5 Days Of Fun. No Kidding :D)

Christmas spirit really got me this year. Maybe because I'm finally free. huahaha :3 yalah, like for 11 years of schooling then suddenly on my final 11th I will never be called as High school student. Wee :3 I feel like my feet aren't touching the ground any longer. huahaha...Yes, i'm freaking flying for this few days. hahaha :) I wasn't being called as high school student since 4 days ago which is on 8th December 2011. I'm so officially full-time daughter and blogger right now. hahaha :)) Actually, I've planned a lot for my future. ngeee~ eh, we must planned lah, with planning we can be the best of the best and can achieve and life goals we have. ngeee (^V^) But, plans can waits. right now I'm going to focus on current news. LOL :D I mean, I'm focusing on Christmas and New Year celebrations ^^.

Yeaha! did you notice what I put on my head? ngeee~ I just bought it today. hahaha :D it's just so cute and I can't resist but to buy it. actually i want to buy the pink hat, then I change my mind because the pink hat are so damn expensive. hahaha :) so, i bought that lah. hahaha :D Today, I go to Siong Lee with sis Jon to buy some christmas tree decoration. She bought the tree and I bought the decoration. Actually I was planning to decorate my christmas tree today but my lazy bone overcome me so I cancelled lah. hahaha :) and I'm planning tomorrow morning. I must wake up early tomorrow if I want to do it :D because maybe on afternoon I'm going to go to saloon to cut hair and of course, make it even prettier. LOL :) Eh, not pretty, CUTE. hahahaha XD Mum and Mummy (( Aunt next door )) had their hair curl-up today so tomorrow ours turned. LOL :3 and today also, sis Jon and I went to Survey Supermarket to buy some baby clothes for her upcoming baby :)) OH, how I wonder what gender it will be. Deep deep in my heart keep saying that she's going to delivered a baby boy. Oh~ we can't predict yet lah.. but seriously, I wouldn't care if it baby boy or girl. as long as its a baby, then I'll accept it. hahaha :)) I just love babies~ And I also bought Doraemon Sanitizers, Doraemon's wet tissues and Doraemon Pijamas for my sonny, shawn :)) Oh, I did bought nail polish. ngeee!

-----> that pictures taken on 11/12 morning. Right after I rose from bed. hahaha :) you can tell it by looking at my hair. Well, my hair look like being curl right? Nah~ actually it was curled when I'm asleep. hehehe :) I went to saloon in my dreamland. LOL :) But I love it though. Naturalities~ ngehehe :D Well, yesterday is one of my most fun day because from morning till 6p.m, sis Jaba and I played PS2 and we're just too awesome you know. Why? because we finished playing our forever-favorite-game, the Black Hawk Down for second time. and this time, it only took 4 hours. How awesome is that?! hahaha :) well, of course lah we use 'Easy' because we're not really pro-gamers. just some wannabes. hahaha :) and then, at 6.00p.m sis Jaba bring me, sis Inut and sis Jon to eat at KFC. wee :) we had fun and our stomach full, that's the most important. then, at night sis Jaba and I meezing. ngee :) and then she and sis Inut went home at around 10.00p.m like that because they need to go to work on monday. I mean, today :)) Yeah, seriously, I do have fun! :DDD

 and on 10/12, its was Jayden's 3rd birthday :) We went to Chyi's house for celebrating it. Well, kinda fun as well because we took lots of pictures. hahaha :) I feel like model. LOL :) never mind the face, that's my real face. I look cute still. hahahaha :D Anyway, we have lots of laugh and Oh yea, we watched Fright Night after we safely home. The movie is awesome, its just so epic. hahaha :) and seriously, its all about vampire, real vampire not the sparkling type of vampire. this one, just damn bloody. hahaha :D and Oh, got Dr.Who. Urm... that morning, I didn't think I did go anywhere. hahaha :) I think I just played games la. Oh, speaking of games, I just love to play Coraline. Oh, the games are so freaking adventures and awesome. I love it! I want to try to finish all the level. ngehehehe :) Hopefully I can lah~

And on 9/12 is also fun day. It was my brother birthday :) yeah, I still wish him birthday. Well, Duh... no matter how stupid and how much he hurt my parent, he still is my one and only brother :) Why should I hate him? I do admits, I've been telling that I hate him for what-so-ever reason, that 'hate' means nothing. I never hate him, i just disliking him :) I wish him would change in the future, Amen~ hahaha :) Okay, so that day was his birthday. I accompanied sis Jon to buy him some new t-shirt for his birthday :) Shawny and I went playing around the Lea Sport Center and guess what? Shawn afraid of the dummy. hahaha :) Oh, Like MEh~ hahaha :DD And Um... What did I bought? I bought OH MY! I bought PS2 hahahaha :DDD I forgot. Sorry. hahaha :) Hoyeah~ it was advanced Christmas present from my dad :) and actually, the PS2 I bought special for sis Jaba and myself as we both beein craving for it since forever. hahahaha :D we're fans of PS2 :D and he had promised me to buy LCD screen TV as welll. Wee~ can't wait to have it soon :)

And on my very day of graduated, hehehehe :) 8/12 my sis Jon brought me to shopping for celebrating my first day of freedom. ngee :) I go shopping with both mum and mummy (( aunt next door )) as well. the four of us went for girls day. hahaha :)) actually, I'm the only girl ekeke ;D We went to Merdeka mall for shopping. I bought myself 2 new glasses. the one that I'm wearing on the picture -----> is one of it and the other one is only a simple black-rims glasses. ngeee :) I just love specs. hehehe :D I want to make a collection of it. ngee :DD and oh, after that, I bought some food at the supermarket namely as Ta Kiong. I bought  Korean Instant noodle. I want to taste it. hehehe :) and yeah, just now I have one of the instant noodle and I think it's taste good. heehehe :) it just the same as the usual noodle only bigger lah :) and I as well bought nescafe double mocha. hehehe :) I just love the smell of mocha. Everytime I feel tired or unhappy, mocha is my medicine. ngehehehe ;) Well, Seriously... I'm having so much fun :D

So, that's is all I have to tell :) hope to write soon though. Oh, maybe I'll write after this. ngehehe :) see you guys on the next post. So, to end this special post, I put my picture together with my cute and pretty mum for endings. Thanks for reading my crap! 
(( seriously, Mum looking better than me, hahahaha ))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

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As I'm no longer high school student, I was thinking to construct every single stuff in about me section hahahaha :3 Annnyeongggg  <3