Second MASSIVE Coincidence! XD OMG OMG OMG!

Hi~ I'm back again. ZOMG!!!!!!!!! XDD
guess what?!
Logan Lerman update his tweet last night!!!
I was like ZOMGGGG!!!! XDD
Like, seriously? What a coincidence? I'm just like, ya know, thought about him last night and tadaa~ he's online. OH MY GOD! hahahahaha :DDD 
What a perfect timing eh? hahahahahaha XD

Is it possible that he would looking at this blog of mine and read about it? 
Or we just somehow spiritually connected? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Pardon my excessive thickness of face (shameless attitude) I'M just SO FREAKING OUT and yet, EXCITED! HAHAHAHAHAHA
call me crazy yo~
I am crazy.~ hahahaha
this is the second coincidence I had with him. hahahaha :D 
It's like, he's updating his twitter, every time I over think about him, like making some impossible scenario in my head... hahahahaha
what a pathetic. hahahaha I know right?  =.=;
Oh well, that is all I can do ma~ IMAGINATION. hahaha :))))

But honestly, this perfect coincidence definitely make my day. hahahaha :D
Thank you, my Lord for giving me this kind of exciting coincidence. ekeke :)
WOW~ Now I'm so going to collect money and fly to LA to meet him. huahahahahhaha
even for a couple of selca would do~ 
and definitely, if I'm happen to have the impossible opportunity in the future,  I'm sooooo going to print it out in the largest photo size ever. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Omona~ I dunno if I can sleep tonight. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
Aduii~ slap me now~ hahahahahaXDD

ANYHOW, Thank you Logan... for making my day :)
Now you give me reason why I should stay alive and moving on. hahahahahaha :D
Thank you :D

Can't stop smiling now~ hahahahaha :DD
P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)
P.S Don't freak out, Logan... I may sound like i'm obsess with you, but honestly.. I just can't take my eyes off your cuteness~ hahahaha (=^.^=) 
 Stay Cute , darl ~ XD