The Story Of My BestFriends.

This is the story of my dearest friends
we know not for long
but i know we meant to be besties
on the first day we met.

prudence the great
i called her dence which suit the way she dance.
she's calm, she wise
she's my besties since we still child.
i adore her for her loyalty to Christ.

She's taken by someone name Christyan
but they arent officially become couple
as she promise to my dearest Val
for she's the one who kept her words
so that our friendship never ends.

This girl known as Valerie the smiling God
she smile, she laugh, she jokes
nobody ever know the pain she ever felt
she thought she can fool me like the others
but she wrong from the start

I know her not for long
but i can tell i know her well
behind those smile there's a secret
unknown secret that no one could tell
a secret which brought her to tears
which i hope i can be the one who shed those tears.

This girls is Fiona Bassy
one of my besties friends
but now it just a history
for she have found new friendship
which i think more suit her personality

just like my dearest dence
i know her since we're young
but when she have someone special
she forgotten that we're always on her side
i thought i know her well
but i don't know anything about her
she's there but i can't see her
now our friendship has become history 
for she have met her new besties.

The name is Cynthina
her smiles can melt a thousand mens
but her heart is belong completely to Him.
for she is one of His loyal followers

I knew her not for long
but i can tell she's the best secret keeper
her face show nothing
but her eyes shows everything
i wish i could know her more
so that i can understand her well.
and can create the bestfriend bond
between me and her.

This is the story of my besties friend
the one i share my laugh, my pain and my jokes
some gone, some stay
but thats life.

i can't blame them for leaving
but i would love if they would stay
i want us to be together
till death come and tear us apart.