My Curiosity Level Is Rising Up! T^T

Annyeong~ i'm just having my tea-time at my aunt house. thanks to my cousin for giving me opportunity to have tea time at their beautiful house. hahaha :D the truth is, i  always come over to eat. well, not always. sometimes. I may come without invitation but i do eat with their pemision. hehehehe :D i still have my pride. i drank milo and eat chocolate cake that my uncle bring from his workplace. i don't have idea where it from but i know it from some of his bestfriend. ehehee :D thanks to that person for giving me to taste the delicious chocolate cake. today, before i check on my facebook i search few i mean dozen of his new photo. I tell you, i;m so addicted to his pretty cute face. i wish he's mine. hahahaha :D but that is not going to happen at all~ because person like him, of course he had a girlfriend already right? hmm..hmm.. well, let's not talk about him first. 

   well, the things that i wanted to say is about this one boy who just enter my class. he's not new in the school but he already being kicked out from school for collecting to much dimerits mark. he's one of the most problematic boy from my school but if you just look at his face, you'll never know that he's the baddest because his look is soo damn innocent. He entered my class today, after recess. our lead discipline teacher call me up and then told me to watched over him and keep my classmates away and never talk to him no matter what. and then i met with my class teacher, mdm.Christina and she warned us not to talk to him and just abandoned him there. i am so curious about, what is their motive to put him in our class if they don't want us to talk and treat him well? i've been thinking about this and i've asked few more discipline teacher like Mdm. Tiong andf Sir Lau. they keep telling me the same thing. they told me, they don't know and they even said that they can't tell. well, if they can't tell me the WHOLE STORY, then at least tell me their motive on doing such things? why must our class? why not others? and why can't we be friends with him? why? why? WHY?! 

   well, i've heard a little about him from some people which kinda know him a little. *yes, i'm investigating* and they said that he's not that bad when we were still in middle school *yes, he's the same age as mine* he's good and even he ever be together with one of my friends. they said that he's changing after we enter highschool. i think he's pick the wrong group of person to be friends with. hmmm.. one of my classmates told me that the reason all the teachers put him in our class is because the teachers want him to be bored with school and drop out. but some of them told me that he want to learn well and change himself to be a better person. ahh~ i don't know! Nan Molla! i've been discuss about this matter with my classmates before sivik class started this evening. some of them said that, they feeling guilty for ignoring him and they think that we all should talk to him once in a while. well, you see. its really hard to be abandoned and ignoring someone that have done nothing wrong with us, right? and i've made few theory about this. one, i agree with what the teachers told us which that is ignored him and second, we could talk and treat him good but not be too close to him. but then when we talk and discuss this matter with our sivik teacher, she said that we just need to ignored him as the head of discipline has told us to do so and she said that like we have no other choice other than to ignore him. this make my curiosity grow bigger. you know i have a very high curiosity. I think i really need to know the real motive and why our class, i mean MY CLASS. my class, my responsibility. i'm the monitor of the class and i do think i have my right to know more about this. I may not a very responsible class monitor but i do care about my dearest classmates safety as the teachers themselves told us that the boy is dangerous. and i did this for my BFSPS's sake! so, i think, i must start to investigate a little by little and i think i can reveal the truth maybe not now but SOON ENOUGH. i just need few helps from few people. that's all.

     Ahh~ enough about that matter, now back to my dearest future boyfriend. ahahaha :D he may not going to be mine but my heart is soo just for him right now *eventhough he didn't know* hahahaha :D we never met anyway. and today, when the last bell rang, the one boy that i've been crushing on *the one only that i never mention here* whether i'm mistaken or not, i think he really does give a glance on me. HUAHAHAHAHAH :D i feel like flying! LMFAO :D ahh, HyukMin honey, just for "eye-wash" no worry, i won't cheat on you. ahahaha :D but about i'm crushing on him is already just a history. i have no feeling on him anymore though. not completely NO, i do have a little but i'm just liking him and adoring his cute face. teehee :DD but his cuteness can never compete with my Hot Korean Boy especially my HyukMinnie~ hmmm... ahh yes! i won a standing medal today for Debate Competition. hahahaha :D unbelievable right? yeah! i hard believe it. we can win third place?! hahahaha XD thats because my teamates, my daddy and mummy who put us in victory. i'm just making the debating worst. hahahaha :D what else to talk about? hmmm.. yeah, yesterday cikgu Annuar give me RM2 for helping him buy two cans of Chrisanthemum Tea for him and CIkgu Pirabu ^^. i did say NO when he gave me but he insist me to take it. so, i just take it. hehehe :D i thank him ^^.. but next time, i hope that he or other teachers who asked help from me, please don't give me anything for a return because i help with all my heart and not just to get any reward though. i'm happy if they could do this next time ^^

so, for end this post, i'll put another photo of me and my dearest HyukMin :D enjoy and don't be jealous for he is mine~ huahahahahaha XDD

Cute combination right? huahahahaha XD i know! ehehe :D so, i off my post today. see you in the next post :D ADIEU!

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears