I'm In Love With My Sister's Boy, Mr. Song Chan Ho TT

Annyeong, Everyone! hahahaha :D YESH! I'm in LOVE. hahahaha :D sound nonsense but YES he make my heart beat fast. ekekeke :) but still he can NEVER replace HyukMin's Place in my heart. ekekeke :) anyway, Song Chan Ho is officially founded by my soul sister, Sis Jaba. hahaha :) and last time, when we both busy writing our story kan, she put one of Mr.Song Chan Ho best pictures and there cupis struck me with love arrow! LOL XD haish! hahahahaha :D but if I'm back to reality, that cute face human (refering to ChanHo) he won't even dare to have a little glance on someone like me. hahaha :) yeah, i know where my place is. hehehe :) But still, I'm in love with him without he knowing it. hahahaha :) obviously.

Well, I do like him but I don't think my love towards him would last long like what i did to hyukminnie. LOL *crazyfangirl* ehh~ talk about time, I already stalking HyukMin for 6 months. hahahaha :DD I thank to Tumblr people for posting his photo non-stop. ngahahaha :) and to their producer, thank you for making my dream come true. LOL.which dream? eyhh... the one that HyukMin taking pictures with cute little piggy, Young Gi. hahaha :D   back to the topic. hehehehe :) ermmm... actually I don't have much things to say about ChanHo because he's new in Ulzzang World so there not much information about him. But I'll try to search more about him in the future. trust me. hahaha :) errr.. what else? hmmm.. ahh, i know that he's a student but i'm not sure whether he still a high school student or already pass. hahaha :) but what I've seen is some of his pictures, he's still in high school. but we don't know the truth la because I don't go to the same school where he's been. hahaha :) sorry for my broken english there. aeemm.... what else? girlfriend? aaa.. I haven't find about it yet. hehehe :) if I know something about his relationship, i'll tell. ekeke :) ekkk.. I really don't have thing to say about this boy. hahaha :) haiz~ Oh yea... before I forgot.. Song Chan Ho is playing as Anton in our story. ekeke :) in the story he is with Miss. jungroo :) we make his personality to be quiet person. ekekeke :)

I guess that's all I can say about him for now. hehehe :) so, here is a o couple of my favourite photo of him :) so, enjoy yaw!

And OH, i found his photo together with my future husband *LOL sorry HyukMin for my shameless action* hhahaha :) both cute but HyukMin double cuter. muahahaha :DDD

So, for the conclusion, Song Chan Ho know Kang Hyuk Min. hahahah :) and from this I conclude that, KangHyukMin is being friends with almost all the famous ulzzang. hahaha.
Some ulzzang that I know they knew HyukMin :
1. Hong Young Gi
2. Yu Ha Min
3. Park Tae Jun
4. Song Chan Ho.
5. Kim Yeo Bin

and few others that I don't know their name. hehehe :)

KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~ hahahaha *fainted*

I better End this post right now before I'm sleepy in the class later. ekekeke :) Adieu and God Bless!
so, I just hope there more pictures of HONG YOUNGGI and KANGHYUKMIN in the future~

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :D