Jo Young Min ♥ (( Expressing My Love ))

Would you be my boyfriend?
I’m your girlfriend I’m your girlfriend
You’re my boyfriend, you’re my boyfriend
You’re amazing, you’re even better than everyone else
I’m busy everyday (busy)
Your heart hurts (hurts)
My love for you won’t change
I won’t ever see anyone besides you
I don’t know why my heart is like this...

-Adapted from Boyfriend English Lyrics-
I change the boyfriend/girlfriend part. LOLsXD

AnnyeongHaseyo! well, today I'm not going to talk about anything else but my lovely Jo YoungMin :) OmO hahaha :D Well, I just found him about a day ago. LOL :D yeah, yeah, I know that I'm late but so what? LOL :D anyway, I'm going start with short introduction of him.

First, I know his real name is Jo Young Min. and he has a twin brother name Jo Kwang Min. Seriously, they are identical twins but I don't know why only Jo Young Min that caught my heart away. haha :) Haish. I don't know, maybe because of his blonde hair? 0.o And oh, he was brought to this world on 24th April 1995. Omo! I just type 1995 right? hahaha :D yeah, like seriously he's younger than me and the same age with my sis Phoebe. Oh~ I miss my chance again T^T but wait! Unless he likes Noonas. hahaha :D Hopefully *fingercross* ekeke :) but seriously, he wouldn't look at me even though we met. Hmm..hmm... I know my place is :) but I REALLY REALLY WISH THAT I'M HIS TYPE OF NOONAS. LOL XD

Kawaii-nee~~ hahaha :) yep :) he's totally the cutest boy. I mean, one of the cutest boy that I ever seen on net. LOL XD because so far, I haven't saw any cute guy yet in here, where I lived. ekeke :DD *sighed* I wonder when can I meet him. hahaha :) I'm confidence, if I'm standing among the crowd, he would mostly will not notice me. LMFAO XD I wonder also if he had a girl friend. ehehe :) if he does, WHOA whoever that girl is, I salute her with all my heart and all my body part and mentally. hahaha :)

What I like about him? Umm.. well, seriously I feel in love with his smile :) the first time I saw their music video on youtube, I was like "OMG! God, why did you make him look that way?!" and yeah, seriously his smile make me broke my own promises which I said to myself that I won't let myself to be updated with new rookie kpop artist. LOL XD i guess he's smile is damn magical. ekeke :) Then, I started to focus on their music videolah. and i saw his talent and his cute voice. OmO, i feel like pedophile ekeke :D Just kidding! and I admits, Young Min is my youngest bias ever. hahaha :DDD Chukae! :)

So, last but not least, I hope he would found my blog and read my true feeling towards him. LMFAO XD just kidding though. Seriously, I don't want him to look at my blog especially this post. ekeke :D Embarrassing! LOLs :D if he read this post, I bet he would said to media that 'A Pedophile name Pgie targetting me as her newest victim', LOL XD I can imagine. ekekeke :DD No no no, I'm not a pedophile, seriously! hahaha :D

To end this cute post of mine, here is my newest picture. (( I took it today LOL ))

Annyeongigaseyo! :)
Thanks for reading my crap! :) 

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears >.0