Holiday Is Here :) Homeworks Is Everywhere :(

Heloha :) its been a very very long time I didn't update my bloggy, neh? hehe :) i know. it just that mum kept my lappy last month so i'm quite a paleo-human right now. hahaha :) i'm totally out-of-date from websworld. so, i don't know what is going on in facebook, blogger, tumblr and twitter. even I don't really watch tv. hehehe. because i watching TV is not really my things. now, i'm more too writing stories, listen to music, create poems, drawing, reading and for short, i'm back doing what i was doing before I went addicted to internet. yeah, i realizem i become better person without the internet. ekeke :D i can feel the freedom inside me. Yes! I feel so FREE :)

And yes, yesterday my Gawai holiday is on. hahaha :) its just what i've been waiting for a very long time. who doesn't? I hate school. i hate people at school. i hate the stairs, i hate everything about school, even the rubbish a school! urgh, i just can't stand it and hard for me to explain how much do i hate going to school T^T. but i have no choice because i need to go to school if i want a bright future, right? i just can say that, this is my last year to go to school kan? after that.. I'M GOING TO BE FREE~ :D back to the topic, hemm... well, actually there is some part that i like about school which is right after the examination weeks :) why? because all teachers are busy marking our paper so, that's mean we don't even have classes. ekeke :) but still, that is the most bored period of my life. urmmm... i like school IF there is no one would be annoying, busy-body, show off, and act like they are the best eventhough they know they are not. I just love school if i can get rid of all that. Huh!

for this holiday, I have tons of homeworks! Gah, can you imagine, TW0 Files I have to use to kept all my homework so that i won't losing any of it. hehehe :) i'm quite organized eh? haha :) i'm rushing right now because i'm not using my own lappy as i borrow my brother-in-law punya lappy :) ehehhe :) all thanks to my sister de :P anyway, i can't wait for tomorrow because sis Jon had promise me and Phoebe that we're going to spend whole day watching movie a cineplax tomorrow. wohoo :) and so, i also cannot wait to do all my homeworks. ekeke :) yeesss, i've change. after this Gawai Dayak, I won't be my old me, because New Generation Of Pgie DNA has developed and had transform Pgie to the new pgie :) yesh :))

So, that's all from me. ADieu :) i'll update again when i can steal time to go to Phoebe's house :) Later everyone and have a nice day.

May God Bless You All :)

P.A : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears