Random Day :)

Annyeong, Everyone :) or should i say Happy Saturday. when talking about day, it will reminds me to Rebecca Black Music Video called Friday. haha :) and whenever i remember the vids kan, i'll surely laugh like crazy. LOL as the vids look so AWKWARD and the lyrics seem to be nonsense. sorry to those who like RB but her voice is very annoying. i could not say much about her because i don't know her, i just judging her from outside. hehehe :) back to the topic.. today me and my classmates should have a choral speaking practice but WALA~ no one comes. only 5 of us who went practice. LOL XD yea, to be honest i was freaking angry just now but they aren't the one to blame anyway. let just blame me for i am responsible for everything as i'm the class leader :( but eventhough there are just 5 of us, we manage to make a sounds like there were 50 of us. hahaha :) we've practice quite hard and very full of spirits LOL XD i don't know whether the sentence is correct or not. hahaha :) our script? well, just copy and paste from the net lah. no time to make a new one beside, we have to perform on tuesday NEXT WEEK. when i think of this, my whole body is shaking. I'm SO NERVOUS!

Today also, i got tuition. but the truth is, we're not even studying. LOL XD but we watch BLEACH season 2 and Oh, My lady! LOL XD we're just study math at 7 until 7.30. ya lah, bleach started at 7.30 bah~ hahaha :) we did our best to make my parent go to our aunt house next door. LOL XD then around 9 we went to the kitchen and have dinner. LOL :) friday is always no class day. hehehe :) i love my tutor~ hahahaha :) same head with me. ekekeke :) but for sure, she really know how to teach me lah because in 30 minutes, i can understand 3 topic in a row. i was like " WHOA~ i really can do it!" 30 minutes, can you imagine that? 30 minutes for 3 topic. wuhuu~ salute to my tutor~ hahahah :D

ermm.. what else? ah~ yea.. later kan, i got meeting at BSMM HQ. yea.. typing the 'Meeting' words make me feel like V.I.P. hahaha :) anyway its gonna be held at 3.00 p.m and i think the meeting only take one hour la. hopefully. i don't want to sit for too long until my buttocks cramp. DUH~ hospital fee nowadays is very expensive. hahaha *what the connection?* anyway.. i decided to finish off all my essays BM or BI, even if i got chinese one pun i'll finish it hahaha :D and ermm.. this time i want to change lah. i don't want to fail any subject if can. because kan, everytime we got exams and when i get my results, i'll surely gets 5 failed and those that i get failed is of course the most important subjects that science student MUST NOT FAIL! T..T

But, nothing is impossible if we have the willing to make it, right? so i hope i can do better on this coming exams which is will be held on May, 9. T^T. i really hope i can because i don't want to disappointing my mum and preventing her from taking away my lappy :( if she did that, i don't know how will i survive my bored day without dearry lappy :) i don't want to lose my lappy because my hyukmin is in it. if mum kept lappy, then i can't see my hyukmin anymore :(( and that is the worstest part of my life :)

so, its 1.13 A.M already and my eye lids is getting heavier. i want to sleep lah. hahahaha :) last but not least from me, good night and sweet dream. hopefully i can dream about i'm getting married with HyukMin. in dream only pun enough lah. ahahaha :) so, adieu !!

here is photo of YoungGi which will ending this post. Annyeong!

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)