Random Post :)

     LOL XD i look like cartoon. hahaha :) btw, annyeong everyone! sorry for not updating for few days. well, i must say i'm quite busy lately. yeah, Shopping! christmas shopping yaw! hahaha :) but still haven't buy any christmas present yet. oh! talking about christmas present, i already got mine from my lovely mum :) ehehe thanks mum! well, i'm not ready to post my present yet. teehee :) maybe on Christmas Night, i'll post it here. and, yeah, i have fun for this few days.

when we all go shopping lately, i bought myself a new bedsheet. blue~ ahahaha :) i love the pattern. look so cool and very nice la. dunno how to described it. for me, its cute and elegant. hehehe :) *sign of growing up* Urgh! hahaha :) and i haven't done any of my homework yet. i think, i'm going to do some of it starting tomorrow before everyone come :) if i'm not going to baking with my dearest.  yepp, i want to bake cookies, this christmas. hahaha :) i want to make this 2010 christmas celebration to be very special for either me or my family :P hoping for the best, YAW! hahaha XD

And yepp :D today sis Jaba and sis Inut come :) we play Cluedo. hahahaha :) having fun together as usual and i've become a murder twice and killing myself thrice. hahaha :) fun though. just that, at first we told each other about the card we had. hahaha :) no secret at all. hahaha :) they both just home and still they promise to be back tomorrow. hehehe :) and yeah, sis Jaba invite me to join her jogging this monday and yepp i say yes! hahaha :) she said that she's going to take me at about 3 p.m. *detaily* LOL just incase you wanna know. hahaha :)

Just in case you guys didn't know, i'm so addicted to him right now. hahaha :) i know i hate smoker but he is excluded. LOL :) i just love everything about him. his personalities, face, body, background. everything. but too bad, just tooo bad he's not meant for me. hahaha :) and all of his photo shows no sign of hypocrites. he just natural. yeah, he does wear make-up. so what? he's a model, he does need make-up :) and to prettify himself hahaha :) and if i had the chance to meet him kan, i would be very grateful. ahaha :) and thats not going happen. teehee :P just dreaming la..

So, i guess, thats all for now. i need to sleep. hahaha :) before my mum wake up, i better shut my eyes even i don't want to :) its 4.30a.m and this report is post on Sunday morning. hehehe :) so, good morning Asian!

P/S : Let your Smile Cover Your Tears :)