Just Another Fucking Days.

Greetings, Humans :)
I actually don't know what to tell about. hahaha :D
My brain still fairly blank right now as I just woke up like 2 hours ago because I feel freaking sleepy due to overly tired for the whole 2 days of weekend. Gosh, I never felt that tired. hahaha :) but never mind though, as they aren't be coming here very often. Yeah, I can tolerate with that though. ehei :)
But overall, I'm having so much fun with them. hahaha :)
Yeah, we've laugh a lot like A LOT and even joking with each other. hahaha :)
And yesterday, as we went shopping together, we're wearing the same black t-shirts and I feel like we're in some kind of youth society and as Jaba the only one whose wearing purple, that's make her as our leader and besides, she's the Oldest. hahahaha :DD that's kind of epic for me. hahaha :)))
Well, I think I'm the only one thinking like this. ekekeke (^_____^)
In conclusion, I had lot of fun :)

<----- Introducing Ryan Lexon or I prefer Addy :) Well, real life name is Kellin Quinn, vocalist of Sleeping with Sirens. ahahahaha :) Adrian Lexon is actually one of the fictional character in Levedad : The Origin&Renewal Of Vampire Prophecy , the youngest son of Alexander Lexon ( Nicholas Cage ), and have a brother name Aaron Lexon ( Oliver Sykes ) and the Lexon family is actually a werewolf breed lah. haha :) *I just know about this on chapter 35* hahahaha :D Back to Adrian. haha :) Addy is friends of the Levedad and Giordani as they were almost equally the same age and he's a flirtatious kind of guy and funny as well *that what's I've been told lah* hahaha :D and in the MV part of Levedad *Which I'm in charge in* he was actually just playfully flirting with Fina at first as he know very much that Milo, one of the Seamus Senior was crushing with Fina. But end up, he's drawn into Fina, and the only person know about it were his brother, Aaron, the angel Jophiel*spoiler alert* and Fina's sister, Carmel. He tried very best to deny his feelings and.... hahahaha :D wait for it. it will be reveal soooon. hahahaha :) HONESTLY, i think I like Addy more than Kellin. hahaha sorry Kellin. hahahahaXD and as I was writing about the story kan, I'm having this feeling of shipping Addy/ Fina as well. Gosh! dammit! hahahahahahahha :D but of course, Milo/Fina will always be my first :)

And yeah, I kinda shipping Carmel and Quinn too :) Well, I'm writing their love story in my other story, the Saving Chrystella McLaren *Oh Gosh, another Spoiler!!* hahahahaha :D Well, there will be some shush, shush about this two later. ahahahahahahaha :) and yeah in SCM, it will much about how Sam and Moon will drawn with each other too :) Yeah, I'm very much sorry for making this action/adventure story as romantic/adventure. T^T can't help it but to write romantic scene. urgh. You know how good I am in writing those romantic story. Hahahahahahaha :D still, the story will always have the action with it. no worries. hahaha :D Carmel and Quinn is kind of ya know, like Hendrik/Carmel too. I think lah, Quinn and Hendrik like stubborn kind of girl, a rebellious type and very courageous. Yeah~~~~That's Carmel, yo! hahahaha :D

Okay, I secretly shipped Sam and Moon. hahahahhaha :) Well, I guess now there no more secret about it. hahahaha :)) This two kids has the chemistry though. hehehehehei :) but I don't really know how to describe this two lah because there aren't much about them. Maybe I'll highlighted more about them in SCM. hahaha :) Ya know what I mean... ekekeke :) Anyway, this two cute couple is very-very cute as they truly are liking each other but they keep it secret *eventhough it is definitely a fail because all of their brothers and sisters know about them* hahahaha :) they flirt, they care, they love each other. WAA~~ hahahahaha :D later I'm the one who fell in love with their relationship like I did to Milo/Fina and Carmel/Hendrik. hahahahahaha :D Aduh~ I just can't stop delusional about these hot couple. hahahaha :DDD
I really hope Jaba will make them as couple, even just for a while, its already enough for me though. HAHAHAHA :DD

So, today is my first day attending my class in IBS College which is full of awkwardness as I'm the forever alone kid. hahahahaha :) No one talks to me and they even acting like I'm not exist. ekekeke :D even the lecturer ignoring my existence. hahahaha :D But I was like, oh well... if this is the only way I can get my ass into Lim Kok Wing, then, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! besides, 2 and a half years won't be long though. I'm gonna go off this fucking school full of shits people like just in the speed of light. hahahaha :D all chinese in the class and I think I'm seriously gonna stay alone for 2 years. hahahahahaha :D I hate all people in my class but i love those people in the administration office. they are seriously friendly though. hehei. Yeah, I guess I'm gonna just have to survive the school days. Thank God I don't have to be there more than 2.30p.m. hahaha I'm seriously gonna die if I do. ekekeke :D Well tomorrow, will be another shitty day and I guess even shittier as tomorrow I'm gonna go home at 2.30 =.=; and I have recess at 12 until 1p.m tmorow, but I don't think I can't go home lah, as the time is to short. Maybe I'll just go lepaking at Hot Cross Bun or maybe Toys World, buying stuff to get rid of all the negativity I had about these fucking racist people. ekekeke :D Doesn't matter, I had future to go with. I'll stay positive just to get my childhood dream come true. BRING IT ON, FUCKERS!

So, yeah... I'm feeling much better right now after saying those words. Hmm.... I fucking loving it though. hahahahaha :D neways, at home things weren't that good though. my fucking brother plays games on the living room for like 24/7 and his shit friend won't go away. I was like what the fucking hell?! Yeah, mum is pretty depressed. Like seriously, my mum is a tv lover and she always watch tv. Well, fuck it! that's HER TiVo BRO! deal with it! she said, she wouldn't mind if he play games only at night. but this, fuck. he's conquering the living room like he owns everything inside this house. what the fuck, bro?! He's too fucking selfish and I just can't think straight anymore. I wish I have that courage and say "fuck you, bro get a life! stop being too fucking selfish." but too bad, I'm not. GOSH! Fuck those people. This selfish kind of people should just live with shit and worst part of all that my mum have been asking help from Uncle Spone Uncle Ed to help her reporting about my fucking brother. But I just don't fucking understand it. They keep giving her excuses and always has things to settle with. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HELPING THEIR SISTER IN TROUBLE?! I just don't know what to do anymore. My mum, I feel like she's losing hope. I don't know what will happen if she lose it one day... I'm freaking mad right now. I know that they have stuff to do, but at least they help my mum first. They always said like, today can't tomorrow we'll deal with it. But still, until today... they did nothing but keep giving excuses. If they don't want to help, then just fucking tell. I can go with my mum and report it ourselves or we can figure other way out. Just tell if they doesn't want to help. I hate it when I saw my mum eyes swollen like hell. She tried to hide it from me but she can't lie to me. I just...I don't know. Maybe this is a life lesson for myself; Don't be to dependent on other people.

Like, my mum always there to help them whenever they are in trouble. She always have time to help them out even though she's pretty busy with her own stuff. But why can't they do the same to her? I know everything happen for a reason. then, tell me what is the fucking reason? my mum life turns to hell. All this challenges she facing is too much. too fucking much... even I can't handle it by just listening to her complaint. I don't know how she manage to smile even with all this fucking things... I know tears won't help, but I can't stop it now. I'm so fucking mad, depressed, scared, alone,... I feel like ending myself.. But it would make mum feel worst as I'm her only hopes now. Well, I just have to stay strong and support her. I know, no one would understand how hurt this is... * my hands is shaking now. hahahaha :D*

SO, i better stop now before my laptop being washed by my teary nose. ekekekeke :) Okayla... I need 9gag. hahahaha :)) So, good night and Shalom!
Here's Odie. hahahahahahahahahaha (Jake.T.Austin)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Give Me Strength, Lord
Lord, you are Holy above all others, and all of the strength that I need is in your hands.I am not asking, Lord, that you take this trial away. Instead, I simply ask that Your will be done in my life. Whatever that means, that is what I want.But I admit that it’s hard, Lord.Sometimes I feel like I can’t go on. The pain and the fear are too much for me, and I know that I don’t have the strength on my own to get through this.I know that I can come to you, Jesus, and that you will hear my prayer. I know that it is not your intent to bring me to this point just to leave me in the wilderness alone.Please, Lord, give me the strength that I need to face today. I don’t have to worry about tomorrow.If you just give me the strength that I need today that is all I need.Keep me from sinning during this trial. Instead, help me to keep my eyes on you. You are the Holy Lord, and all of my hope rests in you.Thank you for hearing my prayer.In Jesus’ name. Amen.

"I am able to do all things through him who gives me strength" (Phil 4:13, Bible in Basic English) "...be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of his might"(Eph 6:10, World English Bible)