Randomly Post :D

AnnyeongHaseyo, Bloggers! yeah, i'm back! hahaha :) it's been a while eh i didn't update my blog. kinda busy lately as my sis Ina is around so i don't have any chance to only for too long. ekeke :) yeah, she is quite strict you know. Oh well, for my own good lah that :) i've been doing my History Notes for this weekend and finally i finish until 3.1.1 LOL XD improving eh? hahaha :D crazy. actually i'm about to do chapter 7 of my history's workbook but oh well, maybe after i update this baby blog of mine, then i'll do it or maybe i'll wake up early morning later on to do some of it before my history teacher kick me out of the class. hahaha :D and for English tomorrow, i'm guarenteed that i'm going to stand outside tomorrow for i haven't hands in my Holiday homeworks. ekeke :D not that i have no time, but my lazybones always said no. Not my fault. blame my lazybones and spines. ekekeke :) 

this week, nothing unusual happen. just that i'm worried about birthday party next saturday. Urgh! i'm so worried. what if i wear something that is not suitable? what if? ahh~ i'm so worried and yeah, to be honest, that is my first time going to the party of others. haiz~i did being invited last time, but i turn the invitation down. so, its just all my fault. hahaha :D hopefully everything will going smoothly. i'm not just worried about the costume but also the present. i don't know what to buy for her and fortunately, she's a girl. LOL XD if he's a boy, ohh~ i don't know what to give to him. ekekeke :D well, maybe on this week i'll try to bring my parent to maybe to ToysRUs or maybe to ToysWorld to get something for her. hehehei~ we can't just simply attend the birthday party without any present eh? ahahha :D that's rude. anyway, i'm worried about all of it. ekeke :D

and another things that i am very demanding for the time being is a brand new phones. Urgh! i can't stand to use my old phones. it just i'm bored listening to only two song. can you imagine that? that is just too limited for music-freakos like me! hopefully i can confronted both of my parent and tell them that i really need to get new phone a.s.a.p if they want me to stop loitering on the web. hehehe :) yes, my reason of surfing the web is because i want to listen to music lah. haiz~ if i can get new phones, i just put every song that i have in my Lappy and put it all inside the phones. ekeke :D urghh~ i'm so badly desperately want a new phone! oh God, hear my wish. hope i can have the phone that i desire the most! AMEN!

and also, i've been started to make story again. i make two new story this time. ekeke :D about what? well, that's a secret as i'm just getting started. I'll post it here after i finish writing it all :) it just short story, hopefully. ekeke :D so, i guess, that is all i wanted to tell for now. it's almost midnight now. so, good night and God Bless all of you~ thanks for reading (even if you guys only wanted to download the pictures :))

P.S : let your smile cover up your tears :)