♥ New Year Resolution ♥

Hey hey~ What's Up? hahaha :) Me Gusta! that's my new greeting, I bet... I never had that kind of lameo (( In fact, all my ideas lame)) huahaha :)) Don't care. It's sound cute though. ahakz! Anyway, If you look at my post title, then you'll know what I'm going to tell for now. hehe :) I finished listing my resolution last night and I got more than ten :) Oh well, I just listed all the non-impossible-to-do one. ahahaha :)) So, Umm... here we go :

  Learn Cooking Various type of food :)
  Finishing My newest story :) ((This one has the hardest story line))
 Collect Money. I want to buy myself a new phone N8 yo! ;)
 Loss a little weight. Maybe lose about 15 kg. ehehe :))
 Eating more Fruits and Vegetable, Less Junk Food :)
 Improving my drawing. *Still lacking of skills*
 Pass my driving test ^U^
 Go on Vacation. I really need to get out from Sarawak. hahaha :) 
 Become clean person. I mean like half clean-freak as I always dream to be one. LOL :) I'm weird.
 Go stylish! Weehoo :)
 Cherish my family and friends. Never lost contact with anyone of them :)
 Improving my handwriting. This is because my handwriting is worse than kindergarten kids. hahaha :)
 Get rid of my scars on my both legs :) I want to have nice leg. huahaha :))
 Improving my bedroom. Collect money first, then I want to paint my bedroom :)
 Attend Church every Sunday :)
 Go for sin confession on Easter :)
 No more lazybones :)
 Completing my Figure Dolls :)

Ahaha :D what A list? I know and yeah, about next year... I'm freaking out. You know, SPM result is going to be announce. My heart pounding so fast every time i thought about it because I know I didn't do it right :( Oh God! I didn't aspect for something like straight As la.. I just target... urgh! I'm not sure! Just hoping that I didn't get any red marks! Oh God! I really wish I won't fail my SPM. Keep Faith, Pgie! :) 
So, to end this post and the last post of my 2011, I let my newest bias of 2011 to end :) MIREU ♥

Like seriously, I have thought of writing "I want BANGCHEOLYONG as my boyfriend in 2012" but I decided not to do it. LOL :)))
Adieu ♥

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)