Happy Month Of Halloween and Get To Know My Neko Prince, Ikuto :D

Annyeong~ Happy Fearful Halloween Month to those who are celebrating! Me? nope. i'm not celebrating it but i really wish i'm celebrating though because its seem fun to dress up being a ghost. ehehei *similar to cosplaying things* and if i had a chance to celebrate and wear costume, i would like to be  a vampire~ The Blood Sucker. Wasehh! truthfully, i've been admiring vampires since i'm still in primary school. well, thats because Sis Jaba influent me. she always told me stories about vampires and zombies. i really love her stories. ehehehe :D nowadays, she still telling me stories but not often as we both busy with school. hmmm.. really miss our old time. hahahahaha :D

 Last night, i've been watching an Anime entitled Shugo Chara which mean 'Guardian Characters'. well, this anime is kinda long as it has 126 episodes. I've been awake from last night until right now without sleep. I guess this anime bring my insomnia back. hahahaha :D well, i didn't watch all the 126 episode. i skips a lot. i only watch episode that shows my favourite character, Ikuto! Ikuto! i'm in love with him!! hahahahaha *crazy* Ikuto is not the main character but through my observation based on the comment that i've read, he is the most popular characters. hahahahaha :D actually, he's the evil characters *not so evil as his mind was control by the evil boss* and he also have a crush on the heroin and i think the heroin also feel the same towards him. Just that she confuse as the main character, which she admired the most has confess his love towards her.  But if i'm the heroin, i would absolutely pick Ikuto without a second thought! ahahahahaha :D besides, Ikuto always there when the heroin is in danger. Haiya! the ending is kinda boring a bit as Ikuto did not manage to get the heroin. but still, i feel so relief because Ikuto still single. Huahahahahahahha *gone mad* if you see his face, i'm sure, you'll be seduce by his hot, cool and good looking face. ehehehe :D so, here some photo of him so that you can see and believe what i've said. teehee XDD

HAWT!!!!!! Kyahhhh!!! ahahahahaha :D i'm soooooooo crazy right now. hahahaha :D call me crazy but HEY, He's HAWT! i can't resist it! LOL :DD

He is my first Neko Prince. ehehehe :D so far, i don't have interest in any Neko-like Anime boys no matter how cute they are. and Ikuto is my first! congratulation Ikuto baby! hahahaha :D how adorable.. too bad he just a character. but even if he's real, he won't have a little glance on a person like me. hehehei.. oh well, i'm just admiring him not more than that. Hikaru?? Well, he's still my number ONE! hahahaha :D

i guess this all for now as i'm lacking of ideas. don't know what else to write. and truthfully my main reason to write this post is to tell about Ikuto~ ahahahaha :D

so, as usual. i'll end my post with photos. enjoy :D

Over-rated Sexiness of my Eeteuk! hahahaha :D he's body.. WHOA! no words can described. hahahaha :D
 So, annyeong and hope to see you guys soon :D ADIEU!

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.