuk Min :  T^T i'm just joking. *bow* sorry!

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears

Random Post :)

     LOL XD i look like cartoon. hahaha :) btw, annyeong everyone! sorry for not updating for few days. well, i must say i'm quite busy lately. yeah, Shopping! christmas shopping yaw! hahaha :) but still haven't buy any christmas present yet. oh! talking about christmas present, i already got mine from my lovely mum :) ehehe thanks mum! well, i'm not ready to post my present yet. teehee :) maybe on Christmas Night, i'll post it here. and, yeah, i have fun for this few days.

when we all go shopping lately, i bought myself a new bedsheet. blue~ ahahaha :) i love the pattern. look so cool and very nice la. dunno how to described it. for me, its cute and elegant. hehehe :) *sign of growing up* Urgh! hahaha :) and i haven't done any of my homework yet. i think, i'm going to do some of it starting tomorrow before everyone come :) if i'm not going to baking with my dearest.  yepp, i want to bake cookies, this christmas. hahaha :) i want to make this 2010 christmas celebration to be very special for either me or my family :P hoping for the best, YAW! hahaha XD

And yepp :D today sis Jaba and sis Inut come :) we play Cluedo. hahahaha :) having fun together as usual and i've become a murder twice and killing myself thrice. hahaha :) fun though. just that, at first we told each other about the card we had. hahaha :) no secret at all. hahaha :) they both just home and still they promise to be back tomorrow. hehehe :) and yeah, sis Jaba invite me to join her jogging this monday and yepp i say yes! hahaha :) she said that she's going to take me at about 3 p.m. *detaily* LOL just incase you wanna know. hahaha :)

Just in case you guys didn't know, i'm so addicted to him right now. hahaha :) i know i hate smoker but he is excluded. LOL :) i just love everything about him. his personalities, face, body, background. everything. but too bad, just tooo bad he's not meant for me. hahaha :) and all of his photo shows no sign of hypocrites. he just natural. yeah, he does wear make-up. so what? he's a model, he does need make-up :) and to prettify himself hahaha :) and if i had the chance to meet him kan, i would be very grateful. ahaha :) and thats not going happen. teehee :P just dreaming la..

So, i guess, thats all for now. i need to sleep. hahaha :) before my mum wake up, i better shut my eyes even i don't want to :) its 4.30a.m and this report is post on Sunday morning. hehehe :) so, good morning Asian!

P/S : Let your Smile Cover Your Tears :)