I got this from a friend ^^

i found this on my Maknae's blog, Baabaa :) hahaha :D look interesting, so i want to try la :D LOL.. Thanks, Maknae XD
Name : PgieDeryck
Eye colour : DarkBrown
Shoe Size : 7 (imma giant)
Hair :  DarkBrown
Piercing : 2 (both ear.)
Height : 167 cm
weight : 62 kg (imma fatty acid LOL XD)
What are you wearing right now : black t-shirt + shorts.
Where do you live : Home :)
Favourite Number : 1, 7, 9, 11
Favourite Drink : mountain dew, strawberry milk
Favourite month : Remember December :)
Favourite Breakfast : any Home Cooks :)


Broken a bone : nea..
Been In a police Car : Nope :)
Fallen for a friend : Yepp. hahaha :D
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time : YEASHH!
Swam In the ocean : yepp :)
Fallen asleep In school : LOL XD faverets!
Broken someone's Heart : I guess i have :)
Cried when someone died : DUH! silly, of coz!
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : Neah~
Saved E-mails : yesh! but then i deleted it~


Your room look a like : full of posters, here and there doraemon's stuff, my cupboard full of soft toys and my books everywhere :D
What is right beside you : my sister, Jaba :)
What is the last thing you ate : Twisties~


Who did you last tell : ermm... forget.. hahaha :D
Who was the last person you danced with : My Baby Belle :)
Who last made you smile : Kang Hyuk Min!!


What are you listening to right now : news and gossipers. LOL XD
What did you do today : online, wakeup, online, eat :)
Indoors or outdoors : indoors.


Talk to someone you like : urmm.. NOPE
Kiss someone : NO.. 
Sing : err.. no i think..
Talk to an Ex : i dun even have X.. Y got la. hahaha XD
Miss someone? : nope :)
Eat : Yes.


You talked on the phone to : sis Jon :)
Made you cry : someone that i trusted.
You went to the mall with : My sisters, Pbie and Jon :)
Who cheered you up : Family and My lovely Hyuk Min.


Been to Mexico? : Nea..
Been to USA? : Nope.


Have a crush on someone : Yes.. yes i do :)
What books are you reading right now : hahaha :) facebook~
Best feeling in the world : when my hyukmin know and love me back XD
Future kids name : Ivan -M Annette-F :)
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : Yea :)
What's under your bed : nothing. Dust and cockroaches. i think. LOL XD
Favourite sports : basketball but due to health probs, i dun play anymore T^T
Favorite place : anywhere as long as i'm home :)
Who do you really hate : none. *LYING*
Do you have a job : full-time daughter XD

My Doom's Day is NEAR X((

Annyeonghaseyo~ before i forget, i would love to wish all lovers in the world, Happy Belated V-Day (eventhough i know this day cannoe be celebrtaed) haha :) anyway, i hope that those who celebrating this special day will took care of their partner well and never will hurt their feelings :) Me? Nope.. i don't celebrate it and i will if HyukMin ask me to be his valentine. hahaha :) because my heart is only for him as he is The Love Of My Life :D LOL XD hopefully he don't read this and even if he does, hope he don't know English. LMFAO XD

And the reason why i'm blogging today is that i want to tell that my First SPM Trial exam is getting nearer and i'm DEAD-MEAT! yesterday, my EST teacher told us that our exam will start on 28th February and NOT 1st of March! i was like "OMAIGOSH!" i haven't study yet T^T! i'm doomed~~ before this, i promise my mum that i will get top 20 if she agreed to repaired all my phones and now, i don't feel i'm going to able to do it :( i'm sorry mum! but for sure, nothing is too late and i think a week and a half is enough for me to study well right? nothing is impossible right? URGH! i'm so not confident to have good grades right now! X(( i don't know what to do! my brain stuck! i don't have any idea on how to study T^T

And right now, what i'm suppose to do is DOING MY PHYSIC but what i did is TAA-DAA~ i'm online and blogging T^T well, i will STOP online exactly on 7.00p.m or i'm dead tomorrow because ekcheng will going to eat me alive! well, i'm not gonna do anything else,including my other homeworks because i'm really going to do my physics. FULLSTOP! oh well, wish me luck then. huhu T^T die..die..die..me die~~ Hyukminnie~ T^T

so, i guess i better offline and start doing physic :) so, adieu! here is my long lost photo of my school, SMKP and my hyukmin. well, i edited it a little. enjoy! 

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.