Mi Birthday Story :) and skipping School time!

Yesterday was my 17th Birthday and today I’m 17 J well, I did celebrate my birthday but just celebrate it with my dearest sisters la.. hehehe :D and I’m looking forward to celebrate with my friends, if my mum would let me too J anyway, I receive not much gift but I’m glad that all my deareset were there to celebrate with me and also, not forget my shawny J my nemesis. Just like before years, I’m the eldest among my classmates J and of course I’m the most playful of all. Hahaha XD actually I’m purposely being childish with them all so that I can be friend with them easily J Hope they won’t hate me >.<

Present? I receive Blue Bag from sis Jon, RM50 from my aunt and a kiss from mum J uh! And this is the first time my mum remembered my birthday XD wohoo~ I was like “WHaa~ she remember!” hahahaha J because before this, I have to remind her. Ehehe J so, that is the best birthday present ever from her :D sorry de, I haven’t took the photo of the bag~ hahaha J maybe on my next post J.

Yesterday, I checked my blog dashboard and I read YunQian’s post and I found it was funny de XD hahaha.. why it is funny? Because the things that she wrote is just a birthday wishes for me XD hahaha J well, she is the only person who wish me “happy birthday” on their blog J  THANKS YUNQIAN~

Ermm.. yeah, today I went to clinic because I’m having a very bad backache, headache and I think my whole body is in pain >.< the doctor have asked me whether I have fever or not, first, I told him that I don’t but then my mum argue and told the doctor that I am XD hahaha J and then, he didn’t give me any MC hehehe J so I was asking him to give me and tomorrow is my holiday de ^^. Wohoo~ time to finish my homework! Hwaiting!
Right now, I’m outside…writing this blog of mine ;) thinking of what if Val don’t come to school tomorrow? What about Prudence? Hmm..hmm.. I’m thinking, am I being selfish here? Hmm..hmm… but its for my own good de. We surely need to be selfish sometimes kan? =.=; ah, tomorrow they will having Oral presentation and I’m gonna use tomorrow to ready myself J hahaha J

So, I guess that is all for now as I have nothing else to talk about ^^ bye-bye and thanks for reading :P and enjoy my photo *i'm seventeen!!!*

hahaha :) thanks for wasting time to see my face :) ekeke. after you see it, please carefully wash your eyes to avoid infection~ ekeke :) JK

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)