Impacto De Café (=^___^=)

Yeah,  it's morning yaw~
Anyway, I'm pretty much feeling extraordinary today
Believe me or not
I woke up at 7:50a.m and I was like 'WTF?!'
ahahahahahaha :)
I guess my bad habit is home again.
But at the same time,
I think its all because of the coffee I've tried yesterday :)
Moon drank the same brand of Coffee as well,
She seems to be pretty sober this morning.
hahahahahahahaha :)

I took it like yesterday.
I kinda love it ^___^
The big one, mum bought it for me and the small one, sis Inut bought it :)
Actually, I was thinking to buy the big one for sis Jaba as well.
But I forgot to bring my purse along.
Maybe next time :)
We both have the small one already.
And we're kinda assuming it as 'Badge' 
we're a VampireSlayer wannabes YAW~ 
YEP :)
that's us ^___^

I was doing this like on 2nd of Feb
Yeah, I was thinking to update my blog that time
but something terrible struck my heart
and I have no mood to updating.
So, yeah :)
To be very honest,
I really-really have no confident on doing it 
As yeah,
I seriously want to write my own story plot
my own character ( only ++ a little from the others)
Like I've always wrote when I was 12.
I kinda love that moment.
When I wrote this one,
I feel like fanfics writer
I don't want that
Not that I despised those fanfics writer
I do ADORE them like a lots A Lot.
They help me with my grammar. ehehehei #truefacts
I want to make my own story line :)
yeah :)

Jaba was sick yesterday :)
I knew it from twitter :)
last night we have chat lah
As usual,
She wanted a comment from me about her newest story
Seriously, I just told her half of what I thought. 
ehehehehehei :)
I'll tell the whole story in my Reviews :)
So (Wait for it, yeah babe?) 
So Logan and Jake's shook hand is special for her
she'll felt much better after seeing the picture
"Get Well Soon, Dear!"


So, I guess I reach the end of my post :)
Short but worth to read lah. hahhahahahaha :)
and Yeah,
Kind of sorry a bit because I'm lacking using the animated gif :)
I'm having flu
Maybe because I woke up to early.
ahahahahaha :)
God Bless You
Stay Blessed ! :))

And the picture below,
I dedicated to Mr. Logan Lerman.
Hahahahahahahahaha :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Chapter 2; Young Fugitive & Chapter 3; Hidden Dagger ( Review

*Curtain opened*

Ola, amigo!

Well yeah, I know I've skipped yesterday.
So, I'm very sorry
I'm falling to pieces yesterday (Aisehmen)
What can I do? hahahaha
So, as for the punishment, I'm gonna write reviews for two chapter :)

Hope you'll forgive me
So, let's begin (^___^)
Before that, I wanna to introduce my loveliest dog, Chubby. hehehe :) she just got haircut, when this picture taken and seriously, her fringe so much looked like mine by that time =.=; hahahaha :D Miss that old times, my best buddy ever

Okay, now we're going to be serious :)
As usual, let's start with short synopsis

In chapter two; Young Fugitive. the writer had wrote about the main character arrival in Milan, Italy. There they were sent there by there grandfather, who I believe to be one of the mastermind for the whole strange things. hahahaha :) I mean, everything that connected to SEAMUS lah hahahaha . Well, then... In this chapter, the writers as well shows that Jaba's bipolar attitude. I know why but I can't say now. as I'm going to tell in another chapter preview. ehehei :) If I'm not mistaken, it will be reveal in chapter 4.  ( if it real, then its mean, I'm totally into this story  as I rarely remember anything after I read something ) In the morning, she would be very grumpy and in the middle of the night, she would behave as herself again. But her sisters -Moon and Pgie- didn't believe that it was her bipolar action but she was possessed. still they have no clue about it. Then, in this very chapter as well, they run away from the hotel ( where they SUPPOSED lived lah ) as they can sense something bad will happened. Jaba told them to believe her for that night and they have to as they seriously have no choice. hehehe :) And here also, they met with an angel, who is very good-looking and extremely cute namely as Zadkiel. ohohoho  and Pgie asked Jaba whether they should believe him (as at this moment, Pgie didn't recognize the angel) and jaba replied, "I think we can," ( that was actually my favorite part, the whole running away thingy, hehehe. I kind of loving it) So, they successfully ran awaylah. hahahahaha :)


As usual I'm waiting for this chapter like crazy!
SO, what I've been thinking when I read this very chapter is that,
Why are they being sent to Milan?
Well, obviously Vatican city is around Italy. But I still don't get it thought
Was their grandpa thinking of handing his grandchildren to the Vatican?
and after all of them arrived, I wonder, where have their grandpa go?
and one more thing that makes me wonder ( maroon 5, ahahaha )
Where did Jaba meet with Zadkiel?
When? How?
yeah, all this keep playing on my mind :)
So, I'm looking forward for the answer in any future chapters. hahaha :))

End of Review chapter 2; Young Fugitive.

Now, I'll be writing about chapter 3; Hidden Dagger.
Well, this one is one of my favorite chapter (Honestly, I think I've been typing the same sentences since Prelude review.)
let's started! 

Okay! ( reporting it's now 1:33a.m and like seriously, I'm feeling very-very energetic  ) 

In Chapter 3; Hidden dagger, the writers were telling me about Jaba is mad at them all as they aren't be in the hotel, well.if we recall back, it was her idea to leave the hotel, right? So, the rest ( Pgie, Moon and Kevin ) feeling quite confused by that time as she seems to be very mad about it, insisting them to go back to the hotel and then, she even insulting the others and left Zadkiel's house immediately. Pgie decided to go after her,asking her what is wrong with her as she had made kevin cry. Yeah, Kevin did mentioned that Jaba never ever shouted at anyone before and she also never ever called Kevin coward. Kevin quite feeling down by that time. Pgie was angry at Jaba. As they finally outside the house, Pgie called Jaba and asked her to stop. She'd called her like very often and pissed her off. So, she took out hidden dagger from her pocket and stabbed her sister directly on chest. Pgie was so shocked that time, Jaba left her half dead and smiled satisfyingly at her before she left. Then. Poof! to be continue on chapter 4. hahahahaha

Well, if I ended it there, Jaba would probably stabbed me with dagger in actual world. ahahahahahahahahaha XDD
so, to prevent from actual dying   
please proceed :)

Alright, the things is. The scene change to Kevin and Moon, who was being told to stay at ZadKiel's house. They sense that something wrong is happening to Jaba and Pgie and they started to worry about it. But as they trying to think positively, two vampires stormed in zadkiel's house and looking at the two delicious teenager. (hahahahaha XDD kevin and moon must look like a fried chicken to them, alright?) So, without thinking any further, Kevin and Moon burst out, jumping from the second floor house to save themselves from the two predator. Shortening the scene, they run aimlessly and finally they arrived at the Park. there, they met with this cute-piercing looking guy name Sam. At first Sam was really trying his best to lying but then he admitted that he can't longer lying to them and asked them both to believe and follow him to somewhere safer. As they have no other choice, Kevin and Moon have to put trust on Sammy. 
As Kevin wanted to step in Sammy's car, the creepy monster pulled him and threw him towards the dustbin and wanted to eat him (something like that) but fortunately, Sammy stabbed it with silver cross and now it aiming Sammy. Kevin still in shock and Moon trying very hard to make his consciousness back again. As they both were running towards the car, Moon saw a girl who is about to be eaten by the vampire beast. Kevin stunned. She told Kevin to stay there while she went towards the Monster to save the innocent girl.. Kevin didn't know what to do but he was mused by Moon's braveness by saving the girl and he doesn't want to see his sister being hurt by the monstrous creature. So he threw rocks towards it and successfully dragged the monster attention to him. As he was feeling responsible and he accidentally activating his hidden power. YEAH, did you read that? HIDDEN POWER  YEARGHHH~ so, that's it. he then fainted. Now, I'm serious about going to be continued on chapter 4 :)


like seriously,
I've been wonder as now I already now that Kevin have that special power,
So, I'm wondering if the girls also have it?
hahahaha :)
And and, I also wonder
Where had Zadkiel go?
Why he left the kids alone in the house?
Why didn't he put protecting charms around?
And why there is no security alarm?
ahahahaha :D the fourth question is just something random, ignore
And aside from wondering,
I'm quite amused with Moon brave act as she willing to sacrifice her life just to help the innocent girl
and I'm also amused by Kevin not-coward act at the end of the chapter. He killed the monster. and that's totally worth of receiving a WOWSOME!

So, overall I'm PRETTY MUCH EXCITED when reading this two precious chapter.
Never in my life, I'm being addicted reading something (Other than comic books)
I feel like reading the real vampire story
And last time I feel this kind of feeling is when I was reading *Shadow Forest* my first Novel and also the first novel that I love the most, which 3-4 years ago, when I was around 14-15 like that.
So, now... I'm pretty much addicted to this story :)
Thank you so much for writing awesome story like this. 
I'm not just falling in love with her grammar but also her story line. OHMYGOD!
Definitely WOWSOMENESS!! :)

I'm soooo looking forward for the upcoming chapter :)
Thanks for reading this lovely review
Reporting the time, 2:39a.m
Getting a little sober.
hahahahaha :D
*Bowed 720 degrees*

*Curtain closed*