How To Make You Look Ulzzang in Pictures :)

Annyeong again! teehee :) Yeah, seriously I just opened my Biology book and tett~ suddenly an idea popped out of my head :D This few days, I've been busy (chewahh, busy) stalking my favourite ulzzang, Kang Hyuk Min and Hong Young Gi :) then, I saw lots and lots of bloggers talked about how to be an ulzzang, ulzzang make-up tutorial and what-so-everlah. So, I'm not going to do any of that because I have my own way. ahaha :D I said this by own experience. Seriously, I'm not Ulzzang but I'm just a wanna-be. Oh, I wish I am but unfortunately, I'm not. ekeke :) I don't like surgery. LMFAO XD (don't take this seriously, its a jokes) Anyway, if you interested, please read more~~ (0...<)

First of all, you don't need make up if you want to be ulzzang. Seriously, I rarely use make-up myself. So, from this you could make yourself feel your natural beauty. LOL XD. All you need is a perfect angle for yourself and an expression which you think is good on you. and magically, you can be an ulzzang yourself. and P.S, i recommend that you take picture by putting your hands higher than your face. it will beautify yourself because most people, when they took below their head, it make their head look bigger. hehehe :) so, reconsider it :) and Besides, you can be better ulzzang than those ulzzang as you had beat them by your natural beauty :) (I still can't beat them T^T LOLs XD) Naturally, For Example

Straight from my camera :) See, I don't need make up or photoshop to make myself look good :) anyway one more thing, beside good angle and expression, make sure, you're camera receive enough light. Its working by hiding your black dots on your face and make your skin look soft and even whiter :)Seriously, I'm not looking like that in real-life. hahaha :D I look bad~ XD but still, I'm feeling pretty though :D

Secondly, you need to know how to hide your facial weaknesses. Like, if you hate your eyes or mouth or maybe your nose, you could use something like spectacles, mouth-cover (pretend to look like SARS people) haha :) or maybe use your hands by making peace sign or circle and act cute :) ahaha :D if you know what i mean lah... Like me, I got this serious thick eyebrows. Before, I often covered it with my fringes but nowadays, when my fringes got long and I can't covered it anymore =.=; So, here what I did :

Yep, I use my favorite specs to cover it up. You still could see my brows which shows how thick it is :D LOLs XD seriously, it always work. All my family and friends know how serious it is :) it sometimes look like a couple of caterpillar glued on my brows. LOL XD

Third, if you don't have talent in editing picture, seriously that isn't the worst thing ever. You still can beautify yourself by using simple photoshop. Like, you can just put blur effect or maybe lighten a bit of your pics. And I'm sure, you'll be professional one day. Just don't be afraid to try new stuff :) Like I did, I never know how to edit picture so I start with simple photoshop. then after few times doing the same thing, I dare myself to try some chinese photoshope. XiuXiu, I used it. I don't speak or read chinese...I just know Wo Ai Ni and Ni Hao Ma? hahaha :DD So, I just click any button I saw and start to edit pic of mine. LOL :) seriously, it work. at first, I did bad lah~ hahaha :DD

This example is when I use simple photoshop like Photoscape :

In this picture, what help me the most is perfect angle, good lightning and good pose ;D I also did hide my biggest weaknesses.
so, this one is the picture I use XiuXiu to edit it :

If you observe my eyes, it surely look bigger after I use the Photoshop :) and I lost my eyebag. hahaha :D i wish I can get it of my eyebag in real life. LOL XD and so, I add some simple effect to brighten myself and taa-daa~ I look different. teeehee :D you guys should try it, you know :D

 If you can't help it but to use make-up, also can... like Hong Young Gi... she really professional in applying make up. make her look so cute :) If you had make up on and plus the edit, OH~ you'll be the prettiest person in history. hahaha :D I also use make-up sometimes and I can't denied it :) But seriously, I recommend to you all not to applying too much of make up. Just put some foundation, not-to-thick line of eyeliner, lipgloss and compact powder :) if you have contact lenses, that much better for it will help your eyes look more attractive. then, I recommend you guys to put more effort on eyes because it sometime the first thing people will notice :)Example :))

In this picture, I use only foundation and lip gloss :) I try to use eyeliner but it become terribly done. LOL XD I'm seriously amateur in make-up thingy. ekeke :DD

Like seriously I want to tell you about being ulzzang. You don't have to have that pretty face or tall, or skinny or soft skin or what so ever the real ulzzang have. Because the real ulzzang also not all of them look good without make up or photoshop :)So, all you need is skills, talent and most important is BE YOURSELF :) You can copy the style of the real ulzzang of course but just don't try to be them. If you can get what I mean :) Seriously, I don't have pretty face, or skinny or soft skin. I'm just a normal girl who lived in planet called earth (I mean to write it long) hahaha :) And MOST IMPORTANT, be confident and try not to take all the insult from people as the negative, make them as advise and try to improve yourself to be better :) remember, they insult and call you ugly because they know you have the potential to look better than them :P

So, that is all I want to say :) thanks for reading my crap. LOL XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)


If you looking for a BOYFRIEND~  hahaha :D Shut it! I'm not going to talk about BigTimeRush. ekeke :) I'm gonna talk about BOYFRIEND KOREAN BAND! I know I'm late about them. hehehe because I've been leaving K-World for Hogwarts. hehe :P Anyway, I found this cute little band when I'm hang out at Youtube JUST NOW. well, I'm regretting it now for I've been telling myself that I'm not gonna update myself with any new rookie's band. T^T I failed :( but still, I'm grateful for I can finally wash my eyes with new blood K-group. ngehehe :D honestly I tell you people, this BOYFRIEND group somewhat reminds me of Shinee. I don't know why but yeah, I can feel it in my bones. ngehehe :) Oh, and I got new bias too. ngehehe.. I just knew his name is YoungMin :) HE IS SUPER DUPER KAWAII~ <3 but he look almost like ChiHoon for me :) SO, in this post, I'm just going to share their pictures as I'm damn speechless about what to say about these guy. ekeke :D So, ENJOY~ :)


KYEOPTAAAA~~~~~ hahahahahahahhahaha XDDDDDD