Its All About Yu Ha Min :)

Annyeong~ right now i want to talk about Yu Ha Min :) why? well, i'll tell you in this very post why i wanna talk about him instead of HyukMin :) ekk ekk.. not that he's going to replace HyukMin. Hell No. LOL XD just that i wanna talk about him. about what i think about him. so, no bad intention is needed here because this is only what i think about him :) right! let me begin with where i found him. keyh. aaarr.. well, to be honest, i don't know him before i know Hyuk Min. so, thats mean, i know him from HyukMin. hahaha :)i saw both of them took a lot of pictures together and i think they are quite close to each other. DUH! obviously, they are both uljjang :) hehehe. not just him, other uljjang too, like Kim YeoBin, Yeon Ji Hee, and etc. i don't remember the other name :) a lot la uljjang that be friend with HyukMin. hehehe :) Taejun and HyungSeok? hmm...i don't know. i haven't seen their photo taken together with HyukMin. well, hopefully they will and don't forget Young Gi too :)

My main reason why i want to talk about Yu Ha Min is that he inspired me. if you're an otaku like me, you will notice what i see from his pictures ---------->
he does resembles anime right? the character that come from the dark side but fell in love with the heroin. but they have to fight each other because the dark side of him control him. then, the hero came and he have to go. hahaha :) you don't understand my point heh? hahaha XD well, like i said, you have to be otaku or have high imagination, then you know what i really mean. *hahah, i know, my english is bad* first time i saw his photo, he reminds me of dark anime and he does inspired me to draw again *but my bone say no* hahaha :) i'm too lazy to draw anything right now so i postponed that XD. back to anime, i mean ha nim.! wait!! i discover something shocking. hahaha : A NIME = HA NIM : LOL XD they sound the same! anime hanim! but only if his name is Yu Ha Nim. hahaha  :)

He so anime-like. hahaha :) make me go crazy! LOL XD OMG! someone slap me please! hahaha i'm going crazy XDDD i love anime and that what make me gonna love him too XD hahahahaa XD uh-oh! i forget about HyukMin. XD. i can't love him as he is HyukMin's friend. sooo... i'm gonna like him only, ekekeke XD Crazy! i'm just joking. well, i admit, i like him too as much as i like lee teuk.  different na? understand that. HyukMin more :) to much 'XD'. hmm..hmm.. anyway, i adore his look. i mean Yu Ha Min's look because again i said, he soo anime looking :) when i saw him, i thought anime cames alive. and if he is cosplaying Nekotic-anime, i believe. he's going to be chosen :)

what i love about Yu Ha Min? well, i love his eyes :) very nice looking and smexy! i wish i have his eyes. mine are to big >.< but my friend like my eyes. hahaha :)) his eyes, very tempting. hahaha :) his girlfriend is the luckiest because can always see his beautiful gorgeous eyes. haiya. i wish my future boyfriend have his eyes :) teehee :)) ermm.. what else? Ha! his mouth.. hehehe :) small and sexy :) ekekeke XD oh ya! FYI, he's smoking. yepp :) but its okay. not so important de. ekeke :)) they surely need to smoke to control their appetites. all model from all over the world are smoking DUH! hahaha :)

so, thats all i want to talk about Yu Ha Min :) be seeing you guys on my next post :) adieu.. so, i put one of my favourite photo of Ha Min to end this post. thanks for reading ^^