Chapter One; The Prophecy (Review )

*Curtain opened, me bowed*

Heyya, we meet again
This time I'm going to make the best of me, for this second review.
So,  hope I'm not making another awkward review. hahahahaha :D

Well, in this very chapter is where the writer started to described about the Prophecy  
What prophecy? haiya! that's why I told you to read! The vampire prophecy lah bah~  
Anyhow, in this very chapter, you could read about and identify all the senior SEAMUS agent's punya characteristic. the writer had successfully brought all the character to life. I mean, she manage to bring out the traits of each character through dialogue they have among each others. 
ummm...what else? Umm... well, my favorite part in this chapter is when Terri ( William Moseley ), the quietest agent among the 5 agent, asking lots of questions to their grandpa and make their grandpa scratch his head, doesn't know which question to answer first.
I don't know how to express it but you'll know what I mean once you read it yourself. ekekeke :D
and my second favorite part is when jaba noticed that the bowl was empty as Kevin already ate all the ice cream without her noticing it   she was like "Damn it," hahahahahaha :D love that part ^__^


Okay, let me analyzed it first  

Alright, let me get it straight (clear throat )
When I read this very chapter is that I want to know how the senior agent will get them to the Clover Mansion. As their grandpa had warned them about "Do not be too confident about it," when Milo ( My Logan ) mentioned that "it would be easy to catch good kids."
GOOD KIDS? did I just wrote that wrongly? 
and then I was really curious about why is Jerome ( their grandpa )  hiding under the table?
What is his purpose anyway?
Well yeah, i've been told that he was just going to eat his ice cream secretly
but deep in my hearts telling that he's up to something 
( Ainon, i didn't tell you because I want you to read it in this review ) hahahahaha :D
so, am I right? is he really up to something or its only to make the story more interesting? ekekeke
So, yeah :D


whenever I waited for her to publish another chapter, I feel like waiting for someone to tell me the goodniest news ever. ekekekekeke :D Somewhat like husband waiting for the doctor to tell him what gender is his child. ehehehei :D

So, i guess I already reach the end of chapter one review :)
Thank you for reading *bowed down*
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Audience clapped :)

Prelude ( Review )

*Curtain opened and the light shone towards me*
( Cough Cough )
Umm... this is my very first time doing review on stories. So, I don't know how to start. So, umm...
Okay, let it be this way. hahahaha ( awkward )

Okay first of all, I wanna tell why I'm putting the image of Shiro Fujimoto from Ao No Exorcist. Well, to be honest. I was imagining all the senior Seamus Agent wearing the very same costume as he did. ehehei  as the writer, Gloria Jaba mentioned A tall and sharp looking man, wearing black robe like a priest standing straight in front of her.  so, I was automatically imagining Jake Abel ( Hendrik ) wearing Shiro Fujimoto's costume. hahahaha :D can you imagine it? Jake Abel wearing priest like costume   OOOMMMMMMGGGODDD!!!! so hot, hot, hot like fire baby~ ehehei :D and and more over, I was imagining Logan Lerman ( Milo ) wearing it, Oh God~ Doesn't matter if they are priest or not, hahahaha :D because I'm definitely in love  

Back to business :) Okay, let just imagine that Erik Valkyrie's monster form look like this. (Because I've been imagining it that way ) hahahaha :D In this very chapter, I have lots in mind as I'm very curious on what will happen next. My curiosity level high up after I read the girl named Anna scene. I was wondering whether she's died or she survived because then, the scene is changing and started to tell about a girl name Briana. In this scene, Hendrik was so damn cool. the way he spoke to the monstrous looking vampire, the way he challenge him and showing how protective he is. 
Well, as I'm telling you at the top of this post.
I don't really know how to write review, hahahaha :D
And I can feel the awkwardnesses while writing this post. 
I've been trying to make it less awkward, but   , oh well. still awkward. In fact I've making it more awkward. hahahahahaha XDD
But for sure, in this very chapter, there are not much to tell though ^__^ as it is only telling us about the character that will get involved in the whole story  

well,  not much actually...
I just feeling...
How to say this...
I WANT MORE! ( Monstrous voice )
hahahahahahahaha XD

i craving for MOARR ~~~~ >.< 

So, that's all i gotta say in this very first review. hahahaha :D sorry for the awkwardness :) *Curtain closed and audience clapped*


Wakey! Wakey people! Pgie is in the house. Aisehmen!

Now I got attention, Annyeong and Greetings! Today is the day I'm doing nothing. Just staying in my room, lying on my comfy bed, with the book open wide lay beside me, good music streaming through my headphones while I'm rolling on my bed  waiting for Jaba to publish chapter 4. hahahaha XD even mum called me 'crazy' today (^__^) and  dun dun dun~ FINALLY! it was published!  I was waiting like crazy for this chapter! Oh my God! hahahahahahaha XD but it is worth of whole day waiting though. Omonah~ ahahahahaha  I'm mentally dancing like Yoyocici when she told me that she's gonna published it today~ OMO  and yeah at my previous post, I actually wanted to put the link to the story but well, I'm was pretty much overly excited last time. ehehehei  so, i completely forgotten about it. ekeke XD so, today I'm going to put the link :
Feel free to read it and I guarantee that you're going to experience what I'm experiencing right now. hahahaha XD

this one is somewhat the first season only lah. hahaha :D there will be more season after this ( I feel like watching Supernatural ) hahahaha  Just now, I was re-read the story again and I was thinking to make a review for each of the chapter  as my story is still so far away to go, so I'm gonna make review as my part time job. ekekekeke :D

And for this whole boring day, I locked myself inside my room. Not even taking a single step out from the house. hahahaha  my mum scolded me for my behavior, well actually its not like I don't want to go out there, but it will be double bored anyway. So, what's the point of stepping out from my room if I became even bored? so, I better stay inside my room, right?  Besides, I feel much peaceful when I'm in my room, I'm free doing anything I love to do. I can freely watch anime, I can online and blogging at the same time, and when i get bored, I can read the Manga or the books, and then I can also draw or doodling something and when I get tired and lost interest in doing anything, I can just slumped myself on my bed and fell asleep. See? I got more than 2 stuff to do if I stayed in my room. I got lots of freedom inside here, . And if compared to outside, I can only watch TV and when I decided to have nap, mum will scolded me and I can't have my peaceful nap. and if I online on the living room later, whether mum and dad want to talk to me and I can't listened to my favorite song.  It's not like I'm locking the door, they have easy access in and out from my room, they just can burst in if they miss me. ( as if ) hahahaha :D besides, they isn't even invited me to join them along if they went somewhere later, so what's the point, right? Yeah, I'm always being left behind

And as for my story ( When Bad Meets Evil ), I just almost finished my chapter 4 :) I re-do chapter one until chapter 3 and now I'm feeling more satisfied about it  the grammar? Nah, don't mention it, still lousy as usual. hahahaha :) I'm no expert ma~  In this chapter, I've wrote about when Ngielle met with Amaimon. weee <3 But nothing special happenlah. hahahaha . He just stole her lollipop and that's it. The End~ huahahahaha  If I really end the story that way, I think Jaba would definitely throw me into the Miri River. hahahaha XD Don't worry, I won't end the story until I write a love story between Ainon and Pheles  I kinda love this couple! ( Spoiler ) hahahaha XD I want to make it as romantic as it can be  ( Ainon, please don't kick me ) hehehei, it's not impossible to write something romantic as a Capri like me, is seriously a very romantic kind of people .  And so far, I kinda love chapter 3. want to know why? wait until this story officially published later. hahahaha :D

Well, actually I was thinking to pairing my character with Ao No Exorcist this way :

Ainon X Pheles *favorite couple and I don't know why*

Lalaine X Yukio *cute couple, but haven't have the romantic part yet*

Izumo X Kevin X Shiemi *haven't starting any romantic scene yet.*

And yeah, for Ngielle I have this little trouble a bit. hahahahaha  as at first I was thinking to pair her up with Amaimon, but then I was thinking that she would suit with Rin Now I don't know with who should she be paired with ( Seriously, I love both of the character ) So, I don't know ( sorry, Ngielle. I guess you have to be alone. hahahaha ) That's why it is always hard for me to finish my love story because I always get confuse with whom should I paired the character with. ahahaha :D Maybe I let my brain choose for Ngielle

Just now, I was dropping by at Ask-Okumura-Yukio Tumblr blog and I saw that he's answering my past few days question. I was laughing at myself at time I saw this. hahahaha  Real cute drawing though! hahahahaha :DD I'm the spectacles girl. ekekekeke XDD I feel much honoured eventhough it wasn't real Yukio but thanks for answering me. hehehei  maybe I'm going to ask 'him' another bonus question next time. Just I need time to think about what question should I ask 'him' this time. hehehei :)

So, to end this very cute post of mine ( even though my post is always cute ekekeke XD ), So here is Amaimon's newest picture. I just found it today :) SO enjoy his cuteness  

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears 
~ Veni Vidi Vici ~