Lolita Stuff :) I Love It!

Annyeong! or should i say, Konnichiwa~ hehehe :) yeah, well. in this post i would love to talk about Lolita Fashion. FYI, i'm a lolita's fans since ages ago just that i don't show it. ekeke :) but i really go into this fashion when i was still ancafekkos which i still like Bou, the former guitarist of Antique Cafe. waa~ miss him a lot :) hope he's doing fine now. ehehe. anyway, my interest in this lolita stuff getting more and more from age to age. ekeke :) and now i'm 17, so more interest in this stuffy. i was just telling Phoebe that i want to make myself a Lolita dress :) if i can la. hahaha :) but i don't guarentee and for sure i won't make any this year because i'm kinda busy with study as i'm a SPM candidates :) so, i think, i'm gonna start next year la. hopefully i can :)

anyway, today i won't write to many because pictures shows more than words. ekeke :) so, here are my favourite lolita's fashion :) enjoy all :D

Nice kan? coolll~ hahahaha :) i wonder how will i look like if i'm wearing those dresses? hahaha :) haiya. anyway, all i choose is just the black one. actually those dresses can be in any colour, pink, blue, red etc.. you just need some creativity to make them pretty. so, that's all for me. see you guys on my next post. need to sleep de. its 3.50 a.m XD

Adiieu :D

Parent Disapproving My Ambition T^T

Annyeong, Everyone. its been a while, kan? yea.. i miss you too. hahaha :) as usual  i go to school and i met with my besties and we eat together-gether. then, i bully kong ek cheng as usual and take advantage on Vidda. LOL XD i'm quite bad kan? the baddest classmonitor SMKP ever had. hahaha :) anyway, i take that as a compliment :) urmm.. well, yea.. i'm under confusion, hate and very stress right now. hahaha :) i don't want to talk about the main purpose first. let me talk nonsense first, then i'll go straight to the main purpose. ekeke :) urmm.. today i went to sis Jaba house to pray la because brother Kev had bought new bike :) yea.. congratulations! ehehe. then, i tapau a lot of revisison book from sis jaba. ekekeke. shameless kan? ekekeke XD right now, phoebe is doing her Homework :D me? yea, i do have but EST only de. no worie la. i can finish it up in a second only. hahaha ;) JK. and for now, i like to listen to Miss A. hehehe :)

the thing is, i've told mum that i want to be Graphic Designer after i graduate from high school. but she seem to disapproving it. my dad? Heh! no need to ask la. i know he will say NO. well, like other parent kan, they hoping for the best from their children.. same goes to my parent. but i really want to be graphic designer T^T. so, i cry la because i can read their disapproval through their expression. i've told sis Jaba just now about this. she said that, just be positive. T^T. how? at least they would let me become photographer ka? kan? that is all i want. for all this time, i just follow what they want me to do and i learn and do my best in examination to make them happy and so just to make them feeling proud to have me as their daughter. but i never asked for anything else, well, except for my daily need la. hahaha. this is the only thing that i want from them, approve my ambition. i want nothing else but this! but they just don't get me. if i think negatively kan, they are being selfish and they never care about what i want~ yea, they do buy me everything i want to but that never satisfied me. now i know why i still don't feel satisfy . because they haven't approve my ambition.

 well, enough about that. i don't want to talk about it anymore because the more i think about it kan, the more i hate my parent. i don't want to hate them. they raise me, they love me. just that.. if i hate them, thats mean, i'm the selfish one. so, i guess i just need to think about second option on what to take after graduation. Biologist maybe? or anything related to the environment. i don't know.. or i just go with the flow. let just wait and see what God has write in my life story :) hoping for the best! yeah~ so, for now i just concentrate on my study and keep being childish. ekekeke :) so. what else? hmm.. actually, i'm getting sleepy. but i want to write this first la. hehehe :) and i lie to mum that i said to her that i don't have homework. but actually i have tons of it. just i don't have the guts to do them. ekekeke :) waiting for th e weekends to do them all la. tomorrow maybe i'll do my History Notes and sent it on friday. friday? talking about friday, my little nemesis Shawny will come over. Wohoo~ but then on saturday i need to go to school T^T. so thats mean, this week, i only have sunday to rest. but after next week, i'm gonna have a week of holiday. CHinese new year bah~~ yay! happy chinese new year, everyone! hahaha :) but after chinese newyear, i'm gonna start to have a very full schedule. extra class, tuition... homeworks... a lots more. i don't think i can online so often like this. hehehe :) and maybe i'll decrease a bit my online time :) and i may be need to construct a time table for it. hmm.. what else? well, i guess that is all i wanna talk about la. no idea. ekekeke :) so, adieu everyone!

Just Don't Know How To Change.

Annyeong, everyone. its midnight and today is Minzy's Birthday! Sang-il chukahmanida, Maknae!! XD we both 17 years old this year just that she didn't sit for SPM. lucky her T^T but she miss all the fun at school as she is so busy with her work of being celebrities. anyway, wish her best of luck for this year and hopefully 2NE1 will receive a lot and lots of award this year! weehoo~ hahaha :)

Actually i don't have much to talk about because it getting late and my eyes is getting heavier but i can't sleep now because i need to send over my BM later on or i'm gonna be dead meat tomorrow. hahaha :) so, i think i'm gonna finish it by now and i'm targetting and i'm confident i can finish it by 2. History? aarr.. maybe later evening i'll send it as i'm going to stayback at school with the rest tomorrow for the luar sidang classes and for study group. yea... just as i wrote for the title, i just don't know how to change my lazy attitude. i feel that i'm getting lazier from day to day T^T and honestly, i'm so nervous and i don't think i can get good result for SPM as i'm suck in form 4 syllabus. i need someone to help and teach me >.< but for sure i don't want tuition because, if i go tuition kan, i'm afraid that i won't have time to finish all my homeworks. but if i don't go tuition kan, i'm gonna die!>.< huaaaa... what should i do?! someone tell me please. i'm so under confusion right now. urgh! but after SPM, i'm gonna miss this all. ekeke :)

 and so, i think enough about study stuff. urmm.. oh yea.. just want to share that i'm gonna finish my story soon! weehoo.. it half way through but i guarentee i can finish and printed it out after Chinese New Year. hahaha :) after i finish all my story kan, there i will feel so relieve because i have nothing else to worry about. hahaha :) yea, of course i'm worried if i don't finish my story because it will hurt my readers. ekeke :D anyway, i'm so gonna finish it A.S.A.P *actually i lied on the readers part because no one want to read my story de, just me and only me* well, and few other la.  hahaha :) i'm not official novelty bah. hehehe. well, if you guys wanna read it, just tell me, i'll let you read. but my story is in BM la sorry. My english is Bad~  hahaha XD so, what else?  my life? hmmm... well, no comment because so far, nothing change. just that i feel more better la. maybe because He always here and hear me cry. always with me whenever i feel sad and needing someone to talk too :) thank you, Father~ ^^ and so, i'm still the miss photogenic and the naughtiest among my friends :)

so, that is all for now. because i really need to finish my Komsas. hahaha :) so, wish me luck! adieu everyone! enjoy my photo. LOL XD

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)
(i wanna thanks to YunQian for lending me her BM Komsas Book for me to copy) hahaha XD thanks YunQian!

Better Than Uljjang :)

Annyeong, everyone! hahaha :) today is another lovely day for me..well, not quite but still it is cool and fun today. hmm.. right now i'm at Phoebe's House because i think i need to have privacy for myself for a while that is why i'm gladly accept my Uncle's invitation to come over :) and right now i'm doing my homework de :) hehehe :P so, let's back to the real topic ^^ yesterday, if i'm not mistaken.. i suddenly remembered a type of doll, which i adore so much and the only type of dolls that don't scare my pants off :) (especially Chucky and baby alive T^T) this type of doll is look soo like the human only they look much better, even MORE better than uljjang :) trust me! 

 if you look at their photo from a far, you'll think that they are human but in fact they are not :) how i wonder if out there got anyone who have their faces like this doll? hmm..hmm.. i don't think so la. because in this world, no one's perfect even how cute, handsome or pretty that person is, there must be something wrong with it. trust me *talking through experiences*
 anyway, i realize i'm starting to out of topic. hahaha :) so, back again. These type of doll is made from Korea. and the company that made them are called Dream Of Doll. Ugh, i think kan, these doll is the one who inspiring the uljjang because they sometimes look similar, especially Yu Ha Min.. so looking good like those dolls. hahaha :) but like i just said, this D.O.D is much better :) just that they aren't hooman~

 and yea, as usual.. when i found something new, i'll get attached to it very easily. hahaha ;) even these doll become my victims of love. LMFAO XD  and.. yea, i just found something about him. well, kinda short introduction of him :)

D.O.D high school 12th grade

He is one of the top 3 B-boy with Crush and A&D.

He started rather later than others, but he's gifted in dance with intensive dance lesson from Crush, he's actually even better than those who started before him.

He has been a model since 13 years olf, currently is runaway model with beautiful dancer's body.

He is a celebrity in school.

Also he is very smart and as well a member of A&D's Top Brain.

He's Hot heh? hahaha XD i know, even right now i'm drooling~ LOL XD well, i admit it, i'm insane! hahahaha XD but neah, he's not on my top because he still can't replace Lee Teuk~ nae sarang! hahaha :P ommm... what else.. oh, i bet you guys wanna see photo's of others heh? well, i can show you some of them, not all.. because you can search it at Flickr yourself :)

so here are my favourite photos :)) enjoy!

they are sooo Real Looking!! hahaha XD i'm in love with them all~ FYI, the prices is quite expensive you know.. even their clothes are more expensives that ours! well, you can check it yourself if you don't believe me. ^^ so, what else? hmmm... well, i guess that's all then :) heehehe :) nice to see you guys and thank you for reading :)

so here is my other Bias photo from D.O.D of course. (my new obsession) hahahaa :D enjoy and ADIEU! 
(P.S : He's smoking..i know ^^)

Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Korean Look A Like? o.0

Annyeong, Everyone! today i'm free-from-school~ hahaha XD its been a while i stop posting hyukmin's photo kan? hehehe :) miss him? yeah, too~ anyway, i have good and bad news to share with all of you.. well, for sure it got something to do with today. before that, i just wanna tell you guys that i never stop wishing that HyukMin is mine. ahhaha XDD just for your information la~ ekeke :D right, i am going to tell you the good news first then, gonna continue it with bad news de :)

The Good News is i'm not going to school and i'm waking up late! wohoo~ after that, mum didn't force me to do my homework because i'm sick de :) ekekeke.. after that, i continue resting my eyes and i woke up at 1++ o'clock. then, mum went somewhere with sis Ina and Aunt Winnie and left me alone at home where i freely do anything i wanted to do :) after that, i count my personal money and i've got a very balance finance right now. i want to keep it like that. and then, i ate kokokrunch all by myself :) then.. i play cityville :) hahaha :) quite a lot kan my  good news, heh? i know!

and the bad news is... teachers will kill me tomorrow for not doing my homeworks, and i got pretty long boring day, i feel bad for being selfish and i got my eyes swollen pretty bad T^T actually i don't know why my eyes gone swollen but according to what i feel kan, i think i'm allergic to medicines but i don't know which medicine is it. and my heart say that i'm allergic to the PainKiller or something call like that la. hahaha XD anyway, hopefully i can get through this swollen eyes very soon because i want to do my homework :) the picture above showed my swollen eyes but its look much better because it getting cured because i'd put ice on it :) and sis Ina said that i look like korean with those eyes :D ekekeke ;) so glad to hear that you know~ i wish i am staying like this so that everyone can tell me that i look like korean. LMFAO XD

that is my morning look.. i mean this morning.. before my eyes got expansion. hahahaha XD so, i guess that is all for now, chingudeul.. see you people in my next post :) *lacking of ideas on what to write* Adieu :) so here is my HyukMin's Latest photo. enjoy :DDD

to be honest, he does look different nowadays. look more mature kan? hmm..hmm.. but his eyes always the same :) hehehe :) oh well, he will always be in my heart! love you very muchy, HyukMinnie!!! XDD

p.s : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)

Mi Birthday Story :) and skipping School time!

Yesterday was my 17th Birthday and today I’m 17 J well, I did celebrate my birthday but just celebrate it with my dearest sisters la.. hehehe :D and I’m looking forward to celebrate with my friends, if my mum would let me too J anyway, I receive not much gift but I’m glad that all my deareset were there to celebrate with me and also, not forget my shawny J my nemesis. Just like before years, I’m the eldest among my classmates J and of course I’m the most playful of all. Hahaha XD actually I’m purposely being childish with them all so that I can be friend with them easily J Hope they won’t hate me >.<

Present? I receive Blue Bag from sis Jon, RM50 from my aunt and a kiss from mum J uh! And this is the first time my mum remembered my birthday XD wohoo~ I was like “WHaa~ she remember!” hahahaha J because before this, I have to remind her. Ehehe J so, that is the best birthday present ever from her :D sorry de, I haven’t took the photo of the bag~ hahaha J maybe on my next post J.

Yesterday, I checked my blog dashboard and I read YunQian’s post and I found it was funny de XD hahaha.. why it is funny? Because the things that she wrote is just a birthday wishes for me XD hahaha J well, she is the only person who wish me “happy birthday” on their blog J  THANKS YUNQIAN~

Ermm.. yeah, today I went to clinic because I’m having a very bad backache, headache and I think my whole body is in pain >.< the doctor have asked me whether I have fever or not, first, I told him that I don’t but then my mum argue and told the doctor that I am XD hahaha J and then, he didn’t give me any MC hehehe J so I was asking him to give me and tomorrow is my holiday de ^^. Wohoo~ time to finish my homework! Hwaiting!
Right now, I’m outside…writing this blog of mine ;) thinking of what if Val don’t come to school tomorrow? What about Prudence? Hmm..hmm.. I’m thinking, am I being selfish here? Hmm..hmm… but its for my own good de. We surely need to be selfish sometimes kan? =.=; ah, tomorrow they will having Oral presentation and I’m gonna use tomorrow to ready myself J hahaha J

So, I guess that is all for now as I have nothing else to talk about ^^ bye-bye and thanks for reading :P and enjoy my photo *i'm seventeen!!!*

hahaha :) thanks for wasting time to see my face :) ekeke. after you see it, please carefully wash your eyes to avoid infection~ ekeke :) JK

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)

Showing School Stuffy :)

Annyeong, everyone ! Today I went to Boulevard Shopping Mall with my dear Sis Jon and Sis Phoebe and also not forget my lovely annoying son, Shawn. I just bought things that I think necessary  (for me la) like Magic Pen and Empty CDs to burn song J yea, because it feel like ages ago I didn’t burn any song J well, that is all I have bought just now. Then sis Phoebe treat me with Cornetto Sundae ^.^ wohoo! 

Well, my main reason of writing my Blog right now is to tell you guys about my school stuff J hahaha :D can be said that I want to show off my stuff de. Ekekeke :D well, everything is mostly Black and Blue colour. Yepp, I’ve told you that I’m gonna used rainbow color for my things and as you can see, I cancel it J why? Because I think Black and Blue suit me more J love it! And so, here is the pictures of my school stuffy… enjoy :DD

_My PencilCase_

_My Umbrella_

_My Favourite Pencil_

_My Stuff_

_My School Bag_

Nice kan? Hahahahaha :DD I know! Well, that Is all I want to share for today J oh, before I forget, I have big fight with my little Shawny just now. Urgh! Well, eventhough he make me piss off kan, I don’t feel like hating him but I loving him more and more and more and more and… OK enough! Hahaha J so, thanks for reading! Adieu !

P/S : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears!