Staying At Home For Christmas :)

    Annyeong, everyone! today is christmas day. hahaha and i'm just staying home. i didn't go anywhere today even to my aunt's next door. hahaha. i just love the privacy on this special day. Besides, i am so damn tired because i woke up at 9.00 a.m today :) hahaha. can you imagine, i slept at 4.00a.m and then awake at 9.00 a.m after a very long and tiring day. OMG! hahaha :) i really do need extra sleep. ekeke :) 

actually right now i'm so sleepy but i just want to update my blog first la. hehehe :) Blogging first, then sleep. i feel guilty if i don't update my blog for a day *liar* hahaha :) anyway, i feel so calm and very relax today because i just do my own things, my mum didn't get mad, nobody disturb me ( except for shawny ) and nothing. i just receive everything that i really need after a very tiring day :) hehehe. maybe that is my christmas present from Him. thanks to Lord :) i had a very good rest today. just that, i think i need more and i am going to rest after finish blogging ^^.

   today, a lot of people come to my aunt's next door house. hehehe :) and i'm sure she's tired right now. and hope she can have enough sleep as she's not really healthy :) my mum? she's rest well today because nobody comes to our house. ngahaha :) i like it! not that i hate people to come over, just that i want my mum to have enough rest de :D Oh ya! i heard that Phoebe is going home tomorrow. Weepie! miss her to death. hahaha :) hopefully its not just rumors. i'm craving to celebrate christmas with her. hehehe :) shhh... don't tell her :P

Today, again my brother hurt my mum feeling. he never stop. i guess that is his new hobby "hurting mum's feeling" because he was like, doing that EVERYDAY! i'm sick and tired of it. i'm so mad at him but i just can keep silent because he's older and i still have respect to elders. not like him >.< he slammed the door and throw things Gosh! i think he is the craziest brother that ever exist T^T.  i wish i could hate him but even though i'm so mad when i saw my mum cries, and for sure, i hate him. but then, i forget about it. maybe i'm just to easy to forgive but very hard to forget. to be honest, i can't stand his immature behaviour. if it not to late to ask, i'm asking that my brother to be more mature and become normal like others brother for christmas :)

So, i guess that is all i want to share for today because my eyes is getting heavier. besides, it is almost midnight. i just want to break my record and wake up early tomorrow. teehee :) for tomorrow, i think i'm gonna do my BM, if nobody disturb me la. hahaha :P hopefully no one will -.- urmm..registration day is around the corner, thats mean the school day is coming. Urgh! i'm not ready to go to school yet!  but i don't have choice. hahaha :) okay.. enough typing. hehehe :) see you people in my next post. byes!

i let this Chibi Neko-anime to end this post because i just can't decide who's photo to put. hahaha :) if can, i want to put all photo that i have :) ekeke. so, last from me, Merry Christmas !!

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)