Part 11: Nothing's Matter Anymore :)

Heyy~ it's been a while I didn't update this blog hahaha :3 yeah, i'm pretty much busy with roleplaying and stuff. Then, assignments week is here and i have resits coming soon. Wah! I haven't even look for my notes. I'm so dead hahaha *sighs* and then, i'n gonna have presentation and after that final exams. Wah. I'm so busy! I really have no time to play around but then... As usual. Hahaha there won't be work if there isn't playing time hahaha :3 yeah. I'll just have to stop procrastinate :) 

And well, honestly i've been stopping from cutting for like almost a month but that around the end of October, i relasped again. *sighs* I've told Jaba about it but then well, I think I shouldn't have to tell every time I relasped right? It's just troublesome and make things even more complicated. So, i'm deciding that if I happen to relaspe again in the future, i'll just deal with it myself. I mean, its my own fault though and no one is involving. So yeah. But after that day, i think its almost a week I didn't cuts :)
Yay me! Hahahaha :3
But the urge and the temptations is really almost impossible to be resisted hahaha :3 
BE STRONG, gie-chan! XD

Anyway, i've made a few friends in Tumblr and we connected through Skype now. Wee~! Yeahh~! i have skype. Can you believe that? Hahahaha i mean, i really hate that thing before but now i've come to like it hahahaha :3 well, now that i have friends to talk too and foreigner to yooo~! Its like always be my dream to have foreigner friends like this hahaha :3
But the problem is that, well. You know how socially awkward i am hahaha i think i've been completely annoying at those two. Yeah, i only have two of them hahaha :3 but anyway, yeah. I mean, i'm already used to be annoying with sis Jaba though. I can't helped it >.< maybe i should act cold like Mon-chan. Hahaha :3 

Yeah. I'm not a good friend for sure. I'm always annoying and sometimes I wonder why I even have friends to begin with. Like seriously hahaha :3 but yeah, i'm not perfect and i can't simply change myself to be the one they wanted to see. This is me, if they hate it. Then fuck it. I'm not going to change who I am, anymore. I'm done with that shit now. Hahaha :3
I'm happy for being myself and i love my annoyingness hahahahaha :3
I'm not going to let other people to bring me down again. I had enough of that. I'm tired of kissing the ground. Now its time for me to climb up and be who i am.  Wahh~! I'm so good with words hahaha :3
But really though, i'm going to do what makes me happy. XD oh yeahh~!

I had enough things to worry about like my studies, my parents, my money, my figurines, my stupid brother *sighs* and lots more. I mean, *sighs* it's hard to be a universal lover you know. Like loving too many things that you couldn't bring yourself to hate anything including the roaches. Hahaha i can't hate them, only disliking :3 And yeah, i cared to much for people that sometimes I think people would be freak out hahaha i mean come on, if i'm them, i would freak out too bwahahaha :3 i'm just.... I don't know. Loke, once i consider that one person as my friend, i'll care about them more than i am about myself. Like well, doesn't matter how they treat me, i'm still going to be with them like forgiving them for that. UNLESS, they pushed me to my limits, then yeah. Sorry, no more place for you my love. Hahahaha :3

Ahhh~ i don't wven know what i'm babbling about. Oh well, i'll write again soon :3

P.S : let your smile cover up your tears.