Just Don't Know How To Change.

Annyeong, everyone. its midnight and today is Minzy's Birthday! Sang-il chukahmanida, Maknae!! XD we both 17 years old this year just that she didn't sit for SPM. lucky her T^T but she miss all the fun at school as she is so busy with her work of being celebrities. anyway, wish her best of luck for this year and hopefully 2NE1 will receive a lot and lots of award this year! weehoo~ hahaha :)

Actually i don't have much to talk about because it getting late and my eyes is getting heavier but i can't sleep now because i need to send over my BM later on or i'm gonna be dead meat tomorrow. hahaha :) so, i think i'm gonna finish it by now and i'm targetting and i'm confident i can finish it by 2. History? aarr.. maybe later evening i'll send it as i'm going to stayback at school with the rest tomorrow for the luar sidang classes and for study group. yea... just as i wrote for the title, i just don't know how to change my lazy attitude. i feel that i'm getting lazier from day to day T^T and honestly, i'm so nervous and i don't think i can get good result for SPM as i'm suck in form 4 syllabus. i need someone to help and teach me >.< but for sure i don't want tuition because, if i go tuition kan, i'm afraid that i won't have time to finish all my homeworks. but if i don't go tuition kan, i'm gonna die!>.< huaaaa... what should i do?! someone tell me please. i'm so under confusion right now. urgh! but after SPM, i'm gonna miss this all. ekeke :)

 and so, i think enough about study stuff. urmm.. oh yea.. just want to share that i'm gonna finish my story soon! weehoo.. it half way through but i guarentee i can finish and printed it out after Chinese New Year. hahaha :) after i finish all my story kan, there i will feel so relieve because i have nothing else to worry about. hahaha :) yea, of course i'm worried if i don't finish my story because it will hurt my readers. ekeke :D anyway, i'm so gonna finish it A.S.A.P *actually i lied on the readers part because no one want to read my story de, just me and only me* well, and few other la.  hahaha :) i'm not official novelty bah. hehehe. well, if you guys wanna read it, just tell me, i'll let you read. but my story is in BM la sorry. My english is Bad~  hahaha XD so, what else?  my life? hmmm... well, no comment because so far, nothing change. just that i feel more better la. maybe because He always here and hear me cry. always with me whenever i feel sad and needing someone to talk too :) thank you, Father~ ^^ and so, i'm still the miss photogenic and the naughtiest among my friends :)

so, that is all for now. because i really need to finish my Komsas. hahaha :) so, wish me luck! adieu everyone! enjoy my photo. LOL XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)
(i wanna thanks to YunQian for lending me her BM Komsas Book for me to copy) hahaha XD thanks YunQian!