Wild Imagination : When I Became A Billionaire, I would...

           Annyeong! today topic is about what everyone's dreamt of which is Being A Billionaire. well, i'm one of them. hahaha :D who doesn't want to be a billionaire anyway? hahaha :D so, i would love to tell what i'm going to do if i am a billionaire. ^^ so, if i am a billionaire, the first things i would do is that building a mansion which enough for the whole family of mine. where me, my parent, cousins, aunts and uncles can hang out, sleep and having fun under the same roof for 24/7 ^^. Whoa! i always wanted to share house with my families. then i would love to have a beautiful garden at the back of the mansion where my mum and aunts can talk, relaxing and gossiping while having tea and enjoying the beautiful views. for my dad and uncles, i would love to buy a big home theater for them to watch their favourite soccer teams against each other and where they can watched movies while drinking beers and have a laugh ^^. for my girl cousins, i would love them to have unlimited credits card. which they can use to shop and buy everything they want or maybe go travel somewhere around the countries and for my boy cousins, i would build them a go-kart and a paintball where they can fight and do stunt or any boys stuff so that they won't feel bored. other words say, i would buy or build anything they want to keep them happy.

      as for myself, i would buy a lot of things that i have ever wanted for all time. like, canonshot camera, PSP, PS2,PS3, whatever PS that have been invented, ipod, iphone anything electronics, and of course i would buy a complete sets of comics books, clothes, shoes, bags, and doraemon's stuff. and also cute stuff as my collections. whoa~ how i wish i can have them all ^^. and of course i would go travels to Korea and Japan a lot of times until the whole nation know me well. LOL XD Just kidding, but honestly, i would buy myself a house in Japan and Korea. who knows, maybe i could spent few days or weeks there with my cousins or friends. and i would like to have a personal language tutors for my family so that its easier for us to travel anywhere. hohohohohoh :DDD
      and i also, i would go to any concerts of my favourite band and of course i would buy the first class sit so that i could see them clearly. and i will do get the VIP access to the backstage and meet them personally. ahhh~~~ and maybe we could be friends. LOL XD. after that, i would use the money to shops with my dearest friends and buy anything they wanted so that we could share the wealth.

    So, the rest of the money, i would spent them to helps others who in needed and will get them a supplies for living and i will adopt all the orphanage.. i would build a place for them to stay and being loved. i will be the one who care for them and maybe i will send them to school so that they can have knowledge and can lived on their own. i will share my family with them all. then, i also will bring them to disneyland and anywhere that they can have fun. i will treat them well, feed them and of course share the wealth with them. but i'll make sure they won't be arrogant and started to be bad kid. i will make sure they will stay humble. besides orphanage, i would also adopt the strays cats and dogs. i will build a place for them and feed them and care for them. i will get them a trainer to trained them to be good and discipline ^^.


So, that is what i'm going to do IF i'm a billionaire but obviously its not gonna happen. hahaha :D whatever! i'm grateful to have such a nice and beautiful and loving family like right now. the one that share love and sadness, and always there for each others. having a lot of circumstances and challenges but still strong holding each others arm. and of course i'm grateful to have such a very understanding and lovely friends, where they always there for me and shed the tears and of course make my bad day better and always lend their shoulders. even if i'm not from royalty or maybe a billionaire family, i'm still feeling that i'm so much richer than royal or billionaire because even though i can't have everything i wanted or having a lots of money in my pocket, i'm surely do have a perfect life, i mean not really perfect but i have what people really need the most in life. just that i don't really have someone to love. LOL :D soon enough, when i'm going to meet him personally. hahaha :D i'm sure, he's waiting for me too. hahahaha :D who? na mollayo. ekekeke :D can't tell. its embarrassing me. no one knows except me, myself and i. ekeke :D if i tell, its too public. so enough about that. so, thats all for now. if the mood strike me again later at night, well, i think i'm gonna write again. if no, then no la. hahaha :DD

so, i ended this post with my dearest Hyuk Min. enjoy and Adieu ^^

P/S : let your smile cover your tears ^^