No Ideas For The Titles. ehe

Greetings, humanoids :)
I'm actually doing my Economics assignment but I'm distracted so... here I am. hehehe :) As usual. My life didn't get better in fact my depression and paranoia getting out of control in this few days but don't worry, I'm cool with it. I had worse. hahaha :) Anyway, speaking of depression... I'm not depressed because I'm sad or stressed because of the assignments due date or anything. It just came to me naturally and be part of me hahahaha seriously. I can't even figure out the reason why I'm being sad and stuff. hahaha and yeah, I noticed that I'm even quieter than before like seriously. I only let my mind speak ( Only connects with people via texts and social network ) I don't really, you know... like to talk. I mean, every time I talk to someone, in less than few minutes, I get bored and pissed at them for no reason. I know.... I guess I'm really are anti-social eh? hahahaha I do love interacting with people surrounds me it just that I can't help it but to be pissed off.

Even at home, my mum and I don't really talk with each other. Once I get home, I immediately put my earphone on and face the lappy screen until night time and she just sit there and watch whatever shows on the TV. But then, I didn't feel awkward though. Maybe it just how we interact with each other. hahaha I mean, by be there at each other side? hahahaha I don't know.

And speaking of interacting. It's been about 3 weeks I didn't interact with sis Jaba though. Yep, well... I guess she just busy with stuff. You know, role-playing stuff. Yeah... I don't feel like flooding her ask box on tumblr anymore though because I feel like I annoyed her in some ways. I mean, seriously. I'm annoying like fuck. hahaha XD And in this few weeks too, I've decided not to seek or make the first attempts to start any conversation with her though because you see, it's always me who start the conversation. She did, but too seldom. And this make me think like, what if she never wants to talk to me but have too because she just don't want to hurt my feelings for not replying? Well, what if this is true? heh... Well, I don't know the truth though but this questions hurts me. I mean, like seriously. I'm tired of it. Seriously. I mean, it's really not that easy to start a conversation you see. I'm very bad at this thing but then because I want to talk to her and keeping in touch, I have to force myself. And plus, I can't really stand it when I have to ask so many things just to keep the conversation alive. You know what I mean? It just. gosh. Hmm.... And to conclude this, I'm very sure that she doesn't really wants to talk to me. hahahahahaha well. Yeah. whatever :)

<----- This is my most favorite picture. I don't know who the hell is he but he's adorable especially in the second picture and I'm like GAGDYUHSFIJEFKEKF<KE~~~ hahahaha XD Oh well, he's just cute alright? I can't help it :) And so... I'm going to have a presentation by this week on Thursday. Yeah, and I don't know how it will turns out but I'm really hoping for the best now. I'm a bit nervous when I think of this but yeah... the sooner, the better. kekeke and my final exams will be like around 3 more weeks and I haven't done any study yet. I'm thinking of doing some during the study week *One week holiday wwooooo* XD I'm scared that I can't score for my Finance. Yeah, that's the only subject that I'm very terrified with right now. Too much fucking formula and I don't even understand any of that shit. hahahaha and Economics, I think I can just read everything from the notes that the teacher gave me though and HR, its just reading and stuff and for BEshit. It's just a piece of shit. hahaha Seriously. The teacher don't even teach us anything yet. I don't know how I'm going to study that shit. For Account, um.... depends on the questions and I really hope the teacher still have a merciful heart and gives us a little bit of easiness on the questions. ahahahahaha :D And uhh.. what else about school? Um..... Right! I'm thinking of sending out all of my assignments and tutorials by this week. Hopefully. I'm quite a bit stress because of it but I'm controlling it hahahaha I can't let it overcome meh. If I do, I would turn into your worst nightmare and the grumpiest person ever. like seriously. And if I let my negative energy to control me, i guess I'm already die. hahahaha :)

Cute right? I know! I made them kekeke XD it's a flyers for our imaginary shop hehehe :) Anyway, last time when I was going somewhere with my mum, I suddenly have this thought hits me in the skull. Like imagine that one day, Miri City were flooded my zombies. hahahaha XD and yeah, I came up with newly fresh ideas for story. kekeke but I haven't start writing it yet since I've lost my confidence somewhere in writing this kind of shit. So, the ideas I'm having is like this. Uh.... Well, the characters will be like 4 to 5 person like that lah, mixed of adults, teenagers and maybe kids. yeah. I don't know. I just randomly thought of this. hahaha XD and then they were like being left out from the main evacuation day but the got notes la from the evacuator staff and the notes contains the information like the place where the other evacuation process will be held and what time, what day... something like that la and then they have about three days to survive before the huge termination of the undead on the 4th day. Yeah... and they have lots of experiences and stuff and shit going on during their surviving moments. Well, maybe few of them dies in action. Maybe. If I have the guts to kill them. kekeke and I'm thinking of making it a bit funny though. But then when I think back, I'm not funny enough to write funny shit. hahahaha
So, maybe nahh~~ I'll just go with the flow, write whatever shit I want. I mean, no one will wants to read it anyway. Even if the does, it would bored them to death. hahahahaha So, yeah. I shall not speak a word of this. hehehehe :)

And yeah, I'm currently doing another story too hehehehe :) It's about band thing. Well, they're not famous band but they were paid to perform in a special birthday party of the daughter of rich man lah. hahahaha because the girl likes the vocalist bah since they were like coming from the same school kan. So yalah~ but then, the vocalist got crush la with this one part-timer in the hotel where the rich girl will celebrate her birthday and the vocalist crush is the guitarist friend from kids lah and the guitarist also like the girl la. Plus, vocalist and guitarist is bro-forever bahh. hahahaha then... I don't know. HAHAHAHAH well, I actually haven't write anything on this one two, I'm just starting with the character. kekekeke XD yeah~~~ XD I just love finding characters for my story okay? but not writing or finishing it off. kekeke XD
I'm Awesomely Slacker.

It's almost 12.00 a.m now and I'm lacking of ideas on what to write. kekekeke oh right! I'm currently loving Of Mice and Men. Yeahhh~~ Austin is full of awesomeness XDD I love all of their songs. Well, only in this one album lah, The Flood. Seriously, the way he scream really synchronized with the music. It just deadly awesome! hahahaha XDDD my current favorite song is the Production of Murderer and Ben Threw :)
And I'm actually getting bored with Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter and also Facebook. Because I started to feel insecure and no privacy at all. Only here, in Blogger I can have my privacy you see. Here I can talk whatever I really feel and whatever is in my head because nowadays, people seems to drift away from blogger only few left. Well i guess i shall say THANK GOD!
hahahaha XD I'm sick and tired of people actually. So, yeah... I guess I'll be here more often from now on :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears.