Just To Update Bloggy :)

Annyeong, everyone! its been a while. hahaha :) and my HyukMin's update his Cyworld again :) i didn't blogging because i've been blocked from online by my sisters. hahaha :D that because i haven't finish my homework yet and its only 5 more days left before school started. hmm..hmm.. well, i don't think i can do it tomorrow because i need to buy my school stuff and maybe i'll do it the day after tomorrow. HOPEFULLY :) today also i go shopping. i shop with my mum, phoebe, isaac and uncle spone :) i just bought school uniform and pair of shoes because i've promise my sisters to go shopping again tomorrow :)

 what else to say? oh ya! today i watched Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets but i didn't watched it till the end because my uncle is hurrying me. personally, i'm kind of disappointed but still i kept on smiling. hahaha :) eyhh, of course i don't want him to see me disappointed and showing that i blame him for not letting me finished the movies. hahaha :) i know, i'm a little bit mad that time. hahaha :) but i think as positive as i can,"ASTRO, they showed the same movies again and again until everybody sick and tired of it" hahaha :) that's the truth, Yaw! so.. urmm.. yea, i can feel that i'm not really are into the world of kpop any longer. i think i'm now back to japan-addict. ekeke :D not quite also. i don't know but i'm not so addicted to anything. yea yea.. except for HyukMin. hahaha :) why i'm not so into kpop? well, maybe because kpop-world produce to many rookie band and artist. i just don't know who to like anymore and i kinda outdated with it. even when sandara and heechul cuts their hair pun i just knew this past few days. i lost contact with kpop world :( so, i guess i'm gonna stick to HyukMin and gonna up-to-date with him and only him. hahaha :) call me Stalker DUH! i've told you, i'm addicted. hahaha :) 

i realize that i become more photogenic from day to day. haha :) i don't why.. maybe it is what Santa gave me for Christmas, 'being photogenic' hahaha :) i guess i'm natural cam-whore. ekeke :D i like it. just imagine, one day i found my lappy is full of my photo. hahaha :) i'm gonna freak out! LOL XD ahh~ actually i'm looking forward for tomorrow because i want to buy that backpack. i just really wanting it. hopefully no one will buy it before me as last time i saw it, there only got one left T^T. well, if others bought it first, then i have to pick another one. hwa! gonna be a very long day tomorrow T^T. today, sis Ina and sis Jon gone Cardio. i've told them that i won't come along and Phoebe didn't go also because we arrived home late :) and today Phoebe fighting with Isaac. hmm..hmmm.. siblings, of course. they fought each other. hahaha :) and my christmas day is nothing special. hahaha :) i got nothing for christmas, just that i got my family :) that is surely enough for me. but i still confuse, why am i doesn't feeling happy with it? having the one big family gathering is what i always wish for. but why? i just don't understand. i don't understand. nan molla. i'm not wakarimasta. aku nda nemu. saya tidak faham. for sure, i'm not fun this christmas. i do have fun with my cousins but i kept losing the fun. hahaha :) i'm depressed. maybe because i kept reminiscing about those bad things that happening to me in 2010. 

and, if i kept telling how bad i felt, my blog will be very boring. trust me, BORING! hahaha :) but still, i have not much good things happen in my life. so, its not my fault telling only about the bad things XD hopefully, next year i'm not going to live the same sad, dreadful life anymore. hehehe :) hope in 2011, everything will be better :) i don't want to be called as Emo, sudden cry without reason. hahaha :) crazy! actually, today i got nothing to tell just that i wanna update my blog. hahaha :) so, wish 2011 going to be my better year :) thats all. thanks for reading, bye-bye. so, here is YoungGi's photo to end this post, enjoy all!

p.s : let your smile cover you tears :)