Finally! its really satisfying ^^

Hahahahahaha :D finally i am really-really satisfied with my blog! yess! my blog now look very coolio! [for me] well, its true. this is my first time i feel so happy on my blog. i'm sure from now on, i'll be visiting my blog more often. ahahaha :D i guess, i have just thanks to the two pretty boy [ParkTaeJun and ParkHyungSeok]. because of them, my blog looks very cool and cute at the same time. hahahaha XDD. thank you. thank you!

-kamsahamnida!- ahahaha


   I just realize. i forget to say Annyeong! ahaha XD too happiness. LOL :P well, nothing much happen in this holidays just celebrating it together with my loveable homework. keep complaining about it but still nothing have been done. hahaha. except for my komsas. ermm..then i've asked my mum, whether i should cut my front hair or not. so she said, keeping them long is better. my couzy Ina also have the same opinion. so, i decided to asked my couzy juliet and aunt Winnie. they said, i look much cuter with short front hair. so, now. i'm in dilemma[ahahaha] i guess its up to me now. ehehe. but.. still, i don't know. should i cut it or just leave it growing peacefully? hmm..ahh! just now, couzy juliet asked me whether i want to follow her to do cardio on later evening. without second thought, i'd say YES! ahahaha XD as it because cardio is just like you were practice dancing. its seem like aerobic but we more into dance. well, that's what i've heard. i'm not sure myself. hopefully it do seem like i heard. [broken english] ahahahaha XD

I have found a video of cardio exercising on Youtube. check it out below here :D

nice eh? ahahaha XD hopefully it really something like that. ehehehe.

well, off to see you guys soon. need to do some research for EST presentation ^^. 

-as usual though. i let the Park's Brother to end my blog now.-

P/S :: let your smile cover your tears!