223 Days Left Before The War Declaration :)

파이팅! is the only word that can boost up my strength to keep on studying. YES, fighting is the most magical word if you feel like giving up because when you said "Fighting!", you will automatically feel like you really need to fight for it and by hook or by crook, you NEED to do it until you manage to do it perfectly. hehehe :) yea, well.. surely it work for me. so, why don't you guys give it a try too. maybe it could be useful to you guys too. ermm.. in this post, I don't want to start with picture. hehehe. on my next point, then I'll pictures. ekeke :) what else? urrmm.. yea.. 223 days left before the war start. I'm so nervous but then maybe because I'm too nervous, I slept in Physic classes this morning T^T and in Biology class, I almost slept. I don't know what is gotten onto me this few days. I feel like giving up but thanks God the magic words help me to be back on track. Hopefully, tomorrow I won't get off my tracks. hehehei :)

Today, I got tuition. Chemistry. actually today suppose to be Mathematics. But my tutor said, she don't have Maths revision book. hahaha :) forgot to buy lah that. ekeke :) so, next week, would be Maths lah. urmm... what else? Oh yea, tomorrow I need to wake up early morning because I need to print out the 'kata-kata hikmat' and write the Moral presentation. After writing blog, I want to do vectors. because last week, I didn't bring along the excercises that mdm.Mackinna give. hehehe :) not that I don't wanna do it just that i don't remember where i put it already bah~ so, that's why la i haven't done it. seriously, this is so not excuses. hehehe :) what else? hmmm.... Today I got ceramah on how to write resume and interviews. well, i got a lot of information from it. just that, the Taylor's University didn't offer the field that I have in mind. Yeah, they do offer engineering but they didn't offer Environmental Engineering.  So, just now. I search for some universities that offer this field and I found two university that offer this field. One is Korea University and the other one is overseas lah. Out of asia. hahaha :) I forget the University name de. ekekeke :D anyway, I hope I can continue on my study at Korea lah. hahahha :D and if this come true kan, I'll be glad and very grateful. My Dream come true lahh~~ hahaha :D and if it not going to be korea, maybe Japan is quite good place to continue study, eventhough it already being hit by the Tsunami, it still not stopping me from going there in the future. I feel like I NEED to stand in  Japan or Korea's land. hahaha :DD It's a must I tell you. hehehehehe :) i don't know why but it just i need to. hehehe :) maybe I have something that I should do there or maybe my future husband is somewhere over there. heehehehhe ;D and I hope that person would be Song Chan Ho. LOL XD if he really going to be my future husband, FUHH! i'll be the luckiest girl in the world. hahaha :DDD well, I just can dream about it as I know where my place is. if between 10 girls, i think i'm gonna be his 11th choice. ekekekeke :D whatever lah. just keep praying that he will be mine. hahahahah :D i can't imagine if it will be reality. 

So, I guess.. that's all for now. I'll update again soon. thanks for reading :D
So, here is my dream future husband. hahahahahhaha :DD 

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Dream :)