Yeah! Holiday Are Great!

Aloha~ hahaha :) i'm back again. well, just for a while because i'm online using my bro-in-law's lappy :) i miss my lappy so very muchy T^T everytime I think of lappy, i feel like i wanna cry. i wish i never online over time before T^T. i wish i could turn back time and save my lappy from my mum. HWAA~! aish.. too dramatic. ekeke. anyway, for short, i miss my lappy. now i'm staring at it :( but i can't touch it as mum only let my sis to use it. i just can have a glance on it. even it just mean to see it from far, is already enough for me though. as long as it still in a very good condition. hahaha :) sound like people in love. ekeke :) anyhow, i'm still grateful for i still can online on this holiday. hahaha. if not, i might be losing my mind now. haha :DD

and talking about holiday, i'm quite having a very blast time with my sisters~ ekeke. i mean with sis Jon and Phoebe of course. sis Ina isn't here with us as her hubby is having a very long holiday (one week is quite long for me) haha :) but last Gawai night, she did came over to celebrate gawai with us andyeah, i receive bag of chocolate from her. teehee <3 love her so much. can't wait to see her next week ;) sis Inut and sis Jaba went back to our hometown to settle some stuff over there and of course they going back together with parent la. hahaha :) actually i want to follow them, but mum said, no because this year is my war. T^T. its okaylah, because i have plenty of time next year. Urghh! i can't wait! hahaha :) back to the main topic. Today i had a lot of fun with those two, i mean three as my little nemesis is with us. our original plan was going to eat at  McD but i don't know why all the sudden, McD full of people. GAH! i'm so pissed that time because i'm so hungry that time and i don't even finish my tea for breakfast. but i didn't show lah how pissed i am. hahaha :) but in the end, we went to eat at KFC. so, sis Jon said " we can never resist KFC" hahaha :) i guess she's right. no matter where we go ea kan, after few days, KFC always be our choice. i don't know what so special about that KFC place. maybe they put some spell on the chicken.. Oh My God! hahaha :) but i admit, i do love the chicken skin. haha :) ermm.. after eating, we went to E-Mart. buy clothes at ELH. ehei. i bought one for myself, and one for Phoebe. ehehei. sis Jon can't buy lots as the little nemesis don't want to be apart from her. hahai~ i can't help her as that little bratz hate me. hahah :) the more he hates me, i love him twice more than he hate me :DD after shopping at ELH, we went to the bookstore and i bought Zint new comic, entitled err... i forget de. but for sure its new lah.hahaha :D

and the comic is about a boy name Elan who work as a game tester at one game company lah. and he is one of the best game tester. his personality, i found it quite annoying as he's look down on people as he think he is the best of all lah. and he said that no one can be his friend because they aren't as good as him. hahaha ;) but for sure, he's quite good looking guy. LOL XD i love Elan~ kyahh <3 back to the sypnosis, ehhehe :P one day, he receive a box contain game console and a glasses which allowed him to play in 3D, i think it's 4D or 5D lah because with those two, he can play games like in reality. how i wish i can have those things. hahaha :) and the game was called as Digital Gladiator. yeah, quite fun though the story. but unfortunately, i have to wait for the second book T^T . wish to have the second book in short time. ZINT! please hurry up! hahaha :DD errr, i think i'm SO out of my main topic right now. ekekeke :DD okay. after bought the comic kan, we went home for a while because we have decided to bring my little nemesis to play at the beach. so, we went there lah to play kite. but me and phoebe go play at the shore and we wet ourselves. thanks God we brought along our clothes. if not kan, we would wet sis Jon's car. hahaha :) anyway, in car, we ate up all the food we brought along. and there i saw Vernon, my ex-classmates in primary school together with his friend. hahaha :) but i didn't say hi to him lah. shy de. ekeke :) but i'm relieve he still alive.LOL XD after that, we went home and relaxing. so here i am now. blogging. teehee. and this could be the last time i blogged as next week, as sis Ina is here. I can't online because she's way more strict than sis Jon. but it for my own good though :)

Oh ya, i almost forgot to told you that just now i'm watching Doraemon. ekeke :) Movie tuu~ hahahaa :D the title is... i don't know as the info didn't show full sentences of the movie. hahaha :) but for sure i've read this one. hehehe :) and i found that the movie and the comic has a bit different. well, i don't really know how to explain. so if you wanna know, you just need to read the book and of course watch also the movie. ekeke :) and honestly, today is not my first time watching the movie. ehehe :) same with the other Doraemon's movie. oh, talking about movie, i guess i know what i want to collect after manga. hahahahahaha :D taa daaa~ i want to collect Doraemon's CD movie. ngahahahaha :) collect one by one lah~ hahahahaha :) i believe i can collect all of them. ngehehehe~ and also, i want to collect Harry Potter's CD. oh yeah! i love harry potter but i dislike Daniel Radcliffe. hahaha :DD what else to say hoh? hmm. ahh, this saturday kan, i heard lah. sis Jon want to bring me and Phoebe watching Movie this saturday. YEAH, looking forward for that though. it's been a while i didn't watch movie at Cineplax. she said, we're going to watch movie from morning until night. ekeke :DD wish this is true, ekekeke :)

Last but not least, i want to talk about my dear HyukMin. ehehei :) it's been a while i didn't talk about him. ah, talking about him, i remember about our LastLove. ohh, i can't wait to continue the story. but sis Jaba don't want me to continue. she said, she will do it. Argh~ to be honest, i'm quite dissapointed when listen to her decision but i can't say anything kan, because i'm going to the battlefield this year. so, i think i just let her do it. hehei. just that i feel like parasite for having name in the blog but didn't post a things in it only a couple of chapter. hmm... whateverlah. hahaha :)must keep moving on. ekeke :) wish her luck! hopefully she can finish the story and Gambatteh! hahaha :D oh, almost forget about hyukmin. LOL XD well, i keep on stalking his photo in Tumblr and so do Facebook. i also always find time to stalking him. ekeke ;) i don't know how to described how much i like him, LOL XD he just to damn cute, well at least he's cute in his pictures kan? hahaha :D but eventhough he look different in video, i still can accept him as he just being himself. i don't know. maybe that's why i like him. yeah, he just being playful as he show himself in the pictures. ekeke :D in pictures, he just edit few things and DUH! i edit my pictures too except for when i feel lazy to do it. ekeke :D so i guess, this is all i want to share for now, wish this is not my last time posting :) so adieu :) have a great holiday ahead :)

so, i will ended up this post with my newest pictures. adieu again and please put safety first during this holiday :)

 May God Always Be With You

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)