Merry Christmas :)

(this post should be on 25th Dec, around 3a.m)
Feliz Navidad, everyone! hahaha :) finally the moment that everyone is craving for is here! but i'm a bit sad because Santa Claus didn't come to Asia T^T. anyway, i had quite fun today, especially with my sis Jaba :) hahaha. we go here and there together, and our other cousins call us lesbo*that's just a jokes* well, they just jealous looking at our closeness. ekekeke :) eventhough i didn't receive any Christmas present, i feel somewhat happy :) hehehe.

And yepp :) something happen that make me doesn't like this year christmas celebration. well, i think i don't want to talk about it because it just a person who is misunderstand with my friendliness with my cousins. we all kan just cousin. eventhough that person didn't say anything about what he/she think kan, i can tell through her expression and the way she treat me after that loving moment =.=; so poor minded de. i just can't stand hypocrites like that person. that person really know how to pretend to be nice. like i didn't know his/her true color. chehh~ go to hell. hahaha :)

and on the evening, we've been to church. and the moment everyone start to pray, i suddenly felt like crying. so i told my mum about it and she said, "just cry" so i cried and everyone watching me and i feel it just weird you know. crying the middle of praying. hmm..hmm.. maybe i'm just feeling glad to be back to His house :) i don't know. that time, i don't think about anything negative, i just suddenly feeling sad. maybe God just want me to let out all the tears that i've kept for all this time :) well, of course..i feel much better after cry :) thanks God ^^

and just now, i played Cluedo again with Jaba and sis Inut. hehehe and again, i become the murderer. just that i didn't 'kill' myself. hahahaha :) i 'kill' sis Inut ^^. but then, they have to go home as tomorrow we all going to pray at their house :) i think i'm going to their house tomorrow :P because its been a while i didn't go there. ah. just now, at the kitchen..Jaba suggest me that she wanted to be my personal tuition teacher for next year. hohoho :)) i like that ^^. well, no problemo because we both study science *eventho actually we both don't like it*. hahaha :) i want to tell mum about this. and if she said yes, then i don't have to waste my dad's money to pay for the tuition. 

so, i guess thats all for now because my eyes is getting heavier :) i think i'm gonna wake up at 12.00 p.m later. ekekeke :) so, see you in my next post. so, here is Young Gi's pretty face to end this post. 

merry christmas everyone :)

p.s : Let Your Smile Cover Your Tears :)