I'm Crazy and I am Crazy YaW! hahaha :D

Konnichiwa! hahaha :D hey hey~ today is the first day of holiday~ WUHUUU! i'm so glad to have this holiday yaw! and i have a very best day today :D but actually, this holiday quite boring because i can't see my friends. ehehe but still i love it. Oh ya! my room got new look~ hohohohohoho. my room have more spaces la cuz i just bought 2 new cupboard. i asked from mum only 1 cupboard but... she want to buy me another one, on ajer la~ hahahahha :D btw, i went to shopping with my sisters today! wuhuu! we go to merdeka mall. still not many shop but i just found that there going to have a bookstore. i like it yaw~ hahahaha :D and i bought book for myself and sis jaba :D hehehe for memories bah. i want to write a journal about my SPM years :D just kidding. i dunno what to do with the book. i just bought it. hahahaha XD to complete my collection la. *i realize i use broken english a lot today* and and what else? well, for the conclusion, today is my best day :D

  as i have just mention for the title of this post, i have a new hobby. crazy hobby. i never did this since i was born. LOL XD my new hobby is.... taa daa... being a stalker! LOL XD i know~ sound crazy! it is crazy. hahahahaha :D well, as you know i'm kinda into this one cute guy. no. i never mention him. he's not from my class and i would love to named him 'HyukMin' as i'm loving hyukminnie right now. hahaha :D well, i know him not really well but for sure, he's single. LOL :D and i know person like him wouldn't have even a little glance on me. you know, i'm not cute, pretty or smart and even ugly dude would never like me. hahaha XD and i'm not that girly type too. hahaha :D for sure, person like him does like a girl that is almost perfect in everything ^^. as usual, i just let my heart take care of him until he found someone who deserve him. hahaha and i'm gonna stalk him until that day come~ huahahaha  :D call me crazy, because i'm crazy in love! hahahaha :D *i'm talking nonsense* ngahahaha love it!

    stalk..stalk...stalk... i call myself "LittleStalker" because i think it really suit me for the time being. hahahaha :D ah ya, enough about stalking things. ermm. yea, i found one song that really cute one. the song title is Cute by Stephen Jerzak *whoa, his cute* hahaha :D the song is quite cute and cute la. hahaha :D not much to say because it does cute :DDD what else? hmm..homework? well, i do have them as next year i'm going to sit for SPM. and i'm gonna start doing them when i finish tidying my stuff inside my room. too much work to do bah~ you don't know how my room is *just imagine the Acheh after tsunami* i don't know whether that room belong to girl of kids. hahahaha :D but i love my room! colourful and the wall is full with my favourite kpop band :D ngahahaha :D mum said i'm dirtying my wall but why should she care? my room bah that :D hahaha i can do whatever i like, my dear~ :3

so i'm lacking of idea :D oh yeah, i want to use this opportunity *yerdehh* to wish all SPM and STPM student GOOD LUCK and DO YOUR BEST. GOD BLESS YOU ALL xD aja! aja! hwaiting, guys!  

to my deares Sis Jaba : do your best dear! love you and God bless you!

so, that end my post, enjoy the pic yaw~ sarange!

oh, here i got short poem * suddenly pop out in my mind de*

twinkle twinkle little star
how i wonder how great you are
wishing i can twinkling like you
so i can be as great as you :D

hehehe :D so long!

p/s : let your smile cover you tears :3