Korean Look A Like? o.0

Annyeong, Everyone! today i'm free-from-school~ hahaha XD its been a while i stop posting hyukmin's photo kan? hehehe :) miss him? yeah, well..me too~ anyway, i have good and bad news to share with all of you.. well, for sure it got something to do with today. before that, i just wanna tell you guys that i never stop wishing that HyukMin is mine. ahhaha XDD just for your information la~ ekeke :D right, i am going to tell you the good news first then, gonna continue it with bad news de :)

The Good News is i'm not going to school and i'm waking up late! wohoo~ after that, mum didn't force me to do my homework because i'm sick de :) ekekeke.. after that, i continue resting my eyes and i woke up at 1++ o'clock. then, mum went somewhere with sis Ina and Aunt Winnie and left me alone at home where i freely do anything i wanted to do :) after that, i count my personal money and i've got a very balance finance right now. i want to keep it like that. and then, i ate kokokrunch all by myself :) then.. i play cityville :) hahaha :) quite a lot kan my  good news, heh? i know!

and the bad news is... teachers will kill me tomorrow for not doing my homeworks, and i got pretty long boring day, i feel bad for being selfish and i got my eyes swollen pretty bad T^T actually i don't know why my eyes gone swollen but according to what i feel kan, i think i'm allergic to medicines but i don't know which medicine is it. and my heart say that i'm allergic to the PainKiller or something call like that la. hahaha XD anyway, hopefully i can get through this swollen eyes very soon because i want to do my homework :) the picture above showed my swollen eyes but its look much better because it getting cured because i'd put ice on it :) and sis Ina said that i look like korean with those eyes :D ekekeke ;) so glad to hear that you know~ i wish i am staying like this so that everyone can tell me that i look like korean. LMFAO XD

that is my morning look.. i mean this morning.. before my eyes got expansion. hahahaha XD so, i guess that is all for now, chingudeul.. see you people in my next post :) *lacking of ideas on what to write* Adieu :) so here is my HyukMin's Latest photo. enjoy :DDD

to be honest, he does look different nowadays. look more mature kan? hmm..hmm.. but his eyes always the same :) hehehe :) oh well, he will always be in my heart! love you very muchy, HyukMinnie!!! XDD

p.s : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)