MUM APPROVE. hahahahahahaha XDDDDDDD *gonna die now* HAHAHAHA XD

Greetings Again, Humans :)
I just want to share a short crazy story that just happened just now. hahahaha XD

Like this,
Just now, i called my mum over to look at the picture in my blog. hahaha
so, then... I showed her Logan's picture. HAHAHAHAHAHA
and I told her that he's my future husband.
she was like, *nodding,* "Ouukeyy, delusional girl,"
hahahahahahahahaha :D
What's shocking most is,
she didn't say much. hahahahahaha :D
Usually, she would comment or maybe ask like "You serious?", "That guy look creepy," or she won't even bother to look at it. HAHAHAHAHA like what happened to my Benji Madden. ekekeke :) Adehh...
The percentage for me to become Logan's wife is decreasing even more right now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D Never mind, as long as mum approved. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDD
So, yeah :)
Thanks mum for approving :)
Love you. hahahahahahaha :D

I'm sorry, Logan Lerman
This is just for fun though.
No worries, me no serious. ekekekekeke XDD

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

The New Beginning (^____^)

Greetings, Human :) Hahaha :D
I found this cute picture of Logan Lerman last few days ago, when I was thinking of updating my blog. But, nah~ my lazybones is too powerful and I can't even handle it. hahahahaha :) So, Uh... yeah. He just freaking cute in that picture. hehehei, and I think the rest of the people is most probably his relative. ( Gosh, he must think that I'm stalking him right now ) hahahaha :) Yeh, posting this picture would decreasing the percentage of me to be his future wife. HAHAHAHAHA as if. Well, yea... He kind of refer some girls that aren't really obsessed with him, like searching the whole web in the net just to know about his personal life or stalked him by followed him home everyday. Uh, that's creepy. hahahaha :)

Well, I'm not that kind though. I'm just his normal fans. ekekeke :) Not Lermaniac, I just love his acting skills. that's all and ....

I LIED! hahahaha I also love his cute face, his two front teeth, his bluish eyes*drooling* and of course, his smile. Freaking mesmerizing! Waa... Wonder who will be his girlfriend later? She would be the luckiest person in the world. Welp, if it happen to be me (IF) I think, the first thing I would say to him is that, "You must be kidding me," HAHAHAHAHA :D
But it is very obvious that the lucky girl wouldn't be me. Me no lucky one. hahahaha :)
I'm not pretty enough to be with him though, besides I'm an obsessive story writer and having multipolar disorder. hahahaha :D

But, let God decides it. ehehehe :)

So, last 4 days ago, which is on last Saturday. I went Ringo with my crazy besties. hahaha :) Yeah, we had lots of fun and we went crazy and very hyper. hahahaha :) at first we went to Boulevard Shopping Malls, having lunch at SCR in there and it was awesome. Val paid for our lunch that time and then, we went buying some random stuff. Hahaha :) I thought I'm the only person who loves to buy randomly but then, my besties as well. hahaha :) I bought myself new wireless mouse and yeah, I haven't using it yet. ekekeke. Just, don't ask why I bought it for I don't know myself. ekekeke :D

And after a while of strolling inside the shopping mall. We decided to went to toys world around Survey supermarket. Well, we just going there without buying stuff. hahahaha :) Just for fun though. ekekekeke. And after that, we went to Parkson. Our last destination. We hang out at StarBucks coffee. Val and I were having Cocoa Cappucino and Dence have Mocha. Well, honestly... I'm being hyper after finishing the whole cup of the drinks. hahahaha :) Usually, coffee don't really affect me but I don't know why, maybe because of the cocoa stuff. hahahaha :) And the three of us talking randomly and we even said that our parents should be really grateful for having kids like the three of us as we were kind of good kids. Most kids in this generations would spending their times together in some clubs and drinks alcoholics drink until they passed out. But us, well... Our kind is rare. hahahaha :) I'm grateful that my besties aren't that kind of party people :)

So, here's some more pictures of us in Starbucks; 
(keep scrolling, this isn't the end yet. got lots to share though. ehehe)

So, yeah :) We had fun. hahahaha :)) So, after coffee we went to Popular bookstore and we bought lots of stuff like nonsense stuff. hahahaha :) and we even bought a book like scrapbook lah. We wanted to fill it with our beautiful memories together. ehehe :) I can't wait to do it with them. As we were planning to have sleepover at each other's house. But, it's not confirm yet as our schedule is very tight. As Dence and me already starting our students life, so it's kind of difficult for us to make time. But I think, we'll sort this things up soon. hehehei :) Just hopefully we can do slumber party before Val went further her study at Kuching in Multimedia College. Uh~ gonna miss her so badly. hehehe :)
And yeah, we even called ourselves as gay bestfriends. hahahaha :)
That's our newest titled now. ekekeke :D

And yeah, BTB... Well, after going to Parkson, we supposely gone to Beach Republic at Luak. But Dence's mom called her up and told her to attend their church practices at Saberkas. So, we have no other choice but to sent her there. And jeng jeng jeng... hahahaha :) After we leave Dence there, my mum's car was hit another car ; Hilux and I was like .... hahahaha XD I'm so freaking blurred that time. I don't know what should I do. Thank God, Val was there with me. hahaha :) so i called mum and mum said I just settled it down by myself. I was like Whaaa~~ hahahahaha :D it was my first time getting involve with accident and she told me to settle it down? hahahaha :) But yeah, then I quickly called up Jaba and ask her to come over and help me out. hehehe :) and I even call Dence as she wasn't far from where the accident occur. hehehehe :) yeah, thank God. I'm so thanking Him that time. 
And Jaba, she even making me laugh. hahaha :D as she said "Yours one is better than mine, I hit a person, you just hit a car," hahahahaha :) Yeah, and yep, we received deathly glared from Inut and her parents. ekekekeke :) But still, it's funny though. hahaha :D and yeah, that's settled. And honestly, I was freaking out at first but then I think, what the use? hahahaha :) I love to drive, so I just need to be extra careful next time. hehehehei :) And of course, I do look like I don't really care about the broken stuff as I was laughing and happy, and seem mostly like I don't give a fuck. But honestly, that's how I calming myself down. I'm not so serious type and I just freaking hate it when someone said that I behave that way because I don't mind as my parent have lots money. Well Duh! my parent aren't millionaire. Just freaking offensive though when mum told me this. I do care about the payment and the price that mum have to pay. Urgh~ whatever.

So, yeah, that's what happen on Saturday :)
Let's move to Sunday. Ehei ;)
Crossing - Relationship from GH and Levedads. hahahaha :D
Left Picture : Milo and Ally  Right Picture : Hendrik and Tammy
Last Sunday, I feel so freaking bored and I played games lah. hahahaha :D At first, I played Silent Hill the Origin but I didn't finished it lah, ahahahaha XD for I was started to freak out just by listening to the music. Hwa, soooo freaking creepy oh... My palms all sweaty. HAHAHAHA so I decided to play GTA lah. hahahha :D But before I started, I tweet Jaba and invited her over to join me play games. ehehehe :D So, as she came, i was playing GTA la. ehehehe :) Then kan, we both decided to play The Sims2. At first we make  our own character lah but then I told her to make them partner. hahaha... so we make for each of them lah. So, there goes Milo ( for Ally ) and Hendrik (for Tammy).. and the most favorite part is that kan, the boys acting just as the same as in our story *the Levedad* hahahahaha :D Milo and Ally (Fina) having crush on each other and Hendrik and Tammy (Carmel) were always fighting. hahahahaha :D even getting them in friendship pun a bit hard ya know. hahahahaha :DD But yeah, Hendrik/Carmel is secret2 love maaa. hahahaha :D everyone knows this. ekekekeke XD neways, it is surely fun though. ekekeke :D Coincidence :)
And yeah, last time kan, I was playing the same games and i made Milo and Fina lah and I tell you, their relationship really WORKING! hahahahaha and then, I made la another character in the Sims 2 pet and I made Addy and Fina. Well, it's kind of bit hard to make them as couple. I have to control both of them, then baru they can be in relationship ( In other word, it was by forced. HUAHAHAHA) I'm so bad. ekekeke XD

But Yeah, That Sunday was one of the best Sunday Ever. Even on the next day (Monday), I can still put a wide smile over my face. eekekekeke :D Well, just wait for the coming weekends, maybe we can do it again :D

So, I just love this picture of me. hahahahaha :) Neways, Um.. last two days, Chyi send me to school as my mum's car entered the Workshop for repaired. Well, yeah. I really missed it so much. hahaha :D but yesterday, Thank God, I can take it home. hehehehe so today, I drove myself to school :) I feel so calm and very happy. I don't know why but I really feel that I'm so connected to my mum's car. hahahaha :D So, today, as I send her to pay bills at Lutong, I told my mum that I don't want her to buy me car but instead of that, she could just give me her car. And YES! She said I can have it! and I was like WHAAAA~~ Seriously?! hahahahaha :DD So, yeah. Now, it's no longer my mum's car. It is MY CAR :) Thanks Mum! :)

So, she said that she would told my dad and send the car back to workshop and repaired everything, and also changed all the seat covers. And in other word, it will be as good as new :)) hehehehe :) Hmmmm.... I just still can't believe that I can have the car ya know. hahaha :D I just falling in love with the car. Automatically, I was attracted to it. ekekeke :)
So, yeah :) I'm in love with my car :)

And yesterday also, I wrote LLA chapter 15. YEAH! I never ever thought I can make this far. HAHAHAHAHA :D Well, ya know. most of my story are like half way. hahahaha :D So, yeah... Thanks to my biggest supporter and my number one.. uh... or should i say, my one and Only reader JABA :)) hahahaha :D Yeah, she burned my spirit :) and of course her review make me feel more... umm....ALIVE~ hahahahaha :)))

But yeah, My scumbag brain doesn't always cooperate well with me, so its kind of hard for me too ya know, maintain my speed in posting another chapters each days. Sometimes, it would took for like 2 or 3 days per chaps. ehehehei :)

So, today... I spend my day with my ex-classmates, Carol, Angela, Belynda and Rhonda. We were making a gift for our teachers as this sunday will be our appreciation dinner. So, it made lovely. hahahaha :D ( refer to the picture above) At first, every single decoration we made were all so wrong. hahahaha :D even the kindergarten did double better than ours. So, we were almost giving up la in doing it kan. But then, I thought of showing them the Hot Problem Double Take video. Which I'm pretty much traumatic right now. hahahahaha :D 
But amazingly kan, their song kind of inspired us. hhahahaha :D ADUIII~~ (after this, I'm going to commit suicide) HAHAHAHAHA XD and Taa-daa~~ look at the result after listening to those bitches. hahahaha :D Adehh~ crazy. and what's worst, we even listening to Friday by Rebecca Black. Well, Don't ask. HAHAHAHAHA XDDD Maybe we all just gone crazy. hahahaha XDD

Neways, we had lots of fun la today. And tomorrow, maybe they'll come again to wrap up the gift and then, maybe go checking up the place where our dinner will be held. Hehei :) Still, we have the problems. That is budgets. Still 'kureng' hahaha :D because of some of our classmate haven't paid them yet so it's kind of become a bit of problems. If I'm a daughter of billionaires, I would paid for them. hahahaha IF im a billionaire. But Nah, I'm not. HAHAHAHA :))

And just now, I check Form 6 intake for 2012 and guess what? I was being accepted to College Tunku Haji Bujang. hahahaha :DI was like WHAT?! hahahhahaha but tett, I declined it. besides, my parent won't let me continued form 6 lah.. hahaha :D and besides, I already studying in IBS. Hmmm...And also, my bestie, Val also declined the invitation. hahahahaha I have no reason to accept it. ekekeke :D

So, yeah. We reached the end. I want to go bath now. hahahahaha :D And if my brain wished to work together with me later, maybe I'll continue chapter 16 :) So, ummm... Oh ya! I got another good news though. hahahaha :D just now, I was checking my mail in Yahoo. and I saw one email from my lecturer and I was like... WAAAA~~~ hahahahaha :D
she complimented me!! hahahahaha :D first time tuuu....
before this, she always find mistake in every tutorial i make. ahahaha :D and finally~~ WOHOO !
CONGRATULATION to ME! huahahahaha :DDD

Well, that's the best things ever happen in my school life though. hahahahaha :DD
So, here we are... End of post :)
I have nothing else to share. Maybe if I have something exciting happen in my life, I'll update again. Adieu :)
See you guys in next post.
God Be With Ye :)
So, here another cute picture of Logan Lerman I found on Web. hahaha :) 
Enjoy his epic cuteness :)

hahahaha :D I'm melting now. HAHAHAHAHAHA :D 
So, Good Bye :)

My latest photo :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

This Love, This Hate :D

Greeting humans! I'm back again. hehehe :) Actually I was thinking of updating last night but I feel so lazy. So, yeah.... Today it is. hahahaha :)) Anyway, lots happen to me lately and I don't even know where to start. Some bad and some good things happen and of course, my bad day is now getting badder. hahahahaa :D But still, not that bad until I can't laugh lah. huahaha :) I'm still can laugh, so that's matter the most. Anyway, just honestly to say that I'm quite addicted to Hollywood Undead song entitled; This Love, This Hate and The Diary. Yep :) Both of the song sounded very cute though. hahaha :) trust me or you can check on them on Youtube :) ekekeke XD I just freaking love this band :D

So today I go to school. hahaha :) As today I've got no computer class, so I'm attending the morning class as well and today I make another two more friends and they both are chinese. One of them were the same age as me and the other one is 2 years older than both of us. Well, we kinda had fun as they both are very funny. hahaha :) Yeah, glad though to make friends with them both. We even exchange our phone numbers. hahaha :) I forgot to ask their facebook account. Oh well, maybe tomorrow or next time also can. hahaha :) And on the afternoon break, mum and Chyi stopped by at my college there and we have lunch together. I didn't finished my lunch as i was running out of time. So, yeah. Byebye, fish chip T^T. And my lecturer, Miss Valen taught us many things about computers and most of my classmates were M.I.A in class. hahaha :D the body is there but their souls isn't around. Ya know what I'm saying? hahaha :) And yeah, my soul actually also almost gone but I keep my eyes open *forcing it actually* as Miss Valen were standing right next to me and I have no other choice than to pretend that I'm concentrating on what she's saying. hahahaha :D Anyway, I kind of liking her class as she was very nice and she didn't get angry even though I didn't send my homeworks. huahahaha :) I was thinking of tomorrow, to send all my homeworks. Relax, bro. hahahaha :) And then, before I went home, I stop at boulevard to buy myself a keyboard as my lappy keyboard is losing its keys. hahahahaha :D I still can use it actually but umm... I think that it is much comfortable to use if all the keys are there. ehehehe :) So, yeah. I got keyboard now :)

And my brother wasn't here anymore as he was already taken. Ya know... hahaha :) I'm relieve though but honestly, I'm kind of missing his present around the house. Whenever I stepped outside, I often saw him in the living room, playing with his PS3 or maybe inspecting his precious toy gun. And in the evening, when dinners ready, I missed the time he asking my mum where am I? or don't I eat? hehehei. Yeah, well. I really do miss him, ya know. And I somewhat miss the moment he told me how he adored those army clothes and how he wish that he had this, had that. he would say "It would be really cool," hahaha :) Yeah, even though it was just some random conversation, I feel like still hearing his voices asking me this, asking me that. Telling me this, and that.  He never did anything bad to me but I'm being so bad to him. I'm such a bad sister. Well, I guess I am really are the baddest. I hurt lots of people though. I'm such a jerk. hahaha :) Anyway, it's been almost a week, this house is empty without his presence and yeah, it feel like too empty. and lonely. Even though we aren't often see him, wandering around the house, but still, this house felt so empty and sometimes, I feel like I'm living alone in this house. I feel different though. I really wish he never have choose the wrong path in life. And everything would never end up like this. I thought, mum would be better after he was taken away but no, she look even worse. I know that she loves him to damn much and his stupid crime leave her no choice though. I always told her that she did this for his own good. But yeah, I'm feeling what she felt too. I wish I really do hate him. If I do, all of this would be much easier and I don't have to worry about him. I wouldn't have to ask myself about how will he coping with all the new environment. Now I'm wondering though, why did he have to choose the wrong path? I wish he believe in God, and if he does, I think he won't be gone astray from the right path. Ever.

I've been visiting him last Sunday, together with Sis Jon and sis Chyi. Well, he look good though. He even told us that he having nosebleed on the night before. Well, of course. He didn't took his medicine. I wasn't crying when we're was talking to him though as I hold it to myself. I don't want him to see me crying *egoistic* hahaha :) I never ever imagined that he would be locked behind those barred gate, guarded by dozens of cops. I never ever imagined that. But yeah, things happen.

So yeah, I'm very thankful to Jaba though as she tweet me and asking me about our plan on Friday. Of course, she makes me laugh real hard and quite healing my broken pieces though and no, I didn't tell her about it as I think that she had her own stuff to deal with and I just don't want her to be burdened with my life. She need not to know the details. hahahaha :D And yeah, obviously. I didn't write everything in my last paragraph. Some things, just need for me to know. That's it :)

So, as I was saying. Last Sunday... Jaba and I went shopping together. Well, I wouldn't call that as "Shopping" though as we were just getting ourselves some good PS2 games. hahahaha :D we bought like 10 cds and most of the games were not able to be played by two la. We were decided to play Resident Evil at first but then, it only required single player. We was like =.=; why All the RE games must be played by one person?! haish... I just wish that one day, the games developers would make two players for RE games :) hahaha :) I would be fun ya know: the more the merrier, well Duh!

And on our way home, we decided to takeout some McD. Yep, its so damn yummy. hahahahaha :D and in the evening, as we were getting bored playing PS2, we were decided to Karaoke. HAHAHAHA :D Not serious-serious one lah. We were doing it for fun. hahahaha :D And yeah, we laugh more than singing actually and I was almost lost my voices because of the heavy laughing. hahahahaha :D And of course, we both agreed to record our voices and post it in my blog or hers. Well, yep... Jaba can sing good, ya know. hahahaha :) wait for the vids and you'll hear it yourself. hahahaha :D Me? Ummm... I can't say that I have a good voice because I know how my voice sound is. hahahaha :D It's creeping everyone out. huahahahaha :D I'm not a good singer but YEAH, I CAN SING and THAT'S THE MATTER MOST. ahahaha :) Besides, it just for fun. Up to you lah want to hear it or not. hahaha :D Not like I care. hahahaha :D

So, conclusion. She does make my day better. I don't know how I'm gonna cope with my emotional breakdown if she didn't tweet me last time. ekekeke :D So, thanks, sis. I love you very much! :)

So, today.. Prudence message me. I was like O.o. then I read her text up and I was like "Of course" hahahaha :D she told me that she and her crush was wearing the same t-shirt color since yesterday and she wonder if they were connected already and how she freaking love it and blah blah blah. hahaha :D and then, she even send me text picture of her crush's works that he leave on table THRICE and told me that she's a stalker now. I was like =.=; why must she tell me? I thought that she not need me for any advice, then why tell me? There no use to tell me about her crush. she stalk, stalk lah. It has nothing to do with me. Fish you. Well, you must think that I'm such a bad friend. Let me tell you. For all this time, she never ever seek for me until today. She only look for me when she have things to boast about or something about her crush or things she did and when she bored. I tell you, I'm not a disposal friend. I'm sick of it, totally sick of all of it. I don't care if we've been friend for like hundred years, she just look for me when she bored. I'm not a clown and I'm not her diary. Ya know, I just freaking hate it when she boasting about stuff she had to me. Well, Fuck it. If I want it, I can have more than her. She got her iPhone because she got good results and I got my N9, TiVo, PS2, DSLR before the exam even being marking. Just saying. If I tell her these, I think she would stop  boasting to me or maybe she would tell everyone that I'm the boastful one. hahaha fuck you. But yeah, I just not the type who tells the whole world about stuff I have. why should I tell the whole world anyway? Nobody cares anyway. Its just not appropriate to be very boastful. People will hate you. I want to say this but I have no courage to do it. Well, let just wait for someone else to tell her. hahahaha :DD
*I think I really are going to hell for all this*

And if Logan Lerman saw this picture, I think he would be very angry at me. HAHAHAHA :D I care not. hahaha :D blame the love calculator. ekekeke :D Anyhow, I'm out of idea on what to write. Maybe I'll just go and do half of my homework *as next week is the deadline, then I'm gonna do it slow. hahahaha* so, maybe if I got ideas, MAYBE, I'll continue my chapter 13. hehehe :)

Speaking of chapter. I wonder hows my chapter 12. I'm freaking worried though as I think chapter 12 was out of track and it would be very boring though. hahahahahahahahahahaha XD hopefully I get good comment from Jaba later night. IF she online on her Google talks. hahahaha :) So yeah... This is the end :)

So, Bye :))

P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Coincidence or..... o.O

I don't know how coincidence this is. hahaha or maybe the Lord has heard me or perhaps reading my blogs. hahahahaha :)
As I was scrolling down in my facebook page just now, I saw this post :

Hehehei.... One words; miracles work.
 Well, I guess God is hearing my thought or reading my blogs :)
So, I guess I just have to keep thinking positive and figure out how to forgive my brother, yeah? Haih, it's not gonna be easy but I guess, I'll work it out. As it is the God's will, I shall learn to forgive, if I want to be forgiven by Him :)
Well, God loves me and He never abandoned me. The picture above proved it. hehehei :)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Bulletproof Heart.

Greetings, Humans :)
Um... I just woke up from my afternoon nap. Yeah, it was short, but I'm glad I have it though. hahaha If I don't I think, I'm going to sleep at 6 later. hahahaha :) Oh well, I just need to recharge myself though. ekeke :)
Anyway, I just read my top reader's blog, Jaba ( Who Else? hahaha ) and here the short respond on what to say when cussing without involving word 'God'
So, I guess we just need to say Oh My Good. hahaha :) I often say this one, especially when  I'm around those naive, very religious kind of people, parents, and kids. Sometimes, even you. hahahaha :) But sometimes, when my anger temperature reaching to the max, I kind of using Fuck This Shit and no, I don't used 'Shit' hahahaha :) I just fucking addicted to use 'Fuck' as my cussing words. If I can, I just keep using it in every words. hahhahahahaha :) Which now, making me feeling a bit guilty for cussing too much and then I keep on posting things religiously when I know that I'm such a badass. Oh well, I am. hahaha :) Besides, I don't have other choice then to say the harsh cussing word, eh? It does make me feel even much better. ekekeke :) So, That's what I think. In conclusion, I'd say, you should consider to use Oh My Good. It still can be categorized as O M G though. hahahaha :))) Well, think about it, babe? hahahaha :))

So today, as usual I missed my morning class in my college. hehehe :) Not that I want it, but that because I have no choice though. ekekeke :) My life as a college student is somewhat getting a little bit better as I met few humans and became my acquaintance. I freaking love the computer in business class. Hehehei as the teacher is very nice and even though her jokes aren't really funny sometimes, I just laugh. Pity her, none of the students laughing at her jokes. So, yeah. I laugh with her. hahahahaha :) All the homework she gave us is pretty easy to solve. Well, maybe because it is our first week lah. hahahaha :) Tomorrow, again I'm gonna miss my Intensive English class as it is in the morning and yeah, tomorrow is my first class of Introduction to Business. I can feel that in this very class, I'm gonna dealing with the real business. hahahaha :) Oh yeah, I'm ready with my calculator. hahahahahaha :))) I'm pretty much wondering what will we do in the class tomorrow. I'm hoping for getting a good lecturer though :) Um... then, I kind of like this IBS college thing even though I don't really like counting and I never imagine myself studying business before. hahahaha :) But yeah, I'm up to challenge. If we afraid of taking chances, how can we reach the top later? *Taken from, Greyson Chances songs.* I just have to take every opportunity in front of me and prove everyone that have been underestimating my brain power, that I can lot better than anyone. I know, I've been showing the lazy part of me but I know I'm such a winner inside me. Because I still remember the day when I conquer the first place in class, the day I become president of PBSM, the day I won few contest, the day I won a medal in sport days.... I know I can do so many things and so Fuck off people. I'm better and Better than Better, I Will Be :) Now, I just let them underestimate my power, let them blinded by my pro-slacker mood. hahahahahahahaha :) Like Barbie : A Christmas Carol said;  In A Selfish World, There Is A Selfish Success :) Think about it ... I kinda find it interesting. hahahaha :))

( Next topic is only for 18+ ) hahahahahahaha XD
Enough about school. hahaha :)  So, as usual. My beautiful shiny day is ruined every single time I stepped into this place call home. That fucking bastard always know how to ruin my days. Gosh, I can't believe it I called my brother that way. Oh well, no regret as he is fucking deserve it. Fuck it, I wish I'm not believe in Heaven and Hell. I just wish I have 9mm and blow off his fucking retarded head. Urgh! I just fucking hate him. I can't even look at him. I forever wish I will never see him again for my entire life. Gosh, I never hate this much before. No one knew how much I hate him, even I don't know how much. hahahaha :D Yesterday, the police should have taken him away but the officer doesn't even know our fucking house. I was like WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO PLAY AT?! Oh my gosh! this is so not funny officer. I never felt that glad when I heard mum told me that they are going to take the fucking bastard away and I even have imagine that my life would be much better and I wouldn't have to see my mum red eyes every morning. I've been imagine paradise. PARADISE! well, who wouldn't? if the burdened that have make my life hell since like 2 years ago will going to be taken away, it isn't just a paradise for me, it's gonna be heaven on earth. My family will be in better state, my parent burdened will be lifted, my dad doesn't need to keep on working. I can go to school with real smile and I don't have to lie to everybody that I'm fine and I'm strong. Can you imagine how good it feel? But damn it. It won't be true. I'm losing my hope. Now, I don't want to think about it. I just go with the flow. Fuck my life.

Fortune Cookies in Facebook read me. hahahahaha :) Okay, I'll believe in myself hahahaha :)  Hmm... Yeah let's continue. hahahahaha :) And this morning, the fucking bastard was talking proudly like he own the money he was using to buy the fucking drug. My mum over heard him tell his friend that he never go wash his own car because he prefer send it to the car wash shop. I was like What the hell..? He speaking like the money mum gave him is all coming from him. Like he work hard to get it. Does he ever think of dad who work 24/7 away from family for like half years? Just to get the fucking money, so that he can live better? Fuck off, shrimp head. And this make me recall back the time when the electric power is cut off for the whole senadin and he keep on complaining about how stupid the sesco is and how he never live without the internetlah, how he never live without air con. and again I was like WHAT THE FUCK, bro?! I know well that 20 years back, we're leaving in this small wooden house before we moved here. Does he really forgotten where he came from? Even me, who don't even have chance to live there, also know how to be grateful. Well fuck you, bro. If mum and dad didn't take you at the first place, you will never live in this kind of luxurious house, with nice good car which you always modify here and there, and if they don't take you, I think you have to work to get all the fucking consoles games. You should be grateful that they take us, among all others. We are the Luckiest child in the whole world. Maybe one of the luckiest. Our parent never ever say no whenever we requesting to have something. LIKE SERIOUSLY NEVER SAY NO. I just don't fucking understand you, bro. I always dream to have a good brother who can take care of me, and the one I can be proud off. But nah, you just a fucking bastard that have no humility at all. You think the money you get is all yours? Then again, Fuck you. You have no rights to claim that as yours as you have nothing to do with it. It all belong to our parent bro. And also, you have no rights to boasting about it as you have fucking nothing to do with it. You just some ugly-fucking-selfish-delusional-boastful-bastard. Deal with it. That's what I think about you right now. No regrets.

So, yeah. my mind is full of cussing right now and yeah, I feel a little better. hahahahaha :) I got others things in mind too but I think, let just keep it as secret for now. I don't want to... you know... Yeah, whatever. hahahaha :) I just keep it for now as I still can deal with it mentally. hahahaha :) Now, as I'm already poured some of it out, my mind went blank. hahahha :) After this, I'm gonna hunting for food before sitting down on my comfy chair, which I call as *My Ideas Chair* and maybe I'll write chapter 11 :) hehehei :) Wish me luck yo! and its 4:56p.m nice time eh? hahahaha :) And that's indicating I've been writing for like one hour. WAO! MARVELES. hahahahahaha :) Anyway, just stay positive and don't worry about me. hahahaha ;) I'm feeling great. Just be worry when I started to type about suicide. hahahahahahaha :) Because there are lots of chances though. ekekekekekeke XD Just kidding. I'm too cute to die. hahahaha :)) Besides, like I always said, I'm Immune. hahahaha :) Even inner me, approve it. my heart is bulletproof. hahahahahaha :)))

So, Okay. Good bye :))

May God Be With Ye.
P.S : Don't cussing like me. Its so no good. Cussing is just like a free ticket to Hell. hahahahaha :)
May God Forgive Me For All My Sins :)

So, bye :)
P.S : Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Just Another Fucking Days.

Greetings, Humans :)
I actually don't know what to tell about. hahaha :D
My brain still fairly blank right now as I just woke up like 2 hours ago because I feel freaking sleepy due to overly tired for the whole 2 days of weekend. Gosh, I never felt that tired. hahaha :) but never mind though, as they aren't be coming here very often. Yeah, I can tolerate with that though. ehei :)
But overall, I'm having so much fun with them. hahaha :)
Yeah, we've laugh a lot like A LOT and even joking with each other. hahaha :)
And yesterday, as we went shopping together, we're wearing the same black t-shirts and I feel like we're in some kind of youth society and as Jaba the only one whose wearing purple, that's make her as our leader and besides, she's the Oldest. hahahaha :DD that's kind of epic for me. hahaha :)))
Well, I think I'm the only one thinking like this. ekekeke (^_____^)
In conclusion, I had lot of fun :)

<----- Introducing Ryan Lexon or I prefer Addy :) Well, real life name is Kellin Quinn, vocalist of Sleeping with Sirens. ahahahaha :) Adrian Lexon is actually one of the fictional character in Levedad : The Origin&Renewal Of Vampire Prophecy , the youngest son of Alexander Lexon ( Nicholas Cage ), and have a brother name Aaron Lexon ( Oliver Sykes ) and the Lexon family is actually a werewolf breed lah. haha :) *I just know about this on chapter 35* hahahaha :D Back to Adrian. haha :) Addy is friends of the Levedad and Giordani as they were almost equally the same age and he's a flirtatious kind of guy and funny as well *that what's I've been told lah* hahaha :D and in the MV part of Levedad *Which I'm in charge in* he was actually just playfully flirting with Fina at first as he know very much that Milo, one of the Seamus Senior was crushing with Fina. But end up, he's drawn into Fina, and the only person know about it were his brother, Aaron, the angel Jophiel*spoiler alert* and Fina's sister, Carmel. He tried very best to deny his feelings and.... hahahaha :D wait for it. it will be reveal soooon. hahahaha :) HONESTLY, i think I like Addy more than Kellin. hahaha sorry Kellin. hahahahaXD and as I was writing about the story kan, I'm having this feeling of shipping Addy/ Fina as well. Gosh! dammit! hahahahahahahha :D but of course, Milo/Fina will always be my first :)

And yeah, I kinda shipping Carmel and Quinn too :) Well, I'm writing their love story in my other story, the Saving Chrystella McLaren *Oh Gosh, another Spoiler!!* hahahahaha :D Well, there will be some shush, shush about this two later. ahahahahahahaha :) and yeah in SCM, it will much about how Sam and Moon will drawn with each other too :) Yeah, I'm very much sorry for making this action/adventure story as romantic/adventure. T^T can't help it but to write romantic scene. urgh. You know how good I am in writing those romantic story. Hahahahahahaha :D still, the story will always have the action with it. no worries. hahaha :D Carmel and Quinn is kind of ya know, like Hendrik/Carmel too. I think lah, Quinn and Hendrik like stubborn kind of girl, a rebellious type and very courageous. Yeah~~~~That's Carmel, yo! hahahaha :D

Okay, I secretly shipped Sam and Moon. hahahahhaha :) Well, I guess now there no more secret about it. hahahaha :)) This two kids has the chemistry though. hehehehehei :) but I don't really know how to describe this two lah because there aren't much about them. Maybe I'll highlighted more about them in SCM. hahaha :) Ya know what I mean... ekekeke :) Anyway, this two cute couple is very-very cute as they truly are liking each other but they keep it secret *eventhough it is definitely a fail because all of their brothers and sisters know about them* hahahaha :) they flirt, they care, they love each other. WAA~~ hahahahaha :D later I'm the one who fell in love with their relationship like I did to Milo/Fina and Carmel/Hendrik. hahahahahaha :D Aduh~ I just can't stop delusional about these hot couple. hahahaha :DDD
I really hope Jaba will make them as couple, even just for a while, its already enough for me though. HAHAHAHA :DD

So, today is my first day attending my class in IBS College which is full of awkwardness as I'm the forever alone kid. hahahahaha :) No one talks to me and they even acting like I'm not exist. ekekeke :D even the lecturer ignoring my existence. hahahaha :D But I was like, oh well... if this is the only way I can get my ass into Lim Kok Wing, then, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! besides, 2 and a half years won't be long though. I'm gonna go off this fucking school full of shits people like just in the speed of light. hahahaha :D all chinese in the class and I think I'm seriously gonna stay alone for 2 years. hahahahahaha :D I hate all people in my class but i love those people in the administration office. they are seriously friendly though. hehei. Yeah, I guess I'm gonna just have to survive the school days. Thank God I don't have to be there more than 2.30p.m. hahaha I'm seriously gonna die if I do. ekekeke :D Well tomorrow, will be another shitty day and I guess even shittier as tomorrow I'm gonna go home at 2.30 =.=; and I have recess at 12 until 1p.m tmorow, but I don't think I can't go home lah, as the time is to short. Maybe I'll just go lepaking at Hot Cross Bun or maybe Toys World, buying stuff to get rid of all the negativity I had about these fucking racist people. ekekeke :D Doesn't matter, I had future to go with. I'll stay positive just to get my childhood dream come true. BRING IT ON, FUCKERS!

So, yeah... I'm feeling much better right now after saying those words. Hmm.... I fucking loving it though. hahahahaha :D neways, at home things weren't that good though. my fucking brother plays games on the living room for like 24/7 and his shit friend won't go away. I was like what the fucking hell?! Yeah, mum is pretty depressed. Like seriously, my mum is a tv lover and she always watch tv. Well, fuck it! that's HER TiVo BRO! deal with it! she said, she wouldn't mind if he play games only at night. but this, fuck. he's conquering the living room like he owns everything inside this house. what the fuck, bro?! He's too fucking selfish and I just can't think straight anymore. I wish I have that courage and say "fuck you, bro get a life! stop being too fucking selfish." but too bad, I'm not. GOSH! Fuck those people. This selfish kind of people should just live with shit and worst part of all that my mum have been asking help from Uncle Spone Uncle Ed to help her reporting about my fucking brother. But I just don't fucking understand it. They keep giving her excuses and always has things to settle with. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HELPING THEIR SISTER IN TROUBLE?! I just don't know what to do anymore. My mum, I feel like she's losing hope. I don't know what will happen if she lose it one day... I'm freaking mad right now. I know that they have stuff to do, but at least they help my mum first. They always said like, today can't tomorrow we'll deal with it. But still, until today... they did nothing but keep giving excuses. If they don't want to help, then just fucking tell. I can go with my mum and report it ourselves or we can figure other way out. Just tell if they doesn't want to help. I hate it when I saw my mum eyes swollen like hell. She tried to hide it from me but she can't lie to me. I just...I don't know. Maybe this is a life lesson for myself; Don't be to dependent on other people.

Like, my mum always there to help them whenever they are in trouble. She always have time to help them out even though she's pretty busy with her own stuff. But why can't they do the same to her? I know everything happen for a reason. then, tell me what is the fucking reason? my mum life turns to hell. All this challenges she facing is too much. too fucking much... even I can't handle it by just listening to her complaint. I don't know how she manage to smile even with all this fucking things... I know tears won't help, but I can't stop it now. I'm so fucking mad, depressed, scared, alone,... I feel like ending myself.. But it would make mum feel worst as I'm her only hopes now. Well, I just have to stay strong and support her. I know, no one would understand how hurt this is... * my hands is shaking now. hahahaha :D*

SO, i better stop now before my laptop being washed by my teary nose. ekekekeke :) Okayla... I need 9gag. hahahaha :)) So, good night and Shalom!
Here's Odie. hahahahahahahahahaha (Jake.T.Austin)

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)

Give Me Strength, Lord
Lord, you are Holy above all others, and all of the strength that I need is in your hands.I am not asking, Lord, that you take this trial away. Instead, I simply ask that Your will be done in my life. Whatever that means, that is what I want.But I admit that it’s hard, Lord.Sometimes I feel like I can’t go on. The pain and the fear are too much for me, and I know that I don’t have the strength on my own to get through this.I know that I can come to you, Jesus, and that you will hear my prayer. I know that it is not your intent to bring me to this point just to leave me in the wilderness alone.Please, Lord, give me the strength that I need to face today. I don’t have to worry about tomorrow.If you just give me the strength that I need today that is all I need.Keep me from sinning during this trial. Instead, help me to keep my eyes on you. You are the Holy Lord, and all of my hope rests in you.Thank you for hearing my prayer.In Jesus’ name. Amen.

"I am able to do all things through him who gives me strength" (Phil 4:13, Bible in Basic English) " strong in the Lord, and in the strength of his might"(Eph 6:10, World English Bible)

Asking What's Wrong When It's All Happen Because Of Me.

<----- Levedad : The Origin of Vampire Prophecy version of Archangel Michael. hahaha :) Yea, I think real St. Michael is looking better than him. ehehehehe :) I don't know, it just my thought. I never seen him :) Anyway, reason I'm speaking about my favorite Archangel is that when I was busy researching about my guardian angels, I found that my guardian angel is St. Michael himself :) Wehoo! in fact, he is the angel of Sunday which mean, he care for all children of God that born on Sunday, like me :) I'm born on Sunday too :))) Which this is really make my day. Well, why not? When I know my favorite angel is guarding me all this time. hahahaha :) No wonder I like St. Michael so much :) He give me strength, courage and even protect me :) I feel pretty much protected :) Thank you very much, Prince of the Heavenly host :) I really am thanking the Lord for answering my prayers though. ehehehe :) As I always wished to be protected by St. Michael and finally it is come true :) Thank you my Lord :) really, even this is just something small, but still I feel so joyful :) eheheheheehehehe :) I don't know, but I feel like something is lifted up from my chest. Maybe after that short meaningful conversation with Jaba just now. hahahaha :) Half of my burdened is lifted. I do really thanking for my Father in Heaven for answering my prayer as I asked Him to give me courage on asking Jaba why she never start conversation with me first and which then led us to compromising of misunderstood between us. The longest misunderstood that we ever had. Yeah, and realized that is all begin with me. hahahahaha :) I'm a badass.

right now, I'm pretty much mad at myself for you know, doing the mistake that I shouldn't have made. hahahaha :D I never thought all those awkwardness between me and Jaba was actually all because of me and while I keep thinking what is bothering her. hahaha :D and its seriously funny because what's bothering her is ME. hahaha. I was making the wrong choice before. I thought 'In' was seriously understand me as the way she talks to me is pretty much convincing, her innocence blinded me and all the empty promises she had gave me. Not long after that, someone told me that she actually never like me as she said that I'm pretty much annoying lah, ugly, don't have style, not ladies enough, very clumsy, childish, blah blah blah lah. hahahaha :) While I was still believing her that she accept me for who I am. served me right. I deserve that a lot. And in contrary, I was abandoning the one who really are accepting me for who I am, the one never leaving me, and the one who understand me the most. Heh, everything seems to be fucked up. I know... I'm such a jerk. Apologizing is not gonna heal her broken heart as I know how much I hurt her even she kept telling me she's fine. But I know, she's hurt. because of my idiotic action. Uh! Fuck it, I hate myself! >.< Seriously, I don't know how I'm gonna faced her this weekend. hahahaha :D I'm embarrassed of what I've done to her. I've hurt her like too deep and for too long. And for all the time, I was keep asking myself what's wrong with her and how can i help her? How the hell can I help her when it all happen because of me? hahahahahaha very funny. Hmmmmm.... I don't know what to think about right now, other than guilt. No, i got nothing in mind.

And I really do thank St. Michael for giving me courage to ask her about it though. If not, I would never know that it was me who start everything. hahaha :) Yeah, it's hurt. Truth hurt. But you know, I should have always listen to what my heart tells me which I'm such an idiot for listening more to my scumbag brain. hahahaha :D But you know, as I'm reminiscing back everything, I was never lost trust in her, in fact I miss her. hahaha :D she was near yet felt so far. Even if I'm with 'In', I never was as happy as I'm with her. I know, maybe right now it is just to late to realize this as I'm pretty much has hurt her maybe I've tore her apart. Oh God, why? hahaha :) Abandoning her is like throwing part of me, away. hahaha :) No wonderland, I felt empty. hahahahaha :D Still, I don't think we can be as close as we are before after all this happen. Still I wish with all my heart that we will stay close, or maybe closer :) hmmm... It's my fault. if she hate me one day, I wouldn't blame her. i deserved it. I'm being narcissistic. ahahaha :D I don't deserve forgiveness from her from what I've done. I just dump her and then suddenly talk like nothing happen with her. Fuck it, Kill me. hahahaha :D I deserved to be in hell. hahahaha :) Hmmm... Wish I'm not going in there. hahahahaha :D it scare the hell out of me. hahaha :) I understand if she you know, disliking me. hahaha :) I asked for it at the first place. Now i'm getting it. It's fair game to me..

And besides, I have treat her so bad before and make her mentally broke down. hahahaha :D She's Emo ( she just don't wanna admit it ) and I tore her heart. WOW, fantastic baby. you're going to be punished. hahahahahahaha :) I guess, now I'm just giving her time to cool herself down to decide whether to forgive me or not. hahahahaha :) Well, I'm thinking that she'll said she'll forgive me but I'm expecting that she took a knife and slit my throat for playing with her emotion. hahahaha :D I deserved that like ALOT. Hmmmm... Okaylah, I don't want to keep blaming myself as I'm full with positive energy right now, I guess I just hope for the best and may the Lord our God will forgive me for what I've done to my sister, real sister ( hahaha I'm not afraid writing it here as none of my friend know this blog ) hahahahaha :D Seriously, she's my biological sister :) and I'm hurting my sister mentally. HUAAAAAA~~ I'm SOO BAD!!! >.< BAD PGIE! BAD PGIE! BAD PGIE! okay done. hahahaha :) i'm having backache right now as I've been facing my lappy since I arrived home after class this morning. hahahahaha :D I don't even go out, only go out, to bank only and wash car. that it. other than that, I spend my whole day in my room, facing this thing. hahahaha :D Tomorrow, is going to be my busy day as some of my classmate have asked me out to join them eating. hahahaha eating, I'm going bebeyh. hahahaha :D they want to belanja me McD. huahahaha :D but bfore that, I'm gonna register to IBS with sis Jon :) Wish me luck on that registration thing. hahahha and in the morning, as usual, I'll go attend my computer class and maybe I'll be photostating my certificates :)

So, that's all I wanna say and today I've edited picture of the couple from Levedad : Origin of Vampire prophecy which I really shipped.  ahahaha :D so, ENJOY! :)

Leader/ Leader love is unbreakable. hahahahaha :D
this couple keep denying their feeling towards each other
They don't show it by words
but they show it through their actions
Like, worrying when any one of them in danger or
will do anything to save one another from danger
YERSEHHMENN. ahahahahaha
which always make me blushing. hahahahahahaaha :D
I just love them both
Dear Jaba
Please make them as couple, officially!! :D

shy love is undeniable
Milo is some kind of shy person who is double shy when Fina is around hahahaha
He was the most talkative when with his friend but
seriously awkward when talking to Fina
ahahahahahahaha :D
I always blushed when I read their part in the story
hahaahahahaha :))))
Make me feel like I'm Fina
Oh wait, Fina is somewhat came from my name huahahaha
which that is unofficially ME
huahahahahaha :D
I hope this two also will become couple! XDD

P.S Let Your Smile Cover Up Your Tears :)