Lolita Stuff :) I Love It!

Annyeong! or should i say, Konnichiwa~ hehehe :) yeah, well. in this post i would love to talk about Lolita Fashion. FYI, i'm a lolita's fans since ages ago just that i don't show it. ekeke :) but i really go into this fashion when i was still ancafekkos which i still like Bou, the former guitarist of Antique Cafe. waa~ miss him a lot :) hope he's doing fine now. ehehe. anyway, my interest in this lolita stuff getting more and more from age to age. ekeke :) and now i'm 17, so more interest in this stuffy. i was just telling Phoebe that i want to make myself a Lolita dress :) if i can la. hahaha :) but i don't guarentee and for sure i won't make any this year because i'm kinda busy with study as i'm a SPM candidates :) so, i think, i'm gonna start next year la. hopefully i can :)

anyway, today i won't write to many because pictures shows more than words. ekeke :) so, here are my favourite lolita's fashion :) enjoy all :D

Nice kan? coolll~ hahahaha :) i wonder how will i look like if i'm wearing those dresses? hahaha :) haiya. anyway, all i choose is just the black one. actually those dresses can be in any colour, pink, blue, red etc.. you just need some creativity to make them pretty. so, that's all for me. see you guys on my next post. need to sleep de. its 3.50 a.m XD

Adiieu :D