First Free Saturday :)

Greetings, humanoid! Today is Saturday YAY! my first free saturday. Yep, because last few weeks I was pretty occupied with my assignment and school stuff. SO, this saturday is my very first saturday that I don't really have to think about assignment. Yay Me! hahaha well, there's only one more assignment to do, Business Math Assignment but I think it's pretty easy to do because all I need to do is applying in the formulae and Tadah! it's done hehehe :)

Anyway, right now I'm actually waiting for Lalan to fetch me. We're going to have movie marathon today. Annabelle and Dracula: Untold yep! it's a bit of celebration for my freedom and her second birthday present yeah~! XD

I was inviting sis Jaba to join us but she said she doesn't want too so yeah, well. Maybe next time. She told me that she doesn't wanna too because she wanna take a break and then I told her like, I'll be the one who's driving and she need a little fun and she said No. I don't really mind if she said no it just that, she doesn't have to raise her voice after the second time I ask her to join us. it's pretty hurtful hahaha but yeah, I guess it's my own fault for ya know, being pushy about it. Oh well. Note to self hahaha :) I have a fragile heart.

And yeah, my English presentation went well and people praised my work on slide. they said my team slide are very cute hahahaha XD well, I can't help it because I'm weak for cute stuff. hahahaha :) And then, after we all done with the presentation; because one of my classmates were presenting about cosmetic surgery. So, there this one time my english teacher said like "I don't get it why people are soo obsess of being someone else or trying to be someone they're not. Changing their outlook because they want to be that person; do cosmetic surgery, dying their hair (and this part, she glanced at me), no offence to those who dye your hair. Why dont they just being themselves?" she said that. I'm like, dude.

why are you so judgemental. hahaha But I keep my mouth shut and just let her babbling about her opinion. I know, and I'm agree with her that originality is everything and accept yourself well is very important. But she must know that people have different approached in keeping their own originality. In my case, I dye my hair not because I wanna be like Demi Lovato or Kpop artist; not that I want the attention nor I want to stand out. I dye my hair because I want it too. I want my hair blue and I love it. If she have problem with it, its her problem not mine. It's not that I'm dye-ing her hair anyway. hahahaha. Its what I called self-expression. I do what I want and what I like.

But yeah, then I'm like, yeah whatever you said. She have her own opinion and she voicing her opinion's out. I know she's very straight forward kind of person. So, I'm not blaming her for anything. It just, I'm a bit offended. hahaha seriously. I'm doing it because I want not because I want to be anyone. but what to do? Like I said, different people have different perspective. So I'm just going to respect her opinion about it (^__^)v

I mean, when I dyed my hair blue, I'm sure that some people will like it and some people will criticise it. So, I'm pretty ready with all of it hahaha :)

Oh, oh. this reminds me of there this one time in class. These group of cool kid in the class we;re like, showing a picture of a corpse that have their head blown off and the brain is scattered all over the floor to my friends, ellan and shock hui. It's pretty gore picture I must say. And my friends were like, ewwww and then he show me the picture, and I'm like "Oh..., is the face exploded?" in my normal face and he was like, "What?"
and then the only girl in their group be like, *gasped* "She just said "oh" to the picture!!" to the one who say I look like panda last time hahaha and then the other guy be like, saying something in chinese to Ellan. then shock hui, translate it to me and she said, "He just said, why are you so cool."
And I'm like, "Wait what? what so cool about me??" and then they all be like, "You are cool."
I'm like well thanks? I guesS? hahahaha. and then the guy that show the pic to me is like, "I really like your attitude," I'm like, thanks man. hahahaha

Well, honestly. I'm not cool or anything. It just that I've been playing gore video games since forever. It's like Gore is part of my life. I even read gore manga and gore anime hahahaha and gore movie. So, exploded face or brain scattered all over the floor is like normal stuff for me. Unless its happen in front me, maybe I would freak out. Like seriously. hahaha :)
The only thing that scarred me right now is Jack-chan and gang rape manga. Oh my god. I can't read all that. I just can't. hahahahahahaha *cries* My heart still break eventhough Jack-chan is just from the manga but *sighs* Let's stop talking about it. I dont wanna cry for the third time for Jack-chan. hahaha :)

And so, I'm start to write again. Yeah, Well actually I'm just continuing my unfinished story. hahahaha I really love that story and how the past me has written it. So, I'll just do my best and hopefully I can finish it off this by this year. YEAH! I can't wait. this is my goals for this year. hhehehe :) 

and Oh, my final exam will be on the first week of next month. So, I'm so fired up to get good grades. I'm going to study well this time and I want to get A's or at least B's for this exams. I want to score and to prove my parent that they can really count on me. I think learning is fun. hahaha yes, I really love learning. It just the matter of procrastination and lazy-bones. Taking notes is fun you know. hahahaha :)

So, I'm gonna do my best to get great marks. I don't want to think about my 8 week holiday for now because it will kill my enthusiasm to study hahahaha and OH, i think I'm gonna have my japanese class next year! YAY! I can't wait! hahahaha I wanna learn japanese so bad because I wanna be able to play those otome game that haven't translated into english and watching anime without the subtitles hahahahahahaha can you imagine how wonderful that will be????? HAHAHAHA

and then, this year. I might started my dream to be a cosplayer. hehehe yeah! I'm going to lose few KG of course because I'm about thiiiiiis close of obesity hahahaha I'm just gonna lose about 3 to 5 kg. I mean, 65 kg is already hard to achieve okay? hahahaha I don't mind anymore about my size or anything. It just that I don't want to be obesity hahahaha :)

 I guess, it's time for me to stop writing. I'll be writing soon. So, bye bye for now!

Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)