Imagination with Vic Fuentes : One Lucky Girl

Imagination with Vic Fuentes: One Lucky Girl
Y/N: Le Name J
Y/C: Le City J

I was just arriving at the World Wide Wrapped Tour Concert where everyone’s favourite rock bands will be gathered. It was my very first time working with this kind of huge concert and it was the very first time the concert is held in my town. I looked down to the flyer I had in my hands and noticed that there will be four awesome band that will be performing for the one day concert here in town. They are sleeping with Sirens, All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, and also of Mice and Men. I arched my brows as all the bands that coming were actually all my favourite.

“Y/N!” called my manager, Mr. Hendry and a red-highlighted haired girl was tailing him from behind. I turned to face the two of them, “This is Hannah, and she’ll be telling you what you need to do,” he said and patting the girl named Hannah on the shoulder. The girl briefly smiled at Mr. Hendry as he was leaving the two of us there. I take a deep breath as Hannah looks somewhat strict and quite hot-headed. “So, Y/N…. in few minutes, the bands’ RV will be coming and I want you to escorts them to the main hall, over there,” she points towards the big stage on the left. I looked at the direction and nodded. “Okay?”
I nodded, “Good…Just tell them that they can chill at that place after on and also there are few more will wait for their arrival as you do but it’s YOUR job to escort them…” she emphasized on the Your part. “If you still haven’t clear, you can find me,” she added and left. I sighed and scratched my head as I make my way to the RV parking lots. As I reached there, I saw some more people who wore the same t-shirt as mine; a black t-shirt printed with ‘WW Wrapped Tour Concert 20X3’ and their ID card slung nicely over their neck. They all look pretty awesome in that t-shirt and yeah, they also look pretty much cool in their outfit which really shows that they’re a big fan of rock bands. I sighed, “Maybe I’m not suit with this job,” I scratched my head. Well, seriously. I do love rock music but I never thought I’m suit to work with the rockers for real. I mean, I’m more of the girl-next-door type. Then, I heard sounds of RV’s coming which the girl facilitators started to shriek excitedly. Well, who doesn’t anyway?

I just stood there quietly next to them with nervousness filling in my body and souls. I don’t know how I’m going to react when the awesome people walked out from the RV later on. So, I took a deep breath and hoping that I’m going to do a great job. The first bands that coming was the All Time Low, followed by sleeping with Sirens in which the girls suddenly racing towards the two bands; followed by of Mice and Men, and last but not least, Pierce the Veil. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was actually standing there, facing my favourite people. I was totally numbed. I shook my head, shoving all the excitements that rushing onto me. I saw that all the five bands already have the escorts of their own. I sighed and just shrugs, thought that I might just tell Hannah about this and ask her to give me another job instead. As I’m about to turn myself to the opposite side, suddenly I felt like my shoulder was tapped and as I looked back, I saw Kellin freaking Quinn. I silently gasped, eyes widened. He grins at me, “Hi,”
I blinked few times and turned my head to my left and right just in case he was talking to someone else and not me. I heard him chuckles, “I’m talking to you,” he said and I could felt the blushed crept onto my cheek, “S-sorry,” I muttered.
“It’s cool,” said he and shove his hands into his pants pocket, “I was just wondering where can we all chill ourselves before the concert start and the guys over there told me to ask you about it,” he said, quite fast if you ask me that it took me few seconds to get all of his words.
“I see… well,” I shrugged, “You come to the right person,” I grinned unsurely, lifting my both hands up. Again he chuckles, covering his cute smile with the back of his hands briefly as he nodded, “Alright then. I’ll go get the guys,” he said and jogged back towards his friends; his bands members as well as the other bands. I smiled at all of them as they walked towards me, some of them waves at me in friendly and some just busy talking with each other,
“So, shall we go?” I smiled. They all just replied me with “Fuck yeah!” and I let out a chuckle as I lead them to the main hall, like Hannah instructed me. As we walked the main hall, all I could hear was a fan-girl shrieked from both side of us. I feel so freaking small and insecure that time as my paranoia came into my mind, ‘dude, you’re doing the worst job ever. The jealous fan-girl will going to kill you,’ I shook my head unconsciously,
“You’re okay?” asked one of the guys, I just nodded and I noticed that we’re arrived. Secretly I’m glad about it since my paranoia is killing me for real. “Ah, we’re here,” I told them and we’re all walked inside. I saw that Hannah wore a friendly smile towards the guys, “Welcome to Y/C” she greets them and hugged each one of them as if they’ve known each other for so long. I just stood at the side, watching them. I felt like some eyes we’re fixed on me that I glanced to that particular direction and saw the vocalist of Pierce the Veil, Vic Fuentes were looking at me. As he caught me glancing at him, he smiled and gave me a small waves. I quickly turn my gazed away and looked down, I’m blushing. Hell, I’m sure of it. He is one of my favourite singers of all time.
“Y/N…?” Hannah called upon me that I startled a bit, looking back at her with some nervous face. I slicked my hair behind my ear lobe. I could see she was rolling her eyes, “Go get the beers from the back stage, will you?” she asked, more like commanding me to do it. I nodded my head and obediently followed her order. I jogged towards the door that’s connected to the backstage. I closed the door behind me and leaned over it and recalling back the moment where Vic was actually looking at me. That just some wonderful feeling in the world, I mean come on… it’s every girls dream.
“Hey, new girl over there,”
I snapped by the strong husky voice, I looked up at the strong build middle-aged man, waving at me, as if asking me to come closer. I jogged towards him and as I was near, he gave me a crate of beer which is way too heavy for me to carry by myself. I stumbled down on my knee, I felt like my I sprained my shoulder; the man winced, “Can you manage?” he asked, a little worried sounded in his voice. I just nodded and slowly get up, together with the beers, “Y-yeah… thanks,” I grinned forcefully, hiding the little pain and went back into the main hall. He helped me with the door, as an apologized. I nodded at him as thanks and went towards the crowds.
Hannah look so happy and a little bit looked like she’s seducing the guys. I mean, the way she talks, moves, all very different from the way she act with me before. Typical, I just shook my head and put the crates next to them, “Here you go,” I told her, she glanced at me, “Thank you. You may go now, Y/N,” she said, obviously shooing me away as she took the beers, handing it to the bunch of hotties. I snorted, “Of course,” I muttered as I left them. I moved my shoulder a bit, trying to ease the pain I’ve got before. I didn’t notice that somebody was tailing me until I was outside the main hall, he grabbed my shoulder, “Hey, its Y/N right?” he asked. It was Vic Fuentes and he was grinning at me, showing his two big teeth,
I went blank for a second there, I couldn’t believe that he just called me by my name, I mean, how in the world…? “Um… Yes, I am…”I replied him unsurely, “I guess,” I scratched my head; I was completely losing my focus. Still grinning, he asked me once more, “Where are you heading?”
I shrugged, “Uh… somewhere…. Why? You need anything?” I arched my brows, trying my very best to calm myself down. I mean, this is the first time I worked with this kind of thing and I wouldn’t want to blow it off just because of my fan-girling side. I need to be professional in this shit. He just shook his head, “I’m just wondering why you’re not joining us there,” he points back to the main hall.
“Ah, well…” I scrunched my nose, looking for excuses. I mean, like hell I want to join them but since Hannah doesn’t seem to allow me, then what other option do I have? “I just want to walk around, see if the others need help or something,” I lied but trying to look believable.
“With your sprain shoulder, I don’t think so,” he stated, I jerked my head backward, “H-how did you…”
He shrugs, “Lucky guess, I guess,”
I scratched my temple and that time, my eyes caught Hannah glaring at me as if telling me to go, “Well, I’ll just go find something that doesn’t need much energy then,” I said, “Please excuse me,” I bowed a little and take my leave. “Hey,” he grabbed my wrist. My eyes widened in shocked that I didn’t expected for him to do that, “You’re not trying to avoid me, don’t you?” he asked, giving me the cute puppy eyes look, with a small pitied smiled.
I was out of word; I just could swallow my saliva looking back at the cute guy pleading me not to go. “I…” I was about to answer him, that we heard Hannah calling out for me and I quickly pulled my wrist off his grabbed and hid in on my back, “Yep?” I asked, still looking all nervous and excited. Pffftt…
“D-7 need some help. Would you go and help them?” she asked, but I could see in her eyes that she is actually telling me to go and help. “Uh…” I scratched my earlobe, “Yeah, sure… I guess,” I shrugged and turned over my heels, jogging away from there. I’m pretty much glad that Hannah was coming to us. If she didn’t, I think I’m going to die on the spot, dying of happiness. Still, I wonder why Vic Fuentes is acting all cute up like that.
I went to help the D-7, arranging the stuff on the main hall just like Hannah instructed and it was pretty busy day for me and the rest. But for the whole day, I didn’t see Hannah. Maybe she’s busy entertaining the boys. Well, I would want to. I mean, I wish to take some pictures and autograph from them and show it to my brothers and sisters. Hehehe it would be awesome they will be like, “OMG, I HATE YOU, Y/N!” hehehe I can’t wait for the concert to end and go home.

~~~Next Day~~~
Their show is going to be starting anytime soon, I’m now on duty for telling the guys when their turn to perform. The first band would be the awesome of Mice and Men that I went to their RV parking spot. There I saw all of them were there, chatting lively and laughing at something. “Um, excuse me…” I interrupted them, making all the boys attention now focus on me. I startled a bit by the sudden attention,
“Ah, Y/N, right?” asked Austin, the vocalist of Mice and Men. “Yep, that’s me,” I grinned, and he nodded. “Anyway, what’s up?” Kellin turned to ask, I looked at the pretty boy, smiling childishly at me, “Looking for Victor, I guess?” Mike winked and they all laughed, he then received a punched on the shoulder by Vic himself. I went blushed that I shook my head, “I-I’m just going to tell of Mice and Men to be ready,”

The boys all puckered the lips, as if saying O… and Austin shoot up from where he sat and clapped his hands, “Right, guys. Let’s get this shit done,” and he, along with his teammates went back to their RV to get their stuff. I let out a relief sighed, this is hell one of the hardest thing I ever done in my life. I stood there just looking around but the boys, “Hey, you…” Kellin called. I glanced at him before turning myself wholly, “C’mere,” he waved. The other boys still busy talking with each other except for Kellin and Vic. I walked towards him and asked what he need, but he just patted the empty chair in front of him, as if asking me to sit. I arched my brows questionably but I sat anyway. Besides, Austin and the gang are still in their RV. “So….” I spoke.
“Want beer?” he asked, handling me a bottle of Carlsberg.
“Eh… No….” I shook my head, “I-I don’t drink,”
He pushed his lips up as if impressed with my answer. I just grinned back at him, “What you do when you’re partying then?”Vic turned to ask,
I lifted my shoulder bit, “Well, I don’t usually go out to party, so…” I retracted my lips to the side, “Yeah….” I nodded without even bother to finish my sentences.
“You don’t partying?” Jaime intervene the conversations.
“Wow, you’re rare,” Alex Gaskerth from All Time Low entered the conversation as well and went stood behind Kellin and Vic, looking straight back at me. I feel like being interrogated by bunch of hotties, well… I deserve it since I’m being a unicorn around here.
 “Hahahaha…” my laughter trailed, “Is that a compliment? Hihi,” I asked. “Hell yeah,” Alex show me his thumbs up. They really are some friendly dudes. “Alright girl, we’re ready,” Austin showed up. I nodded and stood up, “Right, shall we?” I told him and leads the way,
“You’ll come back here for us right, unicorn?” Alex asked teasingly that he and Mike bro-punch their fist. I chuckles, “Well, that’s my job to escort you guys,” I smiled and went to back to the stage together with of Mice and Men. After the guys went to perform, I went back to the RV’s parking to escort All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, and Pierce the Veil as Mr. Hendry asked me to. As I was almost there, I could see Hannah was already there, with the boys. I bit my lips, I’m pretty sure that she won’t like it if I’m going there and interrupting her happy hours. I was about turning myself away, that I heard Kellin calling for me, “Y/N!”

I closed my eyes and cursed silently before turning back at them, faking a smile, “Hey-y…” I gave them a small waved. I then noticed Alex were walking towards me and hooked his arm around my neck, I grinned awkwardly at him, “Anyway, the manager told you guys to come to the set now and be ready at the main hall,” I formed a thin line over my lips. With his arms still hooking my neck, Alex asked, “If you here to tell us that, why were you leaving just now?”
I felt panicked a little that time but thank goodness I can come out with a good comeback, “I just remember that I forgot something,” I grins sheepishly at them. I could felt Hannah were secretly glaring at me that I looked away, avoiding eye contact. “So,” I put away Alex arm off me, “You guys better be ready now, I’m going back to the set,” I smiled and left. Hannah is definitely going to kill me.

The 3 hours concerts just ended. They all are just freaking awesome and I must say; they are a bunch of talented hotties. Their girlfriends must be the luckiest girl to have them. Wait, do they even have one? Hehehe… I mean, pshh, of course they do. “They went down the stage together, receiving applauses from the facilitators teams, everyone high-fiving and hugging with them. “Good job to all of you too,” said they all, “Let’s party!” Austin shouted and everyone gone wild. They all went to the main hall, drinking beers, dancing and celebrating their first day of great success. I was just sitting there at the corner of the room, since I’m not drinking and even partying. Well, I’m more of a geek actually, I prefer to stay at home and play video games with my cats. Hehehe

 I was just asking a permission to leave from Mr. Hendry but he told me that he needs help with the cleaning later on since it seems like everyone will going to be drunk. Playing Temple Run on my phone with Bulletproof Love drumming in my ears, I head-banging accordingly to the drum beat of the song, once in a while I sing along. “….I’ll sing along, but I’m barely hanging on…”I sang and humming to the next lyrics before I heard someone cleared his throat which making me automatically pulled my earphone out and looked at the person. It was Vic.

“Bulletproof love…?” He smiled, showing his teeth, with a beer can on his hands and a coke on his other hand, he handed me to coke. I just shrugged my shoulder and took the coke, mouthing him thanked as I hold the can with my both hand. He settled down next to me and taking a sip of his beer. We stayed silence for that moment, making me feel quite awkward though, that I thought of breaking the silence, “You guys did pretty good work just now,” I smiled,
He glanced at me, “Really?”
I nodded, “Especially when you sing Props and Mayhem. It’s pretty awesome,” I said, without looking at him as I recalled back how awesome they were on the stage. I must admit that I’m very mesmerized by their performance. I feel like dreaming,
“Wow, thanks,” he said, scratching his beanie as he grinned sheepishly. I chuckles, “No, I should thank you guys for making it blast,” I told him and he just smiled. We went silence again. Then he suddenly stood up, I just looked at him, “Stay here,” he grinned and put down his beer can at his place and went jogged back towards the others. I just let my eyes followed his movements that went back again towards me with a guitar in his hands. I arched my brows and a small excited gasped escaped from my lips, please don’t tell me he’s going to sing me a song,
“I’m back,” he grinned and sat back next to me, “WB,” I welcomed him and he still grinning as he adjusting the guitar string “What’s this for?” I asked, looking at the guitar.
“Well….” He said, and started to play the guitar as he start to sing, (listen to Bulletproof love acoustic version for this part. hehe)

I breathe you in with smoke in the backyard lights,
we used to laugh until we choked into the wasted nights.
It was the best time of my life, but now I sleep alone,
So darling, don't, don't wake me up, 'cause my thrill is gone.

In the sunset turning red behind the smoke,
forever and alone.

“Oh my god,” I covered my smiling mouth. I’m blushing, I tell you. I never expecting he would sing to me my favourite songs. I could see he was smiling widely between the lyrics, 

“Come on, join me on the next line,”he said, “I can’t do that,” I shook my head shyly, “Come on, I know you can,” he said again and sing it smoothly,

You've gone and sewn me to this bed, the taste of you and me,
will never leave my lips again under the blinding rain.
I wanna hold your hand so tight I'm gonna break my wrist,
and when the vultures sing tonight I'm gonna join right in.

I'll sing along,
'cause I don't know any other song.
I'll sing along,
but I'm barely hanging on.
No, I'm barely hanging on.
By the time you're hearing this I'll already be gone,
and now there's nothing to do but scream at the drunken moon.

I’m didn’t sing along with him. I just couldn’t, I mean…. I’m overly happy that time, I can even stop smiling so I just clapped my hands, following the sound of guitar as he sing beautifully in front of me. I swayed my body to the left and right, enjoying myself.

This isn't fair!

Don't you try to blame this on me.
My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me.
And god damn it, I can barely say your name,
so I'll try to write it and fill the pen with blood from the sink.
Woah oh
But don't just say it, you should sing my name.
Pretend that it's a song 'cause forever it's yours,
and we can sing this on the way home.

As he plucking the rythm on this part, he glanced up briefly at me, smiling and I just smiled back at him. It just some wonderful feeling when our eyes met. I couldn't help it but to smile widely.

I'll sing along, oh
'cause I don't know any other song.
I'll sing along,
but I'm barely hanging on.
No, I'm barely hanging on.
By the time you're hearing this I'll already be gone,
and now there's nothing to do but tear my voice apart.
Nothing to do,
and scream at the drunken moon…

“Yay~” I clapped, “That was awesome,” I said, clasping my hands together. “Yeah?” he asked, still in position holding the guitar, he rested his chin over his arm, looking straight back at me. I was drowning in his pair of brownish eyes, it just very captivating. “I’m glad you like it,” he said, in almost whispering. I grinned, “Who doesn’t?”
He face-shrugged and put down the guitar, “Who knows you just don’t like me singing it directly to you,” he said and take a sipped of his beer. “What are you saying, it is way better than the recorded acoustic,” I told him and open the coke that he gave me before. He chuckles and leaned himself on the wall relaxingly. “Why do you like the song anyway?” he suddenly asked,

I tilted my head, and shrugged, “No reason,” I answered shortly. Seriously, I don’t any particular reason to like the song. Well, maybe because I was dumped by my stupid ex-boyfriend last two years ago, on prom nights, in front of the other student, which is obviously the extremely worst dumping moment of the year. I should get a reward for that. I finished the coke in one gulped as I actually don’t want to rethink back that freaking moment but his question making everything seems like it just happen yesterday. As I finished my drink, I stood up, “Excuse me,” I told him and went out from the hall. I’m pretty much can’t control my tears at all. I mean, I was humiliated in front of everybody, being laughed for my half of high-school year, and worst of all, the stupid idiotic boy didn’t even care if I was hurt or what. He just threw me away and acting like we never have anything in between. He even kissed the girl right after he dumps me, as if it wasn’t that hard to let me go.

It just…. Only God knows how much I hated him, how much I was hurt that time. I was almost losing my mind and since that moment, I’m scared of being so friendly with anyone or even being in a relationship. It just some nightmares that making me afraid to love, well… I’m at fault too for loving him too much. “Stupid song,” I muttered and hot tears started to stream down on my cheeks. I walked and hid myself behind one of the facilitator camp, few feet away from the main hall. I still could hear the loud music from the hall; I hugged both of my knees and rested my head on my kneecap, letting the tears fall down. I thought I was already over everything and start a new life but I guess that was just a lie that I kept telling myself. I never knew that just a simple question could make me reminiscing back every single bit of the nightmares that I was trying to run away. “Stupid song, stupid prom, stupid lyrics,” I keep repeating it in low voice, between the sobs.

After a while I could hear a footstep coming in my way that I quickly wiped my tears off with my t-shirt, sobbing slowly so it won’t obvious that I was crying. It could be very bad if Mr. Hendry saw me crying without reason, he would definitely ask me until I tell him the whole thing. Oh yeah, he’ll do it alright, because he’s a busy body old man in which he said ‘for the sake of the group of facie,’ which is obviously just some lame excuses. I don’t want that. If everyone knew about this stupid past of mine, I would become a laughed stock again. “Hey,” I heard Vic’s voice. I cursed silently. I mean, of all people…

“You’re alright?” he asked and knelt down in front of me, reaching for my face. He looked at me with concerned filling his beautiful eyes. I bit my lips, hoping that he didn’t felt my tears. “Y-you’re crying,” he asked. I cursed in my head, “Eh… No, I’m not,” I lied, putting his hands off my face as I stand on my feet. He looked up at me, “I’m perfectly fine,” I forced a grinned.
“Can you not making some obvious lie?” he enquired, still looking concerned but now turning into guilt. I just bit my lips; the spotlight that shone the stage is quite bright that I can see his face clearly. “Look,” he slumps his shoulder, “I’m sorry if I’ve ask you something that could hurt your feelings,” he apologized,
“N-no,” I shook my head, “It’s not your fault,” I told him, “I-it just…”
“What?” he cuts my word,
“It just…” I gulp; I didn’t know what I should say. Should I explain everything? Well, Obviously no
“Tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, taking a step closer to me. I looked down to my feet; he didn’t have to know about anything, I mean, we’re merely stranger and it is none of his concerns to know what my past is like. He would definitely laugh at me and tells me that I deserved such treatment because I’m stupid. “Y/N?” he called me, and cupped my head up to face him. He was pretty closed that time that I could see his eyes shines with sincerity. “I…” I was almost gives up and tell him everything but I quickly shove it away that took a step backward, “I-I think we should go back to the hall,” I told him, without looking back at him and turned myself toward the main hall. As I took my step, he pulled my wrist and turned me around, back at him and he embraced me. I was pretty shocked that time. I tried to be freed but he just tightened his hug. “W-wha…”

“Shhh…” he shushed, “If you don’t want to tell me anything about it, you can cry on me,” he whispered to my ears. That I felt the warmness of his breaths, and make my heart beat slowly, our making me feel safe and all the hatred and fear I had just now, all gone. I smiled that I shook my head, “I’m fine now,” I told him, and pushed him slowly, breaking our hug, “Trust me,” I smiled at him, he just stared. “Let’s go,” I grinned and pulled his hands as I lead the way back to the main hall. As we’re almost arrived, I quickly pulled my hands off him and walked inside like nothing happen.


As we were in the hall, Mr. Hendry called me up, "Y/N!" 
I jogged towards him, "Can you help me with the trash?" he asked me, pointing at the bag of trash. I just nodded and went for the trash. As I try to lift it up, I noticed Vic were taking another bag. "Eh.... wait, you don't have to do that," I stopped him but he just ignore me, in fact he took two bag before facing me, "This is the least I can do as my apologize to you," said he, looking all guilt but I think its cute. I narrowed my eyes and just shook my head as I lead the way to the garbage bin outside, "I've told you, it's not your fault at all,"

"If I didn't ask the question, you wouldn't cry," he said, sounded a little bit sulking,I sighed and shoved the trash bag onto the garbage bin, he imitated me. "Fine, I'll forgive you," I said, giving me his hands for handshake. He just stared at first, "Dirty," he pouts. I narrowed my eyes, "Dude..." I'm so judging him so hard that time. I mean, both of our hands are dirty. I was about to say more when he suddenly wiped his dirty hands on my face; my eyes dilated that I yelled his name and wiped my hands all over his shirt, he did the same to me. We both laughed at that
"Alright, alright, I'm sorry," he apologized between his laughed. 
"You dirty," I nudged him,
"Equally," he winked and I just chuckles. We both exchanged look briefly that it suddenly felt a little awkward, "Um..." I cleared my throat, "I think we better go back inside now," I smiled and he just nodded agreeably. I lead the way.

As we were about to enter, he pulled my wrist slowly, stopping me from stepping further. I turned myself to look back at him, "Um... I-I have something to tell you," he said, a little bit nervous. I tilted my head, wondering what he wanted to say but as he wanted to say more, the door creaked opened and he quickly let go off my wrist as he noticed Jaime peeked through the door, "Dude, we're waiting for you guys," he said.
"Right," he scratched his head,
"Okay," I replied, "Let's go," I said to him and went followed Jaime.

As we were inside, Hannah walked towards me with a satisfied smirks. "Y/N, I was looking for you," she said joyfully. "Um... H-hey?"

"Mr. Hendry ask me to tell you one good news," she said again. I arched my brows, "Really? what sort of g-good news?" I asked unsurely.
She nodded, "You're allow to go home earlier than us tomorrow," she pouts, "I am soooo envious of you," she added and hugged me casually. I'm just grinned, "Well, wow... I guess," I glanced at Vic who looked a bit down. I wonder why he wore that kind of expression. He then left me and Hannah towards his dudes. I just sighed. Well, it is quite a very good news though since I can go home earlier than other facilitators but still, looking at his expression like that it just making me feel a bit hard to leave.
The last night event still haunting me the whole night and I couldn’t stop blushing, especially the part when he suddenly embrace me and told me that I could cry on his shoulder or whatever. It just too freaking sweet of him and I felt safe in his arm, making my heart beat at the same time. I never felt so save in anyone embraced before, it just like, his embraced was just like a shield that could protects me from any dangers and fears. I sighed,

 I wonder if he did that to every girls. Hehehe I mean come on, for the sake of the band, he as the vocalist should take care of it eh? Oh well… But seriously, deep in my heart I was hoping for something else. Some special feeling that I know very well that there is so cannot be real.  “Be careful on your way home,” said Mr. Hendry to me. I nodded and bowed a bit at him as I gripped my sling bag closer to my chest. I’m on my way leaving. I have no other reason to be there since the rest of the job is for the professional to deal with. I’m just a part-timer though. I sighed. I’m pretty much disappointed that I didn’t have the chance to get their autographs,
“Y/N!” called Mike.

I turned around, looking at the tattooed guy who was jogged towards me, “Yep…?” I asked him,
“Um…. Vic wants to meet you,” he shoved his hands into his jeans pocket. I knitted my brows, “Eh… why?” I asked, “I’m not in charge anymore,” I told him,
“Well, just come with me then,” he said and cling his arms with mine. I was trying to escape but I know he wouldn’t let me do it, “I’ll follow you,” I said and pulled my arms off him. He narrowed his eyes at me, as if didn’t believe me. “Trust me, I won’t run away,” I said, trying to convince him. He just shrugged and started to walk. I shook my head and forcefully following him. But on the bright side, I’m getting my chance to get their autographed hehehe.  As we were near their RV’s parking lot, Hannah stopped me, “Where the hell are you thinking you’re going?” she asked me in bitching superior like.

“Eh…” I muttered, looking for Mike who is now nowhere to be seen.
“You have no rights to come over here again. You’re not one of us anymore,” she said. Like, I didn’t know that. I mentally rolled my eyes; I want to go home pretty bad myself. “I…” I just about to say something that Kellin came towards us and said, “She’s with me,” he smiled and held my arms. I let out a small surprise shrieked as he did that in which I caught a glimpsed of Hannah priceless shocked face as he saw Kellin took hands.

“What a lucky girl, are you?” Kellin whispered, showing me out clasping fingers and making me blushed which make the guy laughing out loud, I guess he just love it torturing me this way. Our hands swing as we walked passing the other facilitators who looked quite surprised at us. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t. I feel so embarrassed that time that I just could look down to my feet, avoiding making any eye contact with anyone. Kellin freaking Quinn is definitely one devilish guy. He make me suffers.
“Here we are princess,” he said slowly let go of my hands. I looked up and looking at Vic who looked as much as startled like I do, “Y-Y/N?”

“Um… Hi?” I greeted him unsurely. I noticed that there was no else but him and it quite suspicious since it’s their RVs. I mean, where the hell is Mike, Tony and Jaime goes? “I-I thought you’re already leaving,” he said, I could see a glint of happiness in his eyes as he looked at me. “But you’re brother said; you want to meet… me…?” I wrinkled my forehead with confusion.

“I do,” he nodded, licking his chapped lips. Still with my forehead wrinkled, “So… what’s up?” I asked him that he glanced at his best friend, Kellin briefly. “Fine, shiissshh….” Kellin grumbled and left us there. My confusion became even greater that I blinked my eyes for a moment, trying to keep up with what is happening. “Y/N…?” he called me. I turned my gazed at him and I felt my heart skipped a bit that we were standing closed to each other that time and I finally realized that it was just us there. I swallowed my saliva as nervousness started to occupy me. I wonder what he’s going to tell me,
“I-I just want to ask you….” He scratched his head, shyly. I could see he was blushing. Blushing Vic Fuentes is somewhat cute. I mentally smiled at that. He cursed lowly, “why is this so hard to tell,” he muttered,

“Tell what?” I asked that he quickly looked back at me in a little shock which I realized I should ask that. I just grinned. He smiled and took a deep breath before he finally said, “Well, the thing is…” he now facing me directly, with his both hands placed on my shoulders. “I know this is kind of sudden but…” he paused and again licked his lips as if trying to get the word right, “I know we’re just met but…” he bit his lips, looking the side and cursed silently. I just could watch him struggling with his words. Then he took another deep breath and once again fixed his eyes on me, “I know that what I’m going to tell you will be a little nonsense but after yesterday, I feel the strong urge to take care of you…”

My eyes dilated as he said that, I just could stare at him, “I-I don’t understand this myself but I just want to take care of you and I just want to be there when you need someone. I-I want be that someone,” he confessed. I felt my knees went jelly-like but I kept standing anyway, that he said again, “I don’t know what you’re going through in your life and I don’t want to know. All I ever wanted is to see you smile,” he placed his warm palm on my cheek, “Seeing you cry last night just making my heart clutched,” he said again, looking into my eyes, “So, I’m asking you… Will you ever accept me into your life?”

His questions make me startled again, without I even noticed; hot tears streamed down on my cheek. Not because of I’m sad or anything, I was just captivated by his words. It may not be the most romantic words for anyone but hell, it one of the most beautiful speech I ever had in my life. Plus, I didn’t even expect for him to ask me the last question. He wiped my tears with his thumbs, “I’m sorry,” I chuckles and wiped the rest with my own hands, “It just the most beautiful things anyone ever said to me,” I told him, smiling between the sobbed. He didn’t say anything but just stood there. Waiting for my answers,

Seriously, his words make me open my heart to love again. Each word he said to me, giving me the courage to love again. The past is past and maybe this is my time to move on with my life. Maybe he’s the right person for me and yes, when he was confessing to me, I’m sure that I was already falling for him since the first time I saw him stepping down their RVs.
“Well,” I took a deep breath, trying to control my trembling voice, “The real question is, would you ever accept a geek like me into your life?” I asked him back. He looked taken aback at first that he quickly said, “Yes,” a short answer but could me smiled widely. I nodded and smiled at him, “I guess, I’m indeed the luckiest girl,” I said to him and stepped closer to him, holding both of his hands, looking up at him,

“Is that a yes?” he asked again, small smiled formed on his lips. I scrunched my nose and shrugged, “Maybe,” and smiled teasingly. He smiled widely and embraced me real tight like the one he gave me last night but this one it felt more relax and I could feel his heart beating as fast as mine. I just smiled as I hugged him back, but then as he broke our hugged, I could felt his lips crashed into mine for brief second, “I love you,” he confessed to me. Still in shocked, he again kissed me again. Then we could hear the others out from nowhere, clapping their hands and congratulating us.

The two of you went dating for 3 years and in between that year; you opened up to him and told him about your past. He just smiled at that and told you that he pretty much glad it happens to you because if not, he won’t be able to have you. Then, he decided to propose to you. You both went engaged for 2 years because he was busy with tours. But no matter how busy he was, he never forgot to call and video calling with you. He even mentioned you once in a while in their interviews, showing the world that he just love you very much. You guys going through lots of problems, especially you. Receiving fan-hate mail and a threats and every time you feel like giving up, Vic always there for you and encourage you to stay strong and hold on with your precious relationships. After that two years, you both make an official ties as a husband and wife. You lives happily with each other and everyone seems to be accepting your love and everything seems to be perfect again. On your wedding, he sang your forever favourite song, ‘Bulletproof Heart,’ you sing along with him on the chorus part and make it as the most memorable wedding ever. After a while of married, you both have a cute chubby daughter and named her *YOU DECIDED* and the three of you lives happily forever. Your cute daughter decided to write a book about your love life and it become hits because it just rare.

After your wedding (le dialogue) ~
“I never thought that I would be marrying the guy that I adore so much,” you said to him, resting your chin on your palm. You both were facing each other, having breakfast in the kitchen,
“And I never thought I would be marrying a random geek girl I meet in a wrapped tour,” he grinned, showing his teeth. You chuckles and pinched his nose that making him sprang from his seat and went to tickles you. You ran around the kitchen but he caught you and tickles you until you both stumbled on the concrete floor. You both laughed and slowly up to sitting position and lean on the kitchen counter and he settled next to you, holding your hands. You let out a relief sighed, “I’m surely are the luckiest girl in the world,” you smiled facing him and planted a quick kiss on his lips. He smiled by the kiss and quickly replaced it with a smug grinned “I know… lucky to have gorgeous man like me,” he teased. You rolled your eyes and went stood up on your feet but then he pulled you down again and kissed you.


Uh... I'm just talking crap again I think O.O

Greetings, humanoids:)
Right now I decided to talk about vampires. ehehe well, of course... not the sparkles one okay? I mean, the other one that do not sparkles and cannot be under the sunlight. ehehe :) No offense, Hey. seriously, I think Twilight is quite a great film okay? I mean, it's quite dull but heyy~~ Calisle is pretty handsom *winkwink* hahahaha :) *cough*
Anyway, the reason I'm talking about this is that, I'm pretty much wonder how in the world did me and sis Jaba knew the existence of this dark creature. I mean, we're been knowing this vampires since we're like about 7 or 8 like that and plus, we're not even the type of watching TVs like other kids. Well,except for when we're not together of course. but that time, we only watch cartoons and play outside. This question kind of haunting me for ages now since that I'm already 19 this year, it's been decades. Wow. I feel old now. So, I just wondering where the hell we get the word 'vampire' hehehe :)

So, vampires. We knew that this mystical creature lives by sucking the blood out from living human like us. They are the immortal, and cannot be taken down without strong faith or stabbed straight to the heart or cut the head off. Basically, this undead creature need to be killed brutally eh? Hm... Must be hard for the amateur hunters. hehehe :)
Well, since i'm very young at age, I've been told a fiction story by my loveliest sis Jaba which is about a group of teenagers who were trained to defeat the vampire lord. Before, she told me verbally, now she's stuffing me with words she wrote ahahaha I mean, in story. Yeah, before she called it as "Ghost Hunter Society," Goshh... I still remember, there were like 11 seasons for the whole story and yet still unfinished because our teenagers life took it from us.  Wow. I always wonder how would it end though. hehe. Anyway, the latest one.... she named it as Levedad. I just love it. It just fucking awesome. I mean, the story line, the grammar. All perfecto. I mean, seriously. I never like to read books fully written (I'm more of a picture books hehe ) but her story, make me loving the no-picture book. It just wow.

The vampires are waayyyy cooler than twilight. Well, basically her vampires are divided into two. Royal and not royal (obviously) Royal vampires are the one who can walked under the sunlight, well a shady-like sunlight. not the brightest sunlight of all hehe :D and there also one group that I would call as "willing-to-be-vampires in which this group were changed into vampires by their own will, like drinking the blood of the royals and change into a vampires. And the other group, I called as the minions in which they were turned unwillingly, having some kind of imperfect physical like fully vampires face thing. And yeah, none of these groups sparkles under the sunlight. hehe :D

Well, since the story involving mystical creatures like vampires, werewolves (yeah, they're in too), shape-shifter and others supernatural beings, trolls...witches.... she create another world and called it Anaithnid. Well, basically... she wrote it like, this Anaithnid place were connected with the earth by a portal. I don't know how to explain this part. go look for it yourself. ekekeke read the story ehehe :D

Hehehe :D he does look like a vampire, don't he? P.S he have that cute big two front teeth. ehe.. ehehehe.... XDD
So for me, vampires is quite a very fascinating night creatures. I mean, if they are really like what I've always seen in the movies, I think they are very cool, fascinating, brutal.... hahaaha well, plus creepy since they drink human bloods and stuff. But still, they're awesome. But still, I think it is way cooler to kill this creature. ehehe ya know, fun, adventure, adrenaline. hahaha XD I mean, I always adore the vampires hunters in the movie, like when the drew out their guns, pointing at the creature and shoot the silver bullet like WHOA~ freaking awesome! XD and even better if the hunter were HALF-VAMPIRES! i mean, they are human but they took something potion like to change them into the creature for couple of hours or days. I mean, seriously. with the same strength like the creature they wanted to slay, it just awesome to see them fight, drawing swords and slashing in the mid-air. Like wow~ hahahaha XD it just the awesomeness things I ever imagine. hehehe :) So yeah... And yeah, I still remember that when I was young, I'm always like licking my own bloods whenever I've cut. hahahaha Well, too much of vampires i think. And well, then now, it becoming my habit ekekekeke plus, I'm more of nocturnal human nowadays. i mean, I sleep on the day, awake in the night. ahahaha XD and whenever I got class, it freaking hard for me to stay awake and the sunlight freaking annoys me. Gosh~ hahahaha XD but seriously, I'm not trying to be a vampire. it just, maybe I'm used to stay awake whole night due to watching anime kekekeke XDD

So, Well, I'm out of ideas now. ahahahaha XD TTYL :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)