HomeTutor Special Topic : What Will You Bring When Tsunami Happen?

Annyeong, everyone~ another day pass, another holiday is gone :( but still loving it. harharharhar~ but honestly, i hate going to school. i don't know why but i feel it. i don't feel like going to school. well, positively think that this is my final year going to school~ YEAH! hahahaha :) so, when i think this way, i'll feel much better :) well, actually i know why i don't like going to school just that i think i rather not say it loud and just keep it between me and my dearest Sis jaba and Phoebe :) Anyway, today i got hometuition as usual but not working out well because the three of us busy talking about Japan Tsunami. yeah, quite bad lah the Tsunami. everything is destroyed and tokyo, my favourite city also involved in the tragedies~ hopefully all my future husband is save :) so back to the topic, today the three of us talk about 10 things you'll bring when Tsunami happen :)

the question is like this, "If you are given a backpack that only limits you to bring 10 things only, what will those things be?" so, there a few things that we think important to bringlah. anyway there also a couple of nonsense things that we've listed together with it. hahahaha and we even imagine the SOS : Final Escape games. ekeke :) well, you wouldn't know what i mean because you weren't there with us. hehehe  and i also not a very good story teller lah. ehehe :)
so, here is the 10 important things that we list just now. well, i just take what i think important from what the three of us had said lah. i mean, like sypnosis. ekeke :)

1. 2 big bottle of clean water
2. foods
3. personal belonging ( ID card, photo, driving licence..etc)
4. lighter
5. pad (you know~hehehe)
6. first aid kit
7. pocket knife
8. crowbar
9. jackets / sweater
10. torchlights

well, this is only things that we want to put inside our backpack lah. sis Jaba also suggested that we should wear trousers that have maby pocket so that it easier for us to brings more things, small things like pocket knife so that more spaces la inside our backpack kan? hehehe. anyway, this is one good way to survive. yalah, better ready before its late kan? hahaha :) hopefully malaysia won't get hit by the Tsunami waves. amen ^^

so, short from me for Japan people ::

"あなたの最高の日本行ういつもあなたをサポートしています頑張って!! XD"

-is it correct? - teehee :) just trying my best to~ so, hopefully God Bless All Japanese People and Give Them His Grace and Have Mercy On Them :) 

so, adieu :)

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)