The Best Christmas Ever!

 Merry Christmas everyone! Ahaha~ I really wish that i could see Santa tonight but i don't think he will come as here, the weather is so freaking hot! I know Santa don't like warm. ehehe~ This year is my first year of celebrating christmas alone. It is because my mum is following my uncles and aunts back to our hometown. But, thats cool because i'm free to do anything i want. Well not everything. Ehehe.
    On 24th, i went to school to get my PMR results and i was so suprised that i get straight A's! whoa~ I thought i get straight B's you know. When I found this out, I jumped and i feel like i was flying~ ahaha =D  I thank to cousin Gloria for accompany me to school and I am also thank to Lorene Drive for giving me the biggest luck! ahakz~
     And for real, that was my very first time getting all A's. Whoa~ I can't describe anymore how glad i am! I feel so happy inside as I can make my parents, my brother and sister and my uncles and aunts proud of me.( especially my parent) I really want to cry over it but my tears just won't come out. Maybe because i'm too happy. I feel satisfied. really satisfied as all my hard work has been paid off eventhough i'm not really a good student at school and everytime we got exam, i never get A's. At the same time, I make my parents dream come true!

          Honestly, eventhough this year i celebrate christmas alone, I feel happy because I get the best christmas present ever! But still feel lonely inside because I really wish that my parent is here with me and we can celebrate this day together~