I'm Indeed Have That Hidden Talent. (sort of...)

Greetings, humanoid. As usual, i'm slacking off from doing my homework. ehehehe well I guess its my new hobby now XD
So, let just get done with this blogging thing because I seriously need to do my homework. hahaha they are piling up especially my HR homework. Today the teacher gave me another one. hahahaha I'm like... I haven't even done with the old tutorial. hahahaha oh well, served me right for procrastinating too much. kekekeke. And beside HR, I have to recheck and maybe redoing some of my Entrepreneurship assignments since the deadline is near. I mean, really-really near like the teacher told us last week that we must already have the presentation draft which needed to be shown to him by this week and i'm like what the fuck, bro?! hahahahaha I mean, seriously. The time given is fucking short man. I'm seriously stressed out right now actually. hahahaha not just that, I still have Finance and HR assignment to deal with as well. I mean, God save me. hahahaha XD but for the other two, I'm not that concern lah since I'm teamed with those I kind-of-can-trust-a-little-bit. hehehehe I mean, they are my old teammates from semester one. So, yeah. Plus, finance assignment is wayy easier that BE assignment. hmmmm... Oh well, I'll just have to deal with the tutorials first, then I shall move on to check on this BE shit.

So, in this few days, I've been really active in drawing. I don't know why but I feel like I'm back hahahaha I mean, seriously. It's been months I didn't draw anything and I always feel like I'm losing it. but then, a miracle happens last few days ago which I was again dragged into the world of drawing. hehehe :3 Well, this is the best things happen to me so far because I can see that my drawing are improving, especially the head (since I'm more with the head) hehehe and I know that the movement are still awkward and stiff but I will do my best to improve this too. Now, I can draw boy character without making it turn out to be a girl. hahahaha yeah, i mean, I can now differentiate it a little bit from one another. hehehe XD Of course it still look like a girl in some state but yeah.... well... *cough* So, here are some of my work;

this is Marshall Lee anime version. kekekeke XD Well, I didn't expect it to turn out well, ya know XDD

That one is suppose to be Yu Ha Min but end up I modified it a little bit and turn it into a neko boy. It seems a little bit weird there, I know but seriously this is my first time drawing my character that way. hehehe I'll do better next time! XD

My personal favorite drawing. WUBWUBWUBWUB~~~ seriously melts me. kekekeke and and the hairdo! It was my very first time able to draw that kind of hairdo! adnqnoifoqiejfiojwotiwe!!! I'm so happy! XDDD congratulation to me! hahahaha XDD

And my so ever first twins character and also my first fanart of Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiins. Well, I never planned on drawing these two actually but then one of my instagram member requested me to draw this two and yeah, well... It's not exactly looking like the twins but yeah, I did my best in my own version. Oh well, as long as they look a like. kekeke XDD 

And this is the when I'm just trying to draw the hairdo (refer to the girl ) yeah, at first the hair look like that kekekeke and then, I try on the hoodies then randomly add the guy on the right. hahahahaha Well, to be honest, I drew this one very randomly. ekeke like, "I draw what I feel I want to draw, bitch," hahahaha XD

And so far, that's all I drew. Actually got few more but I don't feel like posting every piece of it. hehehehe :3 Well, I'm still learning on the body drawing thingy for sure, and of course also the clothing and the legs, hands and stuff. hahahaha XD Wish me luck though (^___^)v
And since I started to draw again, I feel like my stress and negative feeling being lifted up and I feel even better nowadays. I'm more calm than ever and I can even write my fics happily. hehehehe oh ya! My fic is now ongoing chapter 4. I'm stuck in chapter 4 because I could feel something isn't right with it. hahahaha I don't know what but I'll try to read it all over again and find out what is missing. I don't want the story to be like hanging at something and well, like escalating too fast hahahha unlogically. ekekeke XDD
Oh well, I'll do it this friday :)

And now, uhh... what else should I say? Oh ya! yesterday my phone go crazy. The volume wasn't functioning you know! and it go all mute I'm like the fuck O.O hahahaha XD then, I just ignore it for a couple of minutes, then taa-daa~ now it working again. yayy! and today, my dad ask me again about how is my phone (since I told them both yesterday ) and he was like, "You wanna go repair it or go for new phone?" 
and I'm like whaaaaa~~~~~ hahahahaha and of course... I said, "Nahh~ my phone still working well," hehehe seriously, I'm already fond with this iphone of mine. I shall treasure it till the death of it. I mean, well honestly. I do feel like having another phone since the volume kind of turn on and off by its own and sometimes, it can't even receive calls from anyone but then again, oh well.... its not like I can't call back. hehehe :D Soo, yeah... I will have a new phone but not now. just not now. Because I just love my phone.. my baby love :)

And so, last saturday.... me, sis Jaba and sis Inut hang out in  my room, just randomly doing our own stuff actually. Well, we were going to PBB that early evening because I got this free book voucher thing from the ministry of education. So, we all spend all the voucher there and buy random stuff and then went back to my home. Then, as we were at home, the three of us at first sitting quietly and read mangas. hehehei Well, only me and sis Jaba actually because sis Inut busy surfing the internet. Then she said like, "I feel like in the library," hahahaha well, yeah... me too actually. the three of us were so quiet that time and that the first. hahahahaha XD but not so long after that, we started to play with my action figure hahahaha and we had fun and I almost losing my voice because of laughing to hard hehehehei yeah, we're like randomly make our own Naruto ending like
"The arrival of okumura twins saved the Naruto Universe, locking Peins in the cursed box of ferrero roscher and in the end, Naruto eats Ramen while Orochimaru seat next to him like a friends something, something," hahahaha XD well, it kind of like that XD\

Then after a moment, we then randomly get our arses to work on my wallpaper. hahahaha and yeahh, now it kinda half finished. I can't wait to see it finish later on. heheheheh :D thanks to them both. if not because of them, I don't think I will ever have my room look as pretty as this :D

And just now, I've just finished reading my previous stories and I'm freaking damned cursing myself for not finishing any one of it. I mean god. Seriously! I'm demanding for more like the story was so damn good! I feel like it wasn't me who wrote it hahahaha like seriously. I never thought I was so good in writing. Why can't I be that good now?! T^T
anyway, I've got four favorite stories which I decided to continue. Well, maybe after I'm done with VHSC. And my favorite stories of mine are;
1. Bringing Happiness to your world
 - it's about a good art student who being friend with some emo guy who have talents in drawing and she had this best friend name Girl and also be friend with some skaters at school which is one of them crushing on her sister Anna. And there got another guy name Daniel, who she and her friend both have crushed on, a popular kid la. ehehehe and yeah, I have a feeling that the emo guy likes her. hehehei. I wanna know the ending, seriously. when I read it, i'm like "fuck you pgie! why you no finish le story?!" the story is so freaking damn sweet~ wuwuwuwu\

2. Lygthus the legendary swords
- its about Sam, which I automatically imagine him as Harry Style and I don't know why. maybe because 'I' put the bushy hairstyle kekeke XD anyway, its about Sam who be has lost his parent and live with his uncle hobson who he barely knew and also friend with a popular guitarist from Hollywood Crasher band thing and then, that one night, when he went to the kitchen, suddenly got attacked by a talking werewolf and then his friend suddenly got this crimson eyes and silver sword and kill the werewolf. and then, his uncle is acting all peculiar and obviously hiding something. Then.... yeah... kill the past me. hahahahaha SERIOUSLLYYYY!!! T^T

3. Short Story -The Experiments
This story is about a blond scene emo girl name caitlyn who realize her mom turns green and hungry for her flesh acting in zombies like and she was going to call Cady.  (dunno the hell is this cady guy, maybe her brother ) and then scene change to cady where this guy happen to roll down from the bed because of the loud crashed outside. he was staying with his friend arthur who is killing his zombie girlfriend. Well, the manage to kill the girlfriend after sometimes and the story hanging...... Urghhhh! I think I'm so going to get doraemon and go back in time, forcing my own self to finish the damn story!

4. The Last Descendant
This is my most favorite of all four story. Seriously.... I dunno how to review on this one because the story line is just excites me and I want to know more but.... I dunno now since the story is hanging. I feel like crying now. hahahahahahaha T^T seriously. damn you, pgie from the past! why you have to make me feel this way?! wuwuwuwuwuwuwuw

So.... i guess, I'll try to continue each one of the story. Maybe with a new story plot since I barely can remember the story line I've come up with before. Well, I still can recall a little bit of everything, just that, now I want to focus more on VHSC and maybe will finish it first before I continue the hanging story =.= and and I want to start off with Bringing Happiness To Your World because like seriously, I can feel the sweet atmosphere when I read it. It just excites me and I have the urge to write bubbly love story. huahauahahahahahahahaha XDDD
Oh okay. I shall go now. its 1209 already and I need to work on my arses out. Maybe I'll do the rechecking tomorrow after class and after the form-getting-thingy-done :D

Wish me luck for tomorrow. Adios, Amigos ~ (^___^)v

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears