Happy Birthday Mr. Bloggy!

Ngeee :) Happy 2nd Birthay my love Mr. Bloggy :) Wahh~~~ It's been two years :) ngeeeeee  hahaha :D Seriously, I never thought that you are only some kind of social network but I always thought you as a person. My bestiest friend, my diary and Of course you're one of my memory supporters. ngeee  Yeah soo, for your birthday I just wanna say thank you so much for always be with me through thick and thin, through tears and laughter, through happiness and sadness, through stupidness and craziness :) You are the bestiest social network that I ever had in my whole life :) nothing else can be compared with you, even Tumblr, Twitter nor Facebook... they just ordinary. Not like you, YOU ARE THE BEST :) Nuga Jeil Jal Naga :) hahahaha :D you are the only place I could share my not-so-secret-stuff. ngehehehe :) I'm glad that I know how to use you at the very first place ;) Thank You So much for staying with me (( as you never ever go lagg )) You are my best friend :) I Love You, My One and Only Mr. Bloggy :)  Love you forever :D