Just Another Day :)

Hello! ehehehe :) starting from today i'm gonna use hello as my greeting to all of you :) yeah, as you know.. I'm quite freaking out with KWave. LOL XD call me crazy, but it's damn true. I'm so scared of them as i've been so addicted to KWave before and now I'm still on rehab :D hahahaha XD hopefully I can back to the right path lah before everything become to late :) Anyway, 2 more weeks is exams. I haven't done any revision yet but hopefully i can start soon. Urgh, if i don't i think i'm going to stay on the last place until SPM T^T. haiz. so stress ler.. Aiyerr~ hahaha :) to many homework. i don't blame internet, i mean FB, Tumblr, MSN, Twitter or Blogger because actually that is all my own will to online. Not them. I make myself to addicted to them all bah. kan? Anyway, bit by bit kwave is leaving my life now :) I'm so grateful, praise to the Lord for giving me strength to face the Kwave and not being seduce by them anymore :DDD

Right now, what i suppose to do is doing my Chemistry and also my Sejarah. Will be doing it after updating my blog lah. ehehe :) at least i will done a bit of it. it is better than done none, right? so, hopefully i can do it. or maybe i'll try to wake up early later and doing it. Urgh! I think i've been saying that i want to wake up early to do homework for few times already but tett.. i failed. so, by hook or by crook, i'm gonna wake up early by morning and do my homework. if not, i'm going to be dead meat tomorrow at school. haiz! pgie. pgie... you old enough, why still so lazy? haizz! I don't know what make me become so lazy like this. I think it's got something to do with genes. LOL XD neah, my mom and dad not like me. they hardworking ma~  I think day after day, My lazyness keep conquering me. I don't want it though. I don't want to ended up like my brother =.=

Sis Jaba said, my blog is to full with words and make her sleepy when reading it. hmmm.. is it? but once i write, i can't stop unless i really don't have much things to share. or maybe mostly i talk nonsense? hehehehei... well, i think she's right, my blog is too full of words and look somewhat boring =.=; well, i can't change the way i write bahh.. i also want to write a little like she does but my hands can't stop typing and my brain keep processing the idea on what to type. haizz! so hateful. hahaha :D but i'm grateful to write a lot as i can improve a bit of my grammar. LOL XD just kidding. no progression at all. ekeke :D i still use simple english. ekeke :D i don't even know when to use the word "The" ekekee :D what to do? i'm no english expert. ekeke :DD

Ahh, today I take some pictures with sis Jaba and Phoebe with my instant camera. hehehe :) love the pictures. well, maybe i'll show it here next time as i don't have digital camera to take the pictures :) the pictures was nice though. hehehe :) love it XD my eyes now are getting heavier. I guess i'm going to sleep now. will try to wake up at 3.30 or maybe 4.00 later :) ekeke. wish me luck!

So, that's all for now. in this post, i won't post any pictures to end it :D ekekeke :DD so, adieu!

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Will Do My Best To Be The Best ^--^

<--- that is Cover for LastLove hehehe :) first edition. hopefully we will manage to do the second edition :D eh, don't talk about second edition now because first edition pun still LONGGG~ way to go :D just reaching 9 chapters. more is on the way :) So, Annyeong everyone! Today i go to school. haha :) yeah, that's my routine. Going to school, home late, online, sleep. err.. homework? what's that? can be eaten kah? hahaha :) JK. well, I don't want to make any promises this time as tomorrow is Good Friday and of course another holiday for me. but I don't want to promise that i will use that day to do my homeworks because I'm afraid that if i promise, i'm gonna broke it like usual lah. hahaha :D so, this time. let just see whether i'm going to do it or not. haha :) and tomorrow also i want to do fasting for the whole day. yepp :) actually we're Christian should fasting for 40 days before Good Friday but I just knew all about it last few days T^T its okay la. tomorrow i'm going to fasting from morning till evening. wish me luck! i just want to show my loves towards The King of Heaven. i want to show him that I love him more than anything else and i surely want to stop from commit sins again. I'm tired to be a bad person =.=; bad person suck! hahaha :) Next two weeks, my second trial will be here. ready? errr... well.. hahaha :D

Actually, I really suppose to start study last few weeks ago but what I did is * just refer to the pictures*----------------> hahaha :D yeah, fooling around. that's what i do. Online gaming, facebooking, tumblring, twittering, ringring.. haha :D HAIZ! sometimes, I'm quite angry at myself. so stubborn and so lazy! i wonder what make me like this. hmm...hmm.. and this whole week, I got home late and yepp, I slept to soon :) i slept around 10 like that and yea i set my alarm to rang at 4.30a.m but its not working at all. Yea, i do woke up but only to off the alarm. hahahaha :D and at school, Prudence's book is my number one victim for me to copy. ekeke :D sorry dence! no choice because I don't want to be scold by the teacher bah. haha :D besides, i'm the class monitor. ekeke. useless class monitor T^T

so, I hope that I can discipline myself and start to study. if possible, I want to start today lah. well, nothing is impossible if i determined to do so, right? so, whatever comes later, i'll try to ignore them all :) first steps for today is finishing half of my homeworks and if I got more extra time, i'll try to finish all of them lah. then tomorrow, I want to request sis Jaba to let me doing some notes on Biology, Chemist and Physics. then, do some excercises on AddMath and Maths. :) History, EST, Moral, BM and English, I can do on my own lah :) hehehe :) hopefully i can perform well on this coming exams. I want to show everyone that i deserve to sit on Elite class and deserve to be call as Elite Student :) I born to Elite and I'm going to walk out from that school like Elite :) YESH! Gambatteh!

what else? hmmm.. ah, before this Gawai, the one and only things that i desire to have the most is GD580 Lollipop. hahaha :) if my parent generous enough, they will agree but i don't feel like that will agree. for sure, they'll say "SPM first, then if you manage to get good result, just asked anything," huff~ that's mean NEXT YEAR! my iphone is going crazy now. i feel like throw it to Sungai Miri! urgh! hate it! hate iPhone! hate touchscreen! hehehe :) the camera also not clear. Haiz! i want new phone badly T^T. so, i just keep hoping for the best. my current number in class, errr... better not say. pathetic! hahaha :) 

ah, before I forget. Today I learn Integration. weehooo~ i manage to solve every single question without copying prudence's or ekcheng's answer. ekeke :) YAY ME! ya, I'm starting to liking addmaths. but i'm a bit losing tracks on Physics and Biology. Chemistry? Okaylah..not so bad. Mathematic also lah. not really off track hehe.. just that today i lose focus on maths class as i hurriedly doing my chemist peka. but in the end, i didn't even send it. forget to photo-state the planning experiment =.=/ i'll explain to my chemist teacher next week. haiz! i'm dying! hahaha :D what else? well, not else I want to say. I'm out of word. ekeke :)

so, to end this post, enjoy these anime's picture :) adieu

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Ready To Face Reality :)

Reality hurts, but we're like it or not, we have to faced it. Because reality shows what life is. Annyeonghaseyo, everyone! Monday, i already skip! yeeyaah! so, i'm just getting ready for Tuesday! I wish i can skip ever Monday in whole year. ekekeke :D I don't why but for sure I Hate Monday. hahaha :D anyway, last week homework? hmm..don't ask. ekeke. I didn't touch any books this whole three days. ekeke, i just touched Bio revision book just now. to do notes. that's all. and i just thought of doing History but.. ermm.. neahh.. don't feel like it. ekekeke. maybe i'll wake up early and shower as fast as I can tomorrow and do some of it :) Oh, about my report card, i haven't give it to my parent yet. maybe a day after my teacher ask for it later. ekekeke. as usual lah~

And just this few days, I realize that the world is really getting weirder. well, as you see.. I'm a big fans of KpopWorld and so do my sister, Jaba. But then, last Friday (if I'm not mistaken) we talk about this KWave and as we observed that this KWave has change us to be another person that is not us. we've change a lot. If compare to what we are before, we are so creative and painting a lot. even we play with things that we make our own. yeah, last time, we have a very high imagination. even when I wrote story kan, I don't even have to squeeze to much on my brain. yeah, I'm kinda miss all that. As for me, still okaylah because I'm not as creative as Jaba did. She.. after the KWave, she seems like to losing her creativity. she stop doing poetry, making songs, writing a story, painting, drawing and even telling me a story. So, its seems like her mind is all about Kpop thingy.. 

Not like I blaming the KWave. NO..absolutely Noo. so, we decided to decrease a bit amount of KWave from our lives and start to balance it with other music genre like, JRocks, Rocks, Pop...etc..etc.. hehehe :) I also need to decrease my insanity towards ulzzang you know. because since I love Ulzzang, I feel like i'm in my own world and I don't even care what everyone around me doing. I just busy with my own imagination. crazy heh? I know. so i guess, from now on, I just have to decrease a bit everything that i like and start to face reality. which telling me that, "Ulzzang Will NEVER like/love someone who look like me" hahaha  and "Being Artist Is Not Always As Good As You See." yea... face it. its true. most celebrities don't even know english. I don't think they know what i'm writing if they saw my blog. ekeke :D 

I guess, that's all for now. Wish me luck on getting my GD580 hahaha :D i want to try to ask for it tomorrow. ekeke. aah, 19 April 2011 is my sis Ina Birthday! Wee Hoo~ hahaha :D tomorrow need to hurry going back from school to buy something for her.. and i know exactly what I should buy for her :D teehee~ hope she'll like it! so, that's all. Adieu :)

here is photo of lee Do Hyeong to ended this post :)

And the newest photo of me :D hehehe ..

P.S  : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Dedicated To BiRain-Wife-To-Be, BieJaba :DD

Nice kan? ehehe :D yeah.. that's my sister, BieJaba A.K.A TheCat Lady. ekekeke. actually there's more pictures of her but I only pick my favourite as there is TOO MANY of them. ahahaha :D and my most favourite one is the last one :DD.. 

I Just Want It SO BAD!

There is only TWO THINGS that I want so bad by now. hahaha :D but i don't think I can have them this year as my parent said they will buy for me if i manage to get good results for SPM. BUT I DEADLY WANT THIS TWO ITEMS! call me materialistic, but this two items is just to cool to be own! kyahh~ i wonder who have both of this item? i want to kill that person. LOL.  Just Kidding! I;m not psychopath killer. :) anywa, here is the review of my favourite dream items :D check it Out!!

Amazing, heh? I KNOW! hopefully, mum and dad would agree to buy me the phone, this year. The phone only pun enough lah. hahaha :D as my iPhone going crazy, so i need handphones for the time being. hahaha :D so, pray for me so that i can get both of that items :D Fighting!!

Mix And Match My Favourite Ulzzang :)

Annyeong, everyone. today I would love to talk about my favourite ulzzang. hehehe :) which I really wish they could be ulzzang couple one day :) if you are my loyal reader, you will notice that I've been mentioning about my favourite ulzzang couple, that is Kang HyukMin and Hong Young Gi. hehehe :) and WALA! my wish come true!!  hahahahahahaha :DD I really want to give an infinity thanks to their producer. ekekeke :) kamsahamnida! I never thought it could be true :) they look so cute together~~~ when I saw their pics kan, I was like "OH.MAI.GUCCI!!! XD"

next, I wish the same thing could happen to Lee Do Hyeong. hahaha :) well, if Do Hyeong and Young Gi take pictures together, they will match each other too and for sure, I'm gonna thanks the producer MORE THAN INFINITY. hhahaha :DDD haiz! YoungGi seems to match every other UlzzangBoys! she just to cute.. I wish I'm like her too. hahaha *never gonna happen* anyway, if Lee Do Hyeong and Hong Young Gi realy does take picture together in the future, cross my heart, I'll be Ulzzang Shidae's Number One FANS! hahaha :DD kyahh~ wish this could really happen!! please~ please make this come true. hahahaha :DD seriously LOL :D

And I also wish that My HyukMin would take pictures together with Lee Do Hyeong. hehehehehehehe *banshee's laugh* haha :) better if  they took selca photo. hahaha :) anyway, I'm gonna appreciate it if they could consider my idea. LOL XD *crazyfangirl* I love them both. XDD

My Last Mix And Match is of course Jung Roo and Chan Ho :) I just knew this two few weeks ago, from my sister, Jaba. actually they both are her favourite ulzzang. hehehe :) and when i look through their pictures in my document, i found that they could be a very matching ulzzang couple. both cute, both pretty, both hotty. hahaha :) just like HyukMin anf YoungGi de. hahaha :) I wonder if they can took a photo together in the future :) 

last but not least, my main purpose for posting this is because I wish ulzzang producer could consider my idea to mix and match my favourite ulzzang together. the other ulzzang that I would love to see them together in pictures are like HyukMin, DoHyeong, YoungGi, Song ChanHo, JungRoo, YuHaMin, Park TaeJun, Park HyungSeok, parkWonCheol :)) hehehe :) 

Step By Step

Annyeong, everyone! yeah, I'm back! LOL XD its been a while I didn't update bloggy :) Well, this few weeks, I've been SOO busy with homeworks and school activities. If I compared my time when I'm at school and at home, I think I better call my school as my home. hahaha :) because I spent most of my time at school. Its just hard for me to find time to relaxing at home this year. well, just be patience, only for this year. hehehe :) Today, I should attend the 3R club but I feel so lazy, Prudence and I skipped the club and went home. weehoo~ We just think of focusing on BSMM only lah. hahaha :) and today also got BC exams and of course, we both didn't attended it. We don't even know that today got exam. DUH! no one tells ma.. WHATEVER lah.

Ermm.. SPM trial 2? well, its only 2 weeks left. I haven't prepared T^T. urmm.. well, I think I've prepared but if over 100, i think I only have prepare 40 per 100. hehehe :) My confidence on getting better grades is shaking. hahahha :) Whatever it takes, I won't loss my confidence. hopefully. hehehe :) homeworks? as usual lah... still MOUNTAIN-ING. hahaha *new words* but for sure, I did few of it and I think my homework is lesser now. hahaha :) Right now, I'm listening to "I Have A Dream" by ABBA. I feel so relieved. the songs really fire me up :) - i cross the stream, i have a dream- hehehe :)

Just In My Imagination that my crush is really are mine. hahaha :) honestly, I haven't COMPLETELY forget him. hehehe :) I can't take my eyes off him. I don't know what is so special about him until make me so hard to forget. haishh~ even sometimes, I'm so angry at myself for being so stupid like this. He don't like me, I kept telling myself this but well, like people said, LOVE MAKE US STUPID. sure, I'm 100% agree with that statement. yerrrsehh~ hahaha :) but for sure, I will do my best to avoid him and start to let him go before I suffered more. hahahaha :) I've surf the net last time on How To Forget Your Crush. hahaha :) here are few steps that I found and hope it could help you out if you have the same problems as mine ::

1. STOP Staring At Him
2. DO something you LOVE most.
3. DISTRACT yourself from thinking about him
4. PRETEND not to know him
5. DELETE every memories that you have about him

it should be 10 steps but I forgot already. hahaha :) I did number 2, 4 and 5 :) and I failed steps 1 and 3 ekeke :) well, the night is still young, kan? relax~~ hahahaha :)
so, i guess that's all for now. I need to tidy my things up and do my homework and study, if I had enough time later on. hehehe :) so, here is Yu Ha Min's pictures to end this post. ADIEU :)

He just to HAWT. hahaha :D

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

223 Days Left Before The War Declaration :)

파이팅! is the only word that can boost up my strength to keep on studying. YES, fighting is the most magical word if you feel like giving up because when you said "Fighting!", you will automatically feel like you really need to fight for it and by hook or by crook, you NEED to do it until you manage to do it perfectly. hehehe :) yea, well.. surely it work for me. so, why don't you guys give it a try too. maybe it could be useful to you guys too. ermm.. in this post, I don't want to start with picture. hehehe. on my next point, then I'll pictures. ekeke :) what else? urrmm.. yea.. 223 days left before the war start. I'm so nervous but then maybe because I'm too nervous, I slept in Physic classes this morning T^T and in Biology class, I almost slept. I don't know what is gotten onto me this few days. I feel like giving up but thanks God the magic words help me to be back on track. Hopefully, tomorrow I won't get off my tracks. hehehei :)

Today, I got tuition. Chemistry. actually today suppose to be Mathematics. But my tutor said, she don't have Maths revision book. hahaha :) forgot to buy lah that. ekeke :) so, next week, would be Maths lah. urmm... what else? Oh yea, tomorrow I need to wake up early morning because I need to print out the 'kata-kata hikmat' and write the Moral presentation. After writing blog, I want to do vectors. because last week, I didn't bring along the excercises that mdm.Mackinna give. hehehe :) not that I don't wanna do it just that i don't remember where i put it already bah~ so, that's why la i haven't done it. seriously, this is so not excuses. hehehe :) what else? hmmm.... Today I got ceramah on how to write resume and interviews. well, i got a lot of information from it. just that, the Taylor's University didn't offer the field that I have in mind. Yeah, they do offer engineering but they didn't offer Environmental Engineering.  So, just now. I search for some universities that offer this field and I found two university that offer this field. One is Korea University and the other one is overseas lah. Out of asia. hahaha :) I forget the University name de. ekekeke :D anyway, I hope I can continue on my study at Korea lah. hahahha :D and if this come true kan, I'll be glad and very grateful. My Dream come true lahh~~ hahaha :D and if it not going to be korea, maybe Japan is quite good place to continue study, eventhough it already being hit by the Tsunami, it still not stopping me from going there in the future. I feel like I NEED to stand in  Japan or Korea's land. hahaha :DD It's a must I tell you. hehehehehe :) i don't know why but it just i need to. hehehe :) maybe I have something that I should do there or maybe my future husband is somewhere over there. heehehehhe ;D and I hope that person would be Song Chan Ho. LOL XD if he really going to be my future husband, FUHH! i'll be the luckiest girl in the world. hahaha :DDD well, I just can dream about it as I know where my place is. if between 10 girls, i think i'm gonna be his 11th choice. ekekekeke :D whatever lah. just keep praying that he will be mine. hahahahah :D i can't imagine if it will be reality. 

So, I guess.. that's all for now. I'll update again soon. thanks for reading :D
So, here is my dream future husband. hahahahahhaha :DD 

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Dream :)