Private Tutor :)

Boujour~ hahahaha :) first time use that word. well, today i got Physic and Addmath exam :) ermm.. i think i'm gonna fail them again this time. hahaha :) because kan, i just do what ever i think is make sense *for physic la* hahaha and for addmath, i just put any formula i know~ ehehe. hopefully i can do well on my other Addmath and Physic paper T^T. anyway, tomorrow i will sit for Chemistry 1, Physic 1 and Chemistry 2. so, i hope i can do my best on Chemist tomorrow or mdm.MallWorld will slit my throat. hahaha :D 

<--- this cat lady over here is my sister, sis Jaba a.k.a Private Tutor. YES~ as you know, i don't want to got tuition, so mum and dad think of one  solution and Taa-Daa~ they make sis Jaba as my private tutor. well, she just started today and well, as i see now everything looking perfectly go well. just that we can't solve some of the problems. hehehe :) yalorh, our brain is equal-equal ma~ hahahah :) dumbest sisters~ XD today, she teach me Chemistry and there our brain twisting like twisters. we both went blur. hahahaha :) and yea, we have fun together though eventhough lots of stupid and random mistakes we've done. ekeke :D

And so, yesterday i went to church with sis Jaba, Phoebe, Isaac and Uncle Spone. that was my first ( i think) time seeing Bishop. i was like "Whoa! is this going to be long?" LOL XD sorry God! i didn't mean it actually. just that, ya la. kan Bishop is above Reverand, so that's why la i wonder if he got more important think to share kan? hehehe. anyway, the prayer wasn't that long and its only took One And A Half Hours only :) on our way home, me and sis Jaba as well as Phoebe took some.. i mean lots of photo together. some look funny, good, idiot, gorgeous.. etc..etc. hhaha :) so here are the photo :) *and i make it as collage because to many bah~ and i like all of it.*

Nice kan our pictures?! hahahaha XD i know! we feel like celebrities when taking photos like that. ekeke :)

I just cut my front hair :) (new cut : left) so, which one you think is mopre suit my big face? hehehe :0 actually i'm regretting to cut it because i don't really like it though T^T but i can't turn back time and save it, right? anyway, it will grew soon enough ^^.

so, i think. that's all for now. i need to sleep because i want to wake up early later. want to study chemist and a bit physic :) so, adieu everyone :D
So, here is the photo of HyukMin and Younggi together! XD i'm so addicted to them especially KANGHYUKMIN

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)