Mii Photo Update

Updating my face here since it's been a while I'm lost somewhere in Anaithnid. ekekeke :) 
Maybe you guys missed my cute face here. So, yeah :

P.S  : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

It's Been A While :)

Greetings, peeps :)
Well, it's been a while right? haha I know. School sucks! Making us apart. wuwuwuwu T^T. anyway, it's nothing to do with school actually, just randomly blaming it. hahaha :D So umm.. I'm home! ehehei :D
<--- This pic I took right before I went to class today :))
Gosh, I look even paler =.=;
( Thanking the Sunlight for making me look even fair. huahaha XD )

Midterm is around though. 2 more weeks, then I'll be dead. huahaha :D But seriously, instead of nervous about it, I'm pretty excited to sit for the exam. I don't know why, maybe it's because it is my first time. ekekeke :) Hopefully the question won't be as hard as SPM question. If it does, then I'm volunteering myself joining the Hunger games. ekekeke :D Speaking of Hunger Games, I still haven't watch it yet and so do The Avenger. I WANNA WATCH THIS TWO MOVIE SO FREAKING BADLY! wuwuwuwu and not just that, even The Three Musketeer also I haven't watch. wuwuwuwu #FML =.=; Oh well, I guess I'll just wait for Astro to broadcast it in HBO, MAX or FMP. Free, HD and I can watch it at home, eating all the food and even lying down. muahahaha :D Patience is the key to success. ekekeke :)) Just have to wait then, something better will come over :) And and and I WANNA WATCH THE DARK SHADOW! OMG!!! JOHNNY DEPP AS A VAMPIRE!!! :DDDD

And this few days, I've been wandering around all the social network I've signed up and I saw lots of people seeking for their love life and how they wanted to feel how its felt to be loved. I know, I have no rights to say anything about what they've been posting or what they've been thinking but their status making me thought about it and well, this is what I thought about love life;

Love life, you don't have to search for Love, for Love will come for you by itself. If you seek for it, it won't last long but if you wait patiently, then most probably, You'll find the love of your life. God always have perfect plans for us. So, just keep waiting. Don't worry about being alone, for you isn't actually fully alone though. Still thousands more out there, and one of them probably will be the one who will take care of your heart. Well, I admit that I'm very traditional in love stuff but this is what I believe. Seriously, I confessed that for 18 years, I've been living in this place called earth, I never been in any relationship. But I'm still alive though and my single life is so far so good. So, stop being depressed about no ones loves you. Besides, you already have your family to love you, friends that care about you, teachers that taught you, and most importantly, God who love, care, protect, and taking a very good care of you. So, think about it. Live your life to the fullest, enjoy your moment while you're still single and freedom in your hands. You know, God knows when you're ready for love and when you reached that level, you'll found it :) Mark my word.

And speaking of love, right now I'm making another new love story which I called it as Little Angel's Guardian. Well, actually sis Jaba is the one who give it a name. hahaha ;) and seriously, I never thought of this before but as I'm waiting for the right time to post LLA in wattpad, so I guess, why not? Besides, Jaba said that I must have post something in that webpage. hahaha :) So, that's leads to the appearance of Little Angel's Guardian.
<----- I made the cover myself. What you think? Ohohoho.. I'm loving it. It took for like more than an hour for me to finish it off ya know. Editing this, edit that, redo this, redo that, search for pictures... WEW, hell lots of stuff to do. ekeke :)

And as you can see, there's Emma Roberts's picture. HEHEHEHEI, of coursela I put her face there. She's my idol and my first and last teen-actress. hahahaha :) I just adore this girl :) She's not just have that pretty face, she also have talents, she's a model, she's cute, I love her hair and she never done any controversy, if I'm not mistakenlah. and seriously, I think I've watched all her movies. hahahaha :) Yeah! I'm hardcore-fans of Emma Roberts! ekekeke :)

Anyway, BTB.... Umm.. well, it's pretty obvious that she's the main character of the story and i named her as Allison. ehehei :) Well, the story is about Allison who was sent by her parents to take care of an orphanage home called Little Angels in Tennessee. And when she's there kan, the kids didn't like her at first and always planned for some crazy tricks just to make her life hell. Of course she hate it and when she was about to give up, she knew the truth why her parents send her there. So, that moment, she accept the challenge and she's trying her best to make the kids like her back. and in between the story line, she'll met with a very famous teen-actor, that coincidentally having short vacations with his family. His name is Joshua McCollins (Logan Lerman) ehehehehe :) So, yeah... I don't know where the story will go but I hope it will be good. hahahaha :)) and there will be lots of other known celebrities as the character. If you want to read it, just go to Little Angel's Guardian.

And tell me what chu think about it. It still stuck in Chapter 2 lah for I haven't thought of what happen in the next chapter. ekekeke :D Like I told you, I never planned to write other story, other than LLA. And speaking of LLA, WA~ I never thought that it's now already reach chapter 20! WAAAA :)) hahahaha :) Since 10th of April, I've been writing it and now, whoa. Tomorrow, it will be exactly one month I've been writing it. ekekeke :) And yeah, It's reaching the end though. I can feel it in my bones. Maybe... just maybe, it will only written until somewhere around chapter 30+ lah. hahaha :)) Wow... seriously I can't wait to finish it. Hopefully I know how to do it later. ekekeke :) Wish me luck babe! :)

Gorgeous SEAMUS Agent. Oh look, Logan Lerman! HAHAHAHA :D
Actually I have no more things to say. ekekeke :)
So, this is goodbye then. And if you wanna read Levedad real story, just click here :
Levedad : The Origin & Renewal of The Vampire Prophecy.
It's freaking good! Go for it and you'll know what I mean! :)))
So, have a good reading time :)
That's all :)
Thanks :)
P.S : Yeah, I realized that I DON'T EVEN USE ANY ONE OF THE FREAKING CUSSING WORD. WHOAAA:)))) Well, I just wanna be good girl again. ehehei :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)